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Coma? For three years.
So I’ve been lying on this hospital bed for three years.
But what the hell happened to me, to leave me in a solid and frightening state like this.. And this Tina girl also mentioned I have amnesia.
Which means I can’t remember a thing.
Are this people my family? I thought as I took a good look at all of them.
I wanted to ask and when I tried to speak, I couldn’t and just let out a useless groan.
“If you’re trying to say something Rose, don’t, please! The doctor said it might be difficult for you to speak at first!” The boy said beside me and I turned to him.
I gave up and was a bit glad the oxygen mask from earlier had been taken away from my face.
I heard footstep walking towards us and when I turned it was the same young doctor who left minutes ago with two female nurses behind him.
“Doctor Aaron? When will she be able to talk!?” The Tina girl asked the doctor.
“Oh she’ll be able to talk after her body regains full consciousness cause not everything is fully awake in her body, I’m sure you guys cooked before coming here, cause she needs to eat after taking this shots.” The doctor said and beckoned his hand forward and immediately the two nurses walked close to me.
The Boy who held my hand who I think his name is Henry, let’s go of my hand letting the nurses stand beside me…
The first nurse pricked the syringe needle on my left arm and goodness, it hurt so much, I couldn’t make a sound instead I shut my eyes tightly till I took the second shots and the nurses left leaving the doctor and the people who I think they’ll be my family in the room.
The doctor glanced at Tina and the pretty woman, which made Tina nodded, and she quickly raised a small lunch box up.
“We made porridge and vegetable salad!” she announced.
“Oh yes, vegetable salad is pretty good for her state.” The doctor smiled as he walked up to me. He suddenly pressed something at the side of the bed and the bed starts to rise and it left me in a sitting position.. And from that position I could see everything and how well everyone looked. I slowly turned to see how the room was, it was wide and had only two beds, the one I was laying and an empty one at the other end of the room.
“So after the meal, make sure She takes a rest and trust me she’ll be getting better!” The young doctor smiled and walked outside..
“I’ll just have a word with Aaron first!” The boy who has beef holding my hand said and walked out after the doctor.
I felt the bed suddenly sink and I turned to see the ‘Tina’ girl sitting on the bed with a plate and spoon in her hand.
She smiled at me when our eyes met and showed me the spoon.
“We’re going to go with porridge first, so make sure you eat a lot okay… Cause you haven’t eaten for so long!” she said as she took a small scoop of porridge and brought the spoon to my mouth.
“C’mon dear, open up!” The woman who stood beside me said cleaning her tears.
They’re all crying because of me.
I slowly opened my mouth and Tina shoved the spoon inside my mouth, The sweet tatse of the porridge gave a savoring tatse to my mouth and made my heart and body dance. And suddenly I wanted to swallow it all at one shot.
Tina took another tiny scoop and I didn’t wait for her to tell me to open my mouth.
I did and she shoved the spoon inside my mouth.
I wanted to tell her I wanted more than what she’d feeding me, I didn’t want her to take tiny scoop, I wanted her to take big scoops. I was so hungry I could barely wait, I wanted to speak but I couldn’t.
“More..” I had forced my mouth to say, but only a loud breath came out.
“What was that?” Tina looked at me.
I tried to speak again pushing my head forward like a lost bird.
“More.” I said but It came out as a sigh, I looked at her then at the food, then at her then at the food again.
“Oh you want more?” Tina suddenly understood and I was grateful.
She nodded and wasted no time in giving me big scoops, and in no time I finished the porridge.
“And now we’ll be moving on to vegetable salad.” Tina smiled at me taking another plate. “The doctor said this is really good for you, so Rose you have to take it okay?” Tina said but I just gawk at her not saying a word.
“Make sure she gets some rest after she’s done eating!” The pretty tall woman said before walking out of the room tiredly.
Tina was quiet until she was done feeding me. She brought out a bottled water with a baby bottle nipple at the top and I stared at the strange bottled water.
“Don’t worry, it’s okay!” Tina laughed. “It had been designed like this so you won’t have difficulty in drinking water” Tina added and placed the bottle against my mouth.
