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O.G.B.A.N.J.E (The Child of Thunder) Chapter 19

The Child of Thunder 19

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

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Omenkannaya’s Hut:

“The gods are very angry with your son for defying them”. Ebuka explained to Obinnwanne.
“I know, Ebuka, that was the reason why Oku, the great Idibia, told me that you are the only one who could help my son out of his predicament” Omenkannaya said solemnly at Ebuka.
Ebuka turned to face Obinnwanne. “You were warned to stay away from her but you fluttered away those words and pleased ypurself. These pains that he put you through has it precaution. It would put an end to your life in the next Eke market day” Ebuka began as he and Omenkannya had went to meet Obinnwanne after much pleading from his father.
Ebuka knew fully well that it was Ikenga who had caused Obinnwanne such pains. He knew why Ikenga did it. Ikenga did all of that for his Alaolisa. Obinnwanne should count himself very lucky that it wasn’t him that struck him with pains. He should thank his stars that it was Ikenga who did it to him and not him.
He stood by the side of Obinnwanne’s as he stared down at him, pitifully. Obinnwanne tried to say something but his swollen painful cheeks wouldn’t let him.
“Please forgive my son. He has learnt his lesson and he won’t disobey the voice of the gods ever again. Please Ebuka help him and return his chi back to him, please I don’t want my only son dead”. Omenkannaya pleaded.
Ebuka nodded his head. “I also hope so. Amadioha shall heal him from this pains but he must always give out a sacrifice of a white ram in Amadioha’s name every four Afo market day”. Ebuka said as he gazed at father and son altogether.
“Did you just say Amadioha? Sorry to ask you my son, but please who is this Amadioha?” Omenkannaya asked Ebuka.
“Amadioha is a god that was once served. But something happened which made everyone to forget about him and only remember Ikenga. But nevertheless if you abide to what I told you, your son shall be heal this minute by Amadioha”. Ebuka said without missing a beat.
“We will do as you have said, Ebuka. I will make sure that every four Afo market day my son and I would sacrifice a white ram in the name of Amadioha”. Omenkannaya concurred.
“Remember it was Ikenga who had caused your son predicament and it will be Amadioha that will heal him out of his predicament”.
“Ikenga did this to my son?” Omenkannaya questioned as he stared unbelievably at Ebuka.
“Do you want the answer to your question or you want your son healed and alive for you? The ball is in your court”. Ebuka said softly to Omenkannya as await ed his answer.
“What else will I choose if not my son, Obinnwanne. Please relieved him from his pains”. Omenkannaya said without any form of hesitation.
“Very well Omenkannaya, you choose well and for that your son will get himself within the next two hours, that is to say his chi will come back. Cheta na nkwa bụ ụgwọ- Always remember that a promise is a debt”.
“Don’t worry about that Ebuka, like I have told you I will do as I have promised. I am Omenkannya that never fails to keep his promise”. He said to Ebuka.
Ebuka bent down to Obinnwanne’s height and blew around his face, then proceeded in rubbing his two palm at each of Obinnwanne’s cheeks in a tender way. Ebuka stood up from his position and turn to face Omenkannaya once more.
“I shall now take my leave. In the next two hours your son shall be healed, he shouldn’t disobey the words of the gods again”. Ebuka warned again and he headed home.


Ebuka was on his way home when he heard the voice of Njoku ji calling out to him.
‘Why was Njoku ji calling him?’ Ebuka thought to himself as he walked back home late that night.
He got home and met Nnenna outside, preparing to go inside to sleep. His other siblings had all gone to bed except his mother who was wide awoke waiting for his return. Once she saw him, she stood up from where she was sitting and bid Ebuka goodnight before she advanced into her hut.
Three huts stood at his compound. One was for his mother, Nnenna. The other one was for his two sisters and his younger brother, while the last one was for him.
His and Nnenna’s huts where the first huts one would see when entering their compound before the others’ huts. Ebuka also bid his mother a good night sleep and went to his hut.
He fell asleep before his head reached his bamboo bed.


