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Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 4

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 4

A story written by HAPPY




Sipping caffeine from a mug and laying on my bed in only pyjamas bottom, I scrolled through women posts, checking out the well shaped ones with undiluted curves. It’s an escort website, ANgeLS😈, that I frequented whenever I’m away from Primrose. That’s me; women flocks around me so I could take a pick out of any of them no stress. But I preferred the professional.
Boredom however took control over me tonight as I lost interest in the half nude posts online.
Hmmm….quite funny and strange.
I decided to place a video call to one of my buddies, Victor Evans. Victor’s the most sensible one among Christopher Smith and Stanley Wilson, the biggest player right after me✌.
“Hey bud,” I said once his sleepy face came on.
“Yo, Os. You in Primrose?”
“Yup. Landed at noon.”
“And decided to spend the rest of the day women hunting before calling me at —” he looked at something, probably his bedside clock, “10:32 pm.”
I laughed. “That’s me, bro. And Stan and Chris?”
“Dunno. I’m at home, we aren’t at the Penthouse.”
“Okay…guess I’ll go now.”
“Oscar, go to bed. Don’t watch those porn videos and photos. They’re crazy,” he sounded serious.
“Yes poppa,” I laughed. “Perhaps you’d like to hear about this interesting girl I met today?”
“You meet girls everyday,” he replied boringly.
“Good point. But this one’s interesting. She sings!”
“Jessica sings too.”
“No, Jessica croaks. I’m talking about…. forget it anyway. I’ll do a check on her.”
“Just don’t let it end in the bedroom. How’s Diana, that cute princess?”
“She’s as energetic as ever. Seems her sanguinary self is wearing off. Or maybe it’s because I’m back. I’ll say hi for you. Gotta go.”
“Yeah, good night. Catch you soon.”
I shut the laptop and kept it on the table at the foot of the bed.
I laid on my back with my hands tucked under my head, facing the ceiling. Unable to sleep because of the caffeine.
Or the sweet voiced girl.
Too bad I changed my mind about having a roll in the sheets with the maid.
💬 🎼.
“Um, that guy over there, he keeps looking this way,” Maggie said tapping me discreetly and repeatedly while using her eyes to point in the direction.
Its evening. I’ve just finished another round of my usual evening singing and Margaret and I were packing up the money into her handbag.
And yeah, I did notice the guy from yesterday. He stood at his same spot while I sang. My eyes couldn’t seem to leave his face, so I’d kept my peripheral vision trained on him.
“So?” I said to Maggie.
“He keeps looking at you I guess,” she said again.
“I don’t think so I’m off boys, remember?”
“Um…..he’s coming this way…..” she singsong.
Oh fuck. What’s his problem now.
Maggie’s phone rang, and she walked away to answer.
I’m standing alone when he reached.
“Hey,” he said.
“Hey yourself,” I snapped and made to go.
“Whoa there, I’m just saying hi,” he defended.
“Are they paying you? Did someone send you to like, ruin my evening?”
He twitched his nose with a smirk. “You’re being touchy. To me. I just really like your voice and songs and I….OK, can you just tell me your name?”
“Umbria, come on!” Margaret yelled.
Ugh, bad timing.
“Coming!” I yelled back.
“Umbria…..that’s a se—pretty name.”
I narrowed my eyes at him.
Bad boy types.
“Look,I don’t have your time. I gotta go. My friend’s waiting for me.” I was walking away.
“You live around here?”
“Buzz off!”
“Who’s that?” Maggie asked as we walked home.
“Some really annoying guy that you shouldn’t bother about.”
Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS brought to you by Happy’s Library.
Author Happy©
Standing outside Bruce’s bakery, I hugged each one of my friends one by one, bidding them goodbye. The one week prep time was up. I’m travelling to Primrose today and I’m so nervous.
This previous week had been… should I say a blast? I’ve worked with Bruce B and Maggie and Carl on some really cool recipes girls would surely love.