It felt weird as I sucked the nipple from the bottle. But I felt great as I tasted water. And before I knew it I emptied the bottle.
Tina looked at me and sighed tiredly.
“Rose… if you know how happy we all are to see you alive, you’d never want to leave us again, I hope your memories return soon, you don’t have to force them to come back okay? Cause that might be dangerous and we don’t want that, just stay alive with or without your memories we all need you. So stay alive and thank you for being alive!” Tina said, stood up from my bed and walked around to the other side of bed, she did something with bed, the same thing the young doctor did and the bed starts to go back to its normal state. Leaving me in a lying position!.
“You have to rest now, you’ve finally eaten now, it’s been three years since you ate. So now please rest, so your body can be conscious again.” Tina instructed and I nodded.
After eating, and being so full, I do feel kind of sleepy, so I closed my eyes as Tina tapped my hand happily.
So somehow these people who are here for me are family? And I’ve been lying here for three years and I just woke up. And I also have retrograde amnesia, so many questions danced around my head but I pushed that aside immediately I start to fall asleep and before I knew it I was asleep.
There was a brown wooden door, and for some reason I walked towards that door and opened it.
It led me into the same room I’ve been dreaming out and there was a girl standing beside my bed,.
The girl turned and I was shocked when I saw Tina’s face, she looked a little younger than now. And she scoffed at me holding something in her hand.
I looked at that thing and gasped.
“Wh..ere did you get that?” I asked feeling a little scared.
“You think you could hide that from me, are you crazy, what were you thinking?” Tina yelled.
“You know you can’t Just barge in my room and take whatever you want Tina!” I said taking the thing from my hand.
“My mother owns this house, don’t forget you have no right to tell me what to do in my own house!”. Tina rolled her eyes.
“Well mind your business and stay out of mine.” I said to her.
She paused for a while before looking at me and asking
“Who’s responsible for it?”.
“Its none of your business Tina, for once in your life can you just mind your business!” I yelled angrily.
“Oh well I will be minding my business when mom finds out about this!”. Tina said angrily
“You’re not serious about telling aunt,” I bit my lips nervously.
Tina shook her head. “Rose. No matter how smart you try to be you’re just so dumb! Sooner or later my mom is going to find out, even if you plan to keep it a secret it’s going to grow big.”
“Well I don’t care, I wanted it, it happened and it’s mine and I’ll take responsibility for it, now leave!” I sighed.
“Just because you finished high school two months ago doesn’t mean you have to be irresponsible, I can’t believe I’m going to be an aunt at the age for sixteen!” Tina rolled her eyes.
Irresponsible, the word hurt me at that moment.
“Tina, shut up!” I yelled angrily and she flinched.
“What?” she yelled back.
“Who said I’m being irresponsible. It’s my choice and I said I’ll take responsibility for it, so just shut up!” I was angry and as I moved closer to her, she was getting scared.
“Well I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to–
“And who says you’re going to be an aunt, whatever I’ll be having in the future, is going to be your cousin, you’re not going to be an aunt, it’s not like we’re real sisters. Just like I’m your cousin, whatever I’ll have will be your second cousin, don’t claim aunt”. I snarled and she walked away from me.
Tina scoffed “like I want to be an aunt, you’re already talking about the future, what if it won’t survive, what if–
The angry slap i gave Tina stopped her from talking as she held her cheek and glared at me.
“For once in your life, try and be positive about something, my child is going to survive!” I was crying and so was she.
“Pray it does. Cause mom is finding out tonight!” Tina said angrily before walking out of the room and I was left crying on the floor.
Is that a dream or a memory? I thought as my eyes started to open slowly.
I was waking up, and goodness I felt light and more alive, I breathed out a sigh, it was just a sigh but a sigh of life.
I opened my eyes and the first person I saw was Tina.
And according to the memory I just had I think, Tina’s my cousin and the pretty woman who was standing here earlier was her mom who’s my aunt. And who was the boy from earlier?
And according to my memory, I was pregnant..???
Did I ever give birth?
So many questions.
T. B. C

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