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(To love or to avenge)




Jasmine’s POV
The only daughter of the wealthy Maya Bryant and Mrs Bryant, No way! ‘Wealthy’ is an understatement.
A girl with all the wealth would never stoop so low to make friends with someone who is not of the same category with me,Never!
This statement,people says I’m pompous..Well, whatever!
Less introduction ‘cos you will get to know me more quite too soon.
I could not stop smiling as I gently sipped a cup almost filled with strawberry-drink.
“Looks like no one has stepped on your nerves today”Jennie said.
*Jennie isn’t of the same category with me ,i still don’t know how she turned out to be my friend..Not just a friend,my best friend.
Almost everyone stayed away from me or rather,i stayed away from them. I made just few friends and Jennie is the only intimate one.Surprisingly,she’s an exact opposite of me. *
“Jasmine” She hollered.
“Yes? ”
“Did u win a lottery or something,
You’ve been smiling like never before” Jennie said.
“Well,i wasn’t gonna keep it a secret away from you, Mike and I are dating” I told her.
“Whao!” She smiled ” Since when and why didn’t you tell me until I asked”
“Since yesterday”
“You weren’t hiding it away from me afterall”
“So after school yesterday, he told me he likes me, he said he wanted me to be his’..Of course you know I like him too,so I didn’t hesitate before giving him a YES and..and he pulled me closer and.. ”
Jennie cut in; ” He kissed you? ” She asked.
“No,he hugged me for a while..It was warm, I wanted a kiss but I guess he doesn’t wanna rush things yet” I said smiling non-stop.
“It’s doesn’t look like you are dating Mike” Jennie blurted.
“Why not? ” I asked.
“Ok,let’s say he is your boyfriend but you slapped him today in class b’cos he shook hands with Mara,so? ”
I moue
“I ought to,do you even know that I beat up Mara in the rest-room before coming to the cafeteria to have lunch with you? ” I said without feeling remorseful.
“Jasmine” Jennie pouted.
“So you wanna start preaching,don’t you?
“Mara has done absolutely nothing wrong.. It’s not as if it is wrong to have an handshake with anyone.. It’s nothing but just a form of greeting” She said. This story is written by Wunmi Ijaola.
“That’s what you think..You’ll see, very soon Mike will come to me and apologise for flirting with some stupid girl” I smiled, folding my hands boastfully.
“Well,he is here but not with the sorry look” Jennie said and I instantly turned to see a furious Mike walking towards us.. Err,i wasn’t expecting this kinda look.
‘* *’
“Mike” I stood up, wanting to hug him.
“Listen Jasmine, it’s okay to be clingy and Infact it’s fine to be crazy about me but it’s nonsense when you do the extra part of it” Mike said.
“And I won’t lie to you, I don’t understand” I told him with this kind of confused look.
“Yesterday you yelled at me b’cos I waved and said ‘Bye’ to a student, this morning,you slapped me b’cos I received an handshake from Mara in front of you…As if it’s not enough,you beat her up and gave her wounds and brusies..Are you crazy? ” Micheal yelled at me.
“Mara deserves what I’ve done to her or even more..see Mike, I know Mara really well..She’s a bitch,she is… ”
“Shut it! Mara is hospitalized, Happy now huh? ”
“Yeah i’m glad,i don’t care even if she’s dead” I shouted back and rolled my eyes at him.
“What?!! ” Mike and Jennie exclaimed simultaneously making the other students in the Cafeteria stare at us, most especially me…I heard one telling another ‘it’s the rude and proud girl,she gat no manners’
“It’s over between us” Mike said.
“What d’hell are you saying Micheal? We just started this relationship yesterday,only few hours ago and you are breaking up with me today.. Is there any sense in that? ” I said,now upset.
“I just couldn’t wait huh” Mike simpered.
“Mike I never thought I would date you for a day”
“And I never wanted to date a witch! ” Micheal fired back before walking away.
“I’m so sorry Jasmine. I’m not on Mike’s side but I would tell you the truth,you are the one who is wrong” Jennie said..
“Not like i’m heartbroken” I lied.
“You are, it’s scribbled on your face” She said wanting to make me calm.
