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[Story]O.G.B.A.N.J.E (The Child of Thunder) Chapter 20

The Child of Thunder 20

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

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The Black Forest of Doom:

“Phew, that was so easier than I thought”, Adaku commented as soon as they bypassed the territory of the beast.
“You really think so Adaku?” Eze Nwayi asked mockery.
“Of course I do”. Adaku negate back at Eze Nwayi.
“Well let’s hope that the next one would be as easier as this one too”. Eze Nwayi said as they kept on walking.
Eze Nwayi leading her.
“Next one?” Adaku asked surprisingly at Eze Nwayi who didn’t stop to see the surprise look in Adaku’s face.
“Yes Adaku. Do you really think Uhammiri would make whosoever that wants to see her an easy access to her? Think again”. Eze Nwayi told Adaku who still wore a look of surprise written in her face.
Without uttering another word to Eze Nwayi again until they finally got to a small river.
At the other side of the river stood a big dark cave.
“Did you see that cave across this river?” Eze Nwayi asked as she pointed at the cave across them.
Adaku looked up to where Eze Nwayi was pointing and nodding her head. “Yes I am seeing it. What has that got to do with me?”. Adaku asked Eze Nwayi.
“That is where Uhammiri reside. To get to her you must cross this river. It may look so small in your eyes but it’s way more deeper than you think”. Eze Nwayi said.
“Then how do we cross it then?” Adaku asked as they proceeded alongside the bank of the small river.
“We walk on it”. Eze Nwayi replied nonchalantly to Adaku.
“Walk on it, how?” Adaku questioned to be sure of what she just heard.
“To be able to cross to the other side, you must sing praises to Uhammiri, failure to comply would make you sink to the bottomless river where her pets of human flesh eaters lives. Remember Adaku you must sing praises to her name if you wish to meet your Daughter”. Eze Nwayi said to Adaku with caution and warning laced in her voice.
“How come you know of everything in here. I am her mother and you are not yet she told you all of these and not me”. Adaku said all of a sudden suddenly jealous.
“You seemed to have forgotten so soon that Uhammiri gave out her instruction before she went into her deep slumber knowing fully well that one day you may seek for her help. You may have forgotten but I haven’t”.
“I see”. Adaku said after a while.
“Enough of the talk and let’s finish what we’ve started”.


Ogbanje Kingdom:
“My son, I still ask again, do you think giving Ogbanje back her memories from her past life would prevent what you just told me now?” The queen Mother of all Ogbanje asked Amadioha who stood before her with his back facing the queen.
Without facing her “My queen, something will soon go wrong in the human world, the feeling I am having is so strange. And if Alaolisa isn’t prepared for what is coming she might not survive it when it comes”. Amadioha gently said.
“You seemed so sure about this Amadioha. No one, I repeat no one dares threaten my daughter and live to tell the story. Whosoever that tries it will receive my wrath of anger”. She looked at Amadioha with kindness but her eyes tells otherwise. “I know you can never forged such a thing for me to retrieve My daughter’s memories back because if I find out regardless you are ChuckwOlisa son I will personally deal with you”. The queen added with a tone of warning in her voice.
Amadioha not affected by the threats laughed out at the threats. He was only giving the queen her respect because she was Alaolisa mother if not by now she would have regretted ever omitting such words to him. For Alaolisa he would do anything.
Amadioha turned around to look at the queen Mother who has started staring at him in a strange way. “Yes my queen you can do as you wish”. Amadioha said and gave out a sad sigh, his eyes flashy a little bit. “I feel something bad is about to happen very soon. I want Alaolisa memories back, I want her to know of her past, her powers and more about you my queen. In the days ahead that I won’t be around her, I would love her to defend herself. I won’t always be there for her. Please I think it is time Ogbanje regains her memories”. Amadioha told the Queen Mother who fell in a deep thought.
“I will break the oath she took with me. She shall regain her memories back in no time”. The queen Mother said.
“Thank you so much my queen”. Amadioha said, bowing a little to the queen Mother and left her presence.