Hannah had been adamant in letting me go. But dad talked her out of her selfishness. And although she still didn’t feel comfy with it, well, she could just go to hell🔥.
Then there’s that mysterious guy who for some reasons happens to come by every evening I’m out singing. Thanks to him I’ve saved up enough for my trip. I don’t know him or what his motive is, but all I know is that I’d have to be very careful. Mag noticed it too. She teased me about having a secret admirer. That kinda pissed the hell outta Carl. Hmm.
So, here I am, receiving lectures and advice from Bruce, and even good luck remarks from the customers inside.
“Um be good okay?” Maggie hugged me and unlocked to caress my fingers. “Make sure you don’t allow the cold to get to you, get enough sleep at all times, stay away from boys and —”
”Yes mom,” I grinned, and she slapped my arm playfully. “I’ll be fine.”
“Know you will,” she said.
Louisa came over with her usual overly made-up face.
“Well, good luck.”
That’s like the nicest thing she’s ever said to me😪.
“Hey Um,” said Carl, hands in pants pockets.
He hugged me, then whispered into my ear; “Even though the world was made for you, hope you don’t get famous.”
“Why?” I asked confusingly when we pulled back.
He shook his head. “Just remember that, please?”
I nodded slowly.
Then I perked up.
“Carl….that Rita in Queens High? She’s in the same form as I am.”
Rita claims to be the queen of Queens High where I’m schooling. We’re grade mates, but she makes an extra effort to be mean and sassy. Although stupidity comes naturally😂
“What about her?”
I giggled. “Tell her that I’m on the road to stardom baby. I’m kissing her poverty butt goodbye!”
Carl laughed, and Maggie too.
Louisa patted me and returned inside. Hmm…maybe she likes me?😕
“Umbria,” Bruce B called me.
“Yes chef.”
“Remember that you’re not just going there of your accord. You’re also putting in a good name for this bakery, and this state too. Umbria Lee from Queensland, got it?”
I nodded and saluted. “Got it. Thanks chef.”
“Go do us proud.”
“Bye everybody,” I waved, also to the customers inside.
“Bye Umbria!”
“Good luck!”
“Break a leg!”
“Go Umbrya!”
I smiled at the wishes they called out for me, and with a final wave, I trotted to the bus stop.
I’m going with the bus, taxi’s too expensive and I’m saving up for more important things.
It took a while before we moved, and the bus was slightly crammed.
It’s not a bother though, I’m used to it. I thought about Carl’s final words to me. *Even though the world was made for you, I hope you don’t get famous*
What did he mean? Was he like, squashing my dreams? Or did he mean something else? I shook my head.
Ignoring other passengers beside me I plugged in my earphones and listened to my recorded songs.
🎵I could soar past the clouds, beyond the sky and into that land
🎵Where there’s nothing but a warm welcome waiting for me….
🎵Where I’ll be who I wanna be
🎵Every time I wanna be
🎵The times gonna come when I’ll
🎵Spread my wings and fly
🎵Fly high……
🎵In the sky……………
Hours later, we arrived at the final bus stop.
Every passenger alighted.
I did too, holding a duffel bag which contained everything I needed, and a small shoulder with my essentials.
I’ve never been here, but just from the bus stop its—
I stumbled and caught myself before falling.
Someone bumped into me!
And there’s the idiot, walking off like nothing happened.
“Hey! Girl bumper!” I yelled at him.
He didn’t turn, instead walked on faster.
Ugh, is that the hello I get?
Three hours in a bus crammed with passengers!
I’d better get outta here before something worse happens making me do something stupid with this bad mood I’m in.
I brought out the invitation document.
Seems like my destination’s the Royal palace.
“Uhm, excuse me please.”
“Yes?” I replied to a girl about my age, though slightly older. She’s brownish, definitely a hybrid, and has beautiful black curls framing her face.
“You’re in Primrose for the baking contest?”
”Yeah, how