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Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 12

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 12

A story written by HAPPY



Henry ogbonna (CMILT) – Biography


😲 😯
Two things finally jerked me awake from an uncomfortable sleep: a pounding ache in my head, and my pounding headache in a head….however that makes sense😵.
I sat up on the bed, and the first thing I noticed was its soft comfiness, I know without a doubt that my bed isn’t this soft😦
I glanced around the nondescript but richly furnished room, and then I screamed😨
“Oh god, oh God oh God where am I???”
Ignoring the headache I got off the bed and staggered to the window, looking down below told me I’m in a tall building.
Just as I was about to try the door, it swung open and Oscar stepped in gingerly.
“Hey, you’re awake?”
“What’re you doing here, no, what am I doing here…. what happened? Ouch, my head hurts,” I blabbed, massaging my temples.
“Steady…..” he cooed and led me back slowly to the bed.
He reached for a glass of water🍶 and a drug envelope of pills💊 which I didn’t even sight earlier.
“Drink this, it’s hangover pill. It’ll help the headache,” he said.
“Hangover?” I repeated, but drank it nonetheless.
He nodded. “You got drunk last night,” have said and explained everything that transpired last night.
In the end, I was torn between wanting to laugh or wanting to cry.
“I wish I was conscious when handing out that slap, but I’m pretty embarrassed right now. Did I really ask you to…..😳”
“Yup. I was feeling good, I’d have taken you up on the offer otherwise.”
“You wish,” I said with a small smile.
“You’d like to bath now, I’m gonna drop you off later. I’ll bring you my shirt.”
“Why would I wanna wear yours?” I snapped, returning to my old self now that the headache was wearing off.
“Uh…because you puked all over yours?”😕 he smirked and went out.
I checked my T-shirt.
👘 👘
Oscar’s shirt stopped a little bit above my knees; and I kept tugging at the sleeves to give it some shape.
I bundled up my pukey T-shirt into my bag, tied up my hair in a ponytail, and stepped out of the room.
I was a little lost, but I followed the sounds, leading me to the sitting room where the COVS boys were seated on the couches in plain coloured pyjamas bottoms except Oscar.
They all looked at me on entry.
” Uhm….hi guys, ” I said with a small wave, “thanks for letting me stay the night.”
“You kidding? It was nothing,” said Stanley with a grin.
I heard Christopher whispering to Oscar about why I’m in his shirt, but Oscar just elbowed his ribs, and he grunted softly.
”Umbria, you okay?” Victor asked sincerely with a focused and intense look at me👀 that I found uncomfortable.
”Mmm hmm,” I replied.
“Well then let’s go,” Oscar interrupted, taking up his keys as I followed.
“Aw come on, don’t you wanna spend time with us?” Chris whined.
I giggled. “Some other time. Bye.”
🚗 🚗
“Um Brya, I’m invited to do a song at the princess’s birthday, and I thought maybe the two of us could perform a duet, or what’d ya say?”
“Yeah, yeah….what was that?” I replied; can’t believe I was lost in looking at the one sided earring he wore on his ear and how hot it made him look. I’m supposed to be focused.
I listened as he repeated what he said.
“I don’t sing,” I said flatly.
“You sure?” he asked, glancing at me and returning his gaze to the road.
“Yes. Where’d you get that from?”
“Come on….there’s no need hiding it. Why? I know you do.”
I rolled my eyes. “Sick.”
He chuckled. “I’m gonna prove it right….. now.” He cleared his throat. “🎵There’s the darkest place of your heart
🎵Feels like a raging storm
🎵The brokenness of the heart
🎵Lightning slicing through a tree….”
At first I was lost in listening to how sweet, drowning and enticing his voice was, but then it dawned on me that it was my song he was singing…… the song I sang the first time I met that stranger guy during a session of my evening singing.
With a gasp, I turned to find him grinning.
“It was YOU!”
My face still hurts; damn that girl has a devil fist.
Caroline finished applying concealer to my face, at least the bruise Isn’t visible anymore.
“I’m gonna tell daddy to take away her scholarship,” I blurted out, unable two keep it in anymore.
“Oh , but you know the scholarship was awarded by the royal family itself,” Carol pointed out

“I don’t care; the king made daddy the proprietor, so he’s in charge.”
“Jessica why’d you hate Umbria so much?” Audrey asked quietly.
“I just do. And you’ll be a fool not to too. Audrey don’t let her innocent act towards you fool you. You can take the girl outta the slum, but you cannot take the slum outta the girl. Keep watching her and Victor.”
Audrey was deep in thought.
Caroline and I shared a secret smirk.