Njoku ji Abode:

“You sent for me my precious brother, I came as quickly as I could”. Amadioha said to Njoku ji as he came to his abode.
“Yes I have sent for you because Ikenga had bluntly told father that he would fight you to the core and that he isn’t one bit scared of you”. Njoku ji said as Amadioha paced around him.
“Hmmm, is that so?” Amadioha said with a raised eyebrow. “Father use to say Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. I won’t be the first to stike for he who walks before his godly guardian does the race of his life. Ikenga is trending on the path that will lead to his doom and I Amadioha shall be that doom”. Amadioha said with all seriousness, he turned to Njoku ji and smile. His father and brothers all know that the smile of Amadioha means something.
“Thank you my brother. I am really grateful”. Amadioha said in appreciation. Njoku ji lifted up one of his arms and placed it on the left shoulder blade of Amadioha.
“Remember to call on me when you need me the most. Every Lion has it’s weakness, always remember this words”. Njoku ji said tenderly at his brother.
“Those who defecate at night see the ghost grasshopper, I will do as you have said my brother”.


The Black Forest of Doom:

Adaku and Eze Nwayi landed in front of a thick forest. It was so dark inside the thick forest. The rays of the moon light could not penetrate through it. What baffles Adaku the most was the trees, their leaves were pitch black. They were black in color. Adaku bewildered at what she saw and turned to look at the Eze Nwayi.
“Is this where my daughter lives?” Adaku asked she stared around them unbelievable before turning back her eyes on Eze Nwayi. “Do you know where we are? What this forest is? Uhammiri can’t stay in this forest, Eze Nwayi, please take me to where my daughter is”. Adaku said in fury as she thought Eze Nwayi was trying to play some trick on her.
“Uhammiri lives here. She came here after she left you with that task”. Eze Nwayi said to the astonishment of Adaku.
“Impossible, Eze Nwayi ! No mortal or immortal has such power to stay alive for long in the Black Forest of Doom”. Adaku said in a disbelief tone.
“Oh, you know the name of the forest, that explained why you are doubting. Well if you must know, Uhammiri conquered all the beast, in fact all evil creatures living inside the forest. She became their mistress and I must tell you Uhammiri isn’t the child you knew years ago”.
“Why won’t I, Adaku, daughter and grand daughter of Amummamirri not know this forest. It was told as a story then by my great grandmother. This forest even our god Ikenga could not enter it then how come my daughter, Uhammiri, find her way inside the forest to dwell and even conquered all the whole evil creatures in here?” Adaku objected as she stared at Eze Nwayi who laughed humorously.
“Where you not the one who had said a few minutes ago that Uhammiri is your step daughter match? Are you now in doubt of your own daughter strength?” Eze Nwayi queried Adaku.
“No I don’t have any atom of doubt in me for my daughter, I am just surprise that she was able to live in a forest Ikenga fear to trend”.
“Well, Uhammiri lives here and we don’t have time. The time is going and we don’t have much time. Let us be going”. Eze Nwayi said as she gestured to Adaku to follow her. Adaku without a doubt followed the Eze Nwayi and they approached the thick forest.
Eze Nwayi stopped all of a suddenly and faced Adaku.
“Uhammiri kept a beast that eat whosoever you are, be it a god, a goddess, a mortal or immortal. this beast can’t be defeated”. Eze Nwayi said slowly to the hearings of Adaku.
“What!!? Then how can we get past the beast since it is undefeated?” Adaku questioned.
“There is an advantage we could use. The creature is blind and once we are within it’s presence and territory we cease our breaths. If eventually a breath escaped from any of us we are as good as dead”. Eze Nwayi explained as they motioned into the forest.
They walked for sometime, the light that emitted out from Eze Nwayi’s staff guided them. Eze Nwayi halted in her movement. “What is it Eze Nwayi?” Adaku questioned again.
“We are about to enter the territory of the beast I spoke earlier about. Remember to hold your breath”. Eze Nwayi said and they walked on. She put out the light that was leading them. “I hope as a witch your eyesight are good in the dark because from now till we are out of it’s territory we shall walk without any form of light”.
“Okay”. Adaku replied nonchalantly. They saw the beast moving about. It was black, solid black and tall, taller than a pole itself. His eyes were at his middle. His hands were like scorpion. A tail behind him was in the shape of a cobra head. He was a scaring sight to behold. He moved around in confident. Straining their eyesight so tight, they breezed off and headed towards the beast. Hiding from the breast gaze. Without breaking off from their breaths they walked on until they had gotten out of the creature territory.

To Be Continued…

Story: Ifeoma Okeke

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