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(To love or to avenge)




Jasmine’s POV
“I’m so frustrated!” I turned to Jennie as soon as the teacher left the class.
“I noticed you weren’t paying attention during the History class” She said “You’ve not gotten over Micheal right?”
“I have, it’s just happened that way.. I guess he isn’t the one for me that’s why my heart didn’t worry about him..besides,he’s not the reason behind my frustration” I told her.
“Tell me, what then? ” Jennie asked.
“Dad brought a zombie to live with us,seems like I’m gonna die soon” I cried out.
“No way Jasmine! your Dad can’t do such.Do you know what a zombie is? A zombie is an undead person with no soul, attached with spiritual.. ” So she began to define a zombie..
I interrupted her right away..
“Ok Ok,i see you don’t get it. This person is ugly, I mean very ugly and scary.She is now living with us with her semi-ugly brother” I shrugged then sigh.
I continued talking since Jennie didn’t say anything rather than to stare and frown.
“Her brother said she was put in a faulty isolette and I do not believe him..both of them must be from the zoo” I said yet Jennie didn’t say anything.
“Jennie why aren’t saying anything?”
“Jasmine, I really have to say this, never call anyone ugly” Jennie finally spoke.
I rolled my eyes at her “There you go but you need to see this little girl,she looks scary and disgusting” I emphasised the words ‘Scary’ and ‘Disgusting’
“Stop it please Jasmine” She warned.
This girl here usually hit that part of me.
“Fine,let’s talk about something else? ” I said.
“Mara is recovering gradually” Jennie announced and I rolled my eyes again. “See Jasmine you didn’t only make Mara hospitalised,you lost Mike and he became closer to Mara while she was in the hospital and boom Pson is jealous of Mike”
“Jennie you always find a way to upset me while cautioning me” I pretended to be annoyed.
She smiled “I want a lovely you.. Wait, are you serious about getting over Mike? ”
“I’m damn serious! ”
“Wow, so quickly but I’m happy you have” She said smiling.
“Let’s go grab some burgers for a little celebration” I suggested.
“Yay!! ”
shannon’s POV
We were in the living room.. The TV was on, Emily loves movies so she watched engrossingly..Not like I don’t like movies too but they do remind me alot.. scenes like when someone is being shot or stabbed..It makes my temper to avenge my parents’ death arise.
I barely pay attention to movies,only few glance and then I get bored.
Alex kept on staring at his phone and at the TV.. He paid more attention to his phone like he was expecting a message from an important person.
“Alex, What’s wrong? ” I asked him
“Nothing” He said dropping his cell-phone like he won’t touch it anymore this moment.
I smiled at him ‘cos I knew he was hiding something he would spell soon.. He’s just like Emily, I didn’t bother asking further questions anyway.
“Do I look like a girl to you? ” Alex asked me.
“Not at all, did anyone say you do? ”
“Hell no. Why do you keep revealing to me a charming smile?” Alex teased.
“Huh.. Excuse me” I continued to smile.
“Your girlfriend must be dying to see your smile everyday” Alex added.
“Girlfriend?” I scoffed.
“Acting like you don’t have one.. ”
“B’cos I don’t” I told him
“Why not? ”
“I don’t need one, what’s the fun in it? Having a Girlfriend when the inner part of me is in pain? ”
“I’m sorry Shannon.. ” Obviously he wanted to ask further questions but I didn’t let him to..
“Do you have one? ” I asked him.
“Yeah, she’s the reason why I kept on staring at my phone ealier” Alex said.
“I knew you were expecting a call or message from someone” I said..
“Jasmine lied to her that I was seeing some other girl and she believed her without hearing from me. She has refused to pick my calls nor reply my messages,the last time she did she told me to stop calling her but she promised to call me back when she wants to. It’s been a week now and she hasn’t called me, I’m worried she’s breaking up with me indirectly” Alex cried out.
He’s good at narrating a story.
“Sorry” I said, I don’t know what else to say..
“I guess it’s normal” He said cheering himself… I nodded gently..
“Hey, you said you are in pain.. what’s wrong with you? are you ill? ” He remembered to ask me after I interrupted him earlier.
“I…. ”
….The door bell rang followed by a knock on the door.
“I’ll get it” I said to Alex as I stood up and walked towards the door.
Jasmine’s POV
“Hey, Hi” Shannon said to us he opened the door and allowing us in..
It’s my home anyway.
“Hi handsome” Jennie said to him.
I rolled my eyes at her and pulled her to my room.. She didn’t even get to say a proper Hi to Alex or see the zombie clearly.
“Is that the semi-ugly guy? ” She asked when we got to my room.
“Jasmine, are you blind? This guy is almost princely..He’s handsome, charming and hot even when I haven’t seen him shirtless yet” Jennie said.
“You are the one who is blind Jennie” I fired back.
“Seriously Jennie, The guy is.. ”
I cut in sharply..
“I see you are drooling over him right? you can go tell him.. He is the sitting room and if you want to see him shirtless,his room is close to Alex’s” I scorned at her.
“Ok,what’s his name? ” She asked.
“Sh…shannon, a river name” I laughed.
“Hi Shannon, I’m Jennie” She said dramatically.
“Stop drooling Jennie, He is a riff-raff, he’s from the slungs! ” I told her.
“It’s doesn’t matter Jasmine, Shannon got the look more than Mike, your one-day boyfriend”
“What is it? ”
“Alex might hear you.. I don’t know if mom is around, she might hear you too”
“Why not? ”
“They never knew I was in a relationship..Alex especially would mock me if he finds out I dated a guy today and he got fed up of me the next day” I said and Jennie laughed hysterically..
“Did you just realised your mistakes..i thought u said you’ve gotten over him already” Jennie continued to laugh.
“Seriously I have and I wonder how you successfully turned out to be someone I really like” I said acting like I was annoyed.
“I got used to your behavior that’s why” She said
Her phone beeped and she took it and glared at it.
“Oops Jasmine, seems like I won’t stay too long here,Mom wants me to help her in shop” Jennie said preparing to leave immediately.
“Just when I thought we would have some snacks and see a movie together till dawn”
“There’s always another time c’mon” she said taking her bag off my bed..
“See you in school tomorrow” I said walking her out of my room.
Alex, Shannon and the zombie were still in the living room..
Jennie said Hi once again to Shannon and to Alex and Emily…
Seriously can she not just snub them??

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