Uncle George, aunt Hannah, Margaret and I had been really worried when Umbria didn’t return home last night, until Maggie finally got through, only to find out she was at a guy friends place. Words could not explain the anger that coursed through my veins at that. And I just upped and left.
This morning however, I sat on the block a few feet away from her house where we usually sit watching the road together.
That’s when I saw a fancy red sports car pull up at the curb by the junction, and she got out with a guy from the drivers seat. 😲 😞
I watched them talk, then he laughed at something she said, while she smacked him on the shoulder. Then she walked a few distance away. The guy was still staring at her, so she waved, he waved back.
I stood up, my blood boiling.
Umbria had her face towards the ground, so she didn’t see me. But he did. He looks familiar. We exchanged looks, then he boarded his vehicle and drove off.
Who was he?
Yet another guy on a mission to break Um’s heart by fooling her with money?
“Hey Carl, good morning,” Umbria jolted me out of my reverie. She’s smiling brightly; she’s wearing a guy’s shirt. His shirt.
“Umbria who was that guy?” I asked.
“Huh?” she said, following my gaze which was on the spot he parked and just evacuated.
“Oh, that was….. Oscar. He’s a friend, not really a friend because he’s such a rude jerk, pompous and all that….. Carl, what’s wrong?” she asked softly on noticing my frown.
“Umbria, do you realize that all you’re just saying…you’re doing so affectionately?”
“I don’t get—”
“Um do you realize that you’re plunging into deep waters of deception again? Do you realize that you’re wearing his shirt, riding in his car, talking about him with sparks in your eyes!” I grabbed her shoulder fiercely, because all the pent up rage were getting out, “DO YOU REALIZE THAT YOU’RE FALLING FOR A PLAYER ALL OVER AGAIN! He’s blinding u with his money, and you’re stupidly dancing along, just like you did with Zach, Wayne and Tom!”
“Carl what’s wrong with you, why are you saying hurtful things!?” she demanded angrily; that’s how she is, quick to get angry to hide vulnerable emotions.
“I know….his money right? Your love for money is what leads you to rushing into relationships, blindfolding your eyes to the obvious fact that I LOVE YOU!”
Her brows furrowed. ” What….”
“Yes Um, I love you so much! I always did, since we were little. But I waited, for you to notice. Turns out I waited in vain, you were too busy chasing fame and sources of money that you never noticed the guy right beside you always holding ur hand, guiding you along! Well guess what, I’m done waiting on the sidelines!”
And in that moment of blind fury and hurt, I leaned forward and kissed her. Roughly. Her lips were tightly shut against mine, but I still continued, gripping her shoulder tightly while she wriggled against my stronghold to escaped.
Eventually she pushed me away, slapped me so hard and wiped her lips aggressively.
The slap wasn’t what hurt me, but it was the realization at what I’ve done.
“How dare you insult me Carl!? How dare you insult my need for a better life for my family? How dare you….kiss me!”
“I’m sorry Um, I —”
“Oh tish tosh. I don’t wanna hear it. Just get lost!” she yelled.
Her glare was stinging.
“Umbria, is that you?” Maggie called from inside.
I began to walk away, feeling bad.
But also accomplished.
💎 💎
“Yeah ” I called back, swiping at the drops of tears as I walked inside.
“I’m home,” I announced.
Maggie embraced me, then Hannah did surprisingly, and then I stopped to hug dad in his wheelchair.
“Good, now I’m off to work Um, hurry and come,” she winked at me
Expecting story.
“Yeah,” I mumbled…… staring at the floor.
“Umbria, are you OK?” mom asked.
“I’m fine,” I mumbled and headed to my room. I locked the door, slumped on my bed, and let the tears roll.

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