“Father I am now healed!!”. Obinnwanne said to his father joyously as he leap in the air for joy and happiness.
True to Ebuka’s words the swollen on his two cheeks ceased to grow and decreases in size that before it had gotten to the given time Ebuka has said it had gone down completely.
His cheeks were back to normal.
Omenkannaya was elated when he saw his son well.
“Let us not forget the promise we had made to Ebuka in Amadioha’s name”. Omenkannaya quickly added.
“I know that father. May Amadioha be praised”. Obinnwanne said thankfully to Amadioha.
Father and Son went on celebrating throughout the, even their guards where not left out.


The Black Forest of Doom:
Having successfully crossed to the other side of the little river, they walked steadfast towards the dark cave. On getting to the dark entrance Eze Nwayi stopped in her movement making Adaku halting in hers.
“Odogwu Nwata Nwayi, we have come once again to seek for your great help”. Eze Nwayi said to the quieten area. Her voice echo inside the caves.
“Is that Arima’s voice?” A female voice asked as her voice vibrated around them.
“You guess right. Your mother is here with me she wishes to see you”. Eze Nwayi now being called by her real name answered.
“I hope Adaku brings me what is pleasant to my hearings”. Uhammiri said as her voice was now getting closer to them.
They heard a faintly footstep coming and walking slowly to them.
Adaku couldn’t reply back.
Soon a young lady came into their view. The young lady began stretching out her body for it being stiff for those years she had slept.
She was a great sight to behold. Beautiful, tall, ebony in fact words fail to describe how elegant she was.
She looked at the two women in front of her.
“It’s been a long time I have seen you both. I hope your coming here brings me the good news I have been expecting from you? Tell me what happened and why you want to see me Adaku”. Uhammiri said going straight to the point.
“My daughter is this the way to greet your mother whom you haven’t set your eyes on for so many years?” Adaku said
“Oh forgive my manners M.O.T.H.E.R can you now go straight to the point. Are they still alive?” Uhammiri asked silently waiting for a response.
“Chidinmma is dead”. Adaku began slowly and Uhammiri smiled in happiness her beautiful ebony face were all brightened up but the next words of Adaku’s put an end to that smiling face.
“What did you just say now?” Uhammiri strident voice filled the air and thunder was heard somewhere above them.
“I said Ogbanje is still alive and she stronger than me, that is why I am here”. Adaku repeated herself again to Uhammiri who growled in a very animalistic way at Adaku.
“After so many years, you couldn’t kill a mere child, a mere princess of the Ogbanje’s kingdom. You, Adaku, my own mother couldn’t defeat a brat like Ogbanje”. Uhammiri said in a very angry tone.
“You don’t understand my daughter. Ogbanje proves to be stronger than my expectations. Ask Arima the task isn’t an easy one. She has the backing of a strange god and she is under the protection of him. Uhammiri I have tried and tried to kill her but she just couldn’t die. I came with the hope that you are Ogbanje’s match in fact more than her, the truth of my reason waking you up is to tell you that I give up in killing Ogbanje. I have tried my best and now it’s your turn Uhammiri”. Adaku said as she and Uhammiri were doing eye contest. One fearfully the other in anger.
Turning to face Eze Nwayi. “Is Adaku saying the truth Arima?” Uhammiri asked.
“Yes she is saying the truth Uhammiri, I too can’t defeat the girl, she is way too powerful for me”. Eze Nwayi told Uhammiri.
“Onye si nwata jide nkapi nwuru anwu,nyekwa nwa’hu mmiri og’eji we kwor aka – He who sends a child to touch a dead rabbit should also provide water with which the child would wash his/her hands. Before the sun raises on the third day Ogbanje will die by my hands”. Uhammiri announced boastful to the hearings of Adaku and Eze Nwayi.
“But there is always a human boy that goes with Ogbanje every time and everyday. To get her we must use him”. Adaku said.
“And what is this human name?” Uhammiri question.
“His name is Ebuka”. Adaku replied.
“You can now go back and leave the fight for me. I shall get back to you”. Uhammiri waved off her hands and Adaku and Eze Nwayi disappeared.


Witches Coven:
They both appeared.
“It is time to return to my earthly body Eze Nwayi, until next time”. So saying she disappeared.


Ebuka’s Hut:
Ebuka woke up quickly from his bamboo bed when he heard the sound of Thunder from Above.
Who has such powers to call upon the thunder?
It wasn’t his father who did that or was he?
Ebuka pondered all night as his questions where left unanswered.

To Be Continued…..

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