“I wanna be alone please” I said leaving the cafeteria to sit where there are few students. I should not cry afterall I wasn’t completely into him yet.. I consoled myself while fighting back the almost-dropping tears.
I got home with an earphone on my head.. Jennie had said music aids in terms of sad and moody situations.
“Hi Mom” I sheepishly greeted as I sat on a chair opposite her instead of going straight to my room.
It’s of no use telling her what happened in school today..
She thinks I don’t have emotional feelings,everyone thinks so too ‘cos I act like do not..
“What don’t like music” My mom said.
“I need this song more than anything else” I told her faking a smile. “Me and love don’t get along”
“What?? Do u derive joy seeing me annoyed? I didn’t give birth to a lesbian..What are u turning into Jasmine? ” Mom shouted.
“A lady that doesn’t need a guy in her life” I said.
“A complete definition of a lesbian”
“Oh mom, we are not gonna talk about this again” I said taking my bag and heading to my room.
“Of course we are,I won’t sit and watch my daughter go astray,why Jasmine? Why do u choose to have the worst attitude?” My mom continued to yell..
I scoffed,looking around for the housemaid, Helen.
“Helen!” I called.
“She left”Mom replied.
“When would she be back? ”
“She quit”
“Why?! ”
“She didn’t say”
She’s joking right,we had a small quarrel not too long ago.. now she’s ruining my mood even more than what Mike did in school…
“Bad news isn’t it Miss Jasmine? ” Alex,my annoying brother mocked me while coming out of his room.
“Get out of here” I yelled at him.
“Oh,u wanted Helen to help you with your bag and get you something to eat when u can simply walk to the kitchen yourself…No,you cannot right? Lazy brat! ” He insulted.
“Mom! ”
“Return to your room Alex and continue with what-so-ever you were doing” My mom said.. She hates to see us quarrel but we do quarrel almost everyday.
“Well,let’s see how someone would survive without Helen” He smiled wickedly before entering his room.
That’s hurt ‘cos it’s true
Maybe today has been planned to be my worst day
“Mom we need a new Helen, we need a new househelp” I complained.
“We do not, we can do everything ourselves.I will do the cooking and Alex will too,You should learn too Jasmine” Mom said.
“No mom, Helen didn’t only cook for us, she did everything I wanted, everything!” I said folding my arms, hoping for a positive response from my Mom but an annoying one came from Alex.
“Incase you don’t know,i do.. I know why Helen quit, it’s because of the hefty work you made her do,you never have her space to breath,you maltreated her.You are such a spoilt and slothful thing” Alex shouted from his room.
“Do you have death wish?!” I screamed,pulling off my shoes and throwing them at his door.
“Relax Jasmine, we all want a changed you.. You are.. ”
I interrupted her
“I know right. Mom we are wealthy” I applied a stress on the word ‘Wealthy’ “We shouldn’t go through any form of hardwork” I said before storming upstairs to Dad’s room.
Dad will always give me a listening hear and a satisfying answer.
I got to Dad’s room, I knocked once and entered without waiting for Dad’s response.
Dad was with his P.A,Mr Jeremy.. Uh,did I call him personal assistant? Dad’s servant instead!
“Excuse me,i wanna talk to my Dad” I rudely said,scorning at him too.
Not like he’s on the same level with Dad, he’s one of those poor people.
“Please leave ASAP” I shouted at Mr Jeremy.
I saw him scorning at me back.. Is he stupid?
“What’s the problem Jasmine? He was about to leave anyway,you don’t have to shout at him” Dad cautioned.
Mr Jeremy turned to go, he whispered “Miss,you don’t wanna lose everything,do you? Mind the way you talk to me” He whispered into my ear then walked to the door,he exit.
He’s always saying that whenever i yell at him.. Whatever! He’s saying nonsense…there’s nothing he can do.. He can never harm me.
“What’s wrong Jasmine? “Dad asked
“Helen quit, hire a new househelp” I said.
“It’s no big deal but you made it look like one,Jasmine you are not meant to make a fuss over everything!” Dad said,obviously he too do not like my behavior..I took after him,mom said Dad used to be so quarrelsome.
“I’m sorry Dad” I mumbled.
“Well, it’s okay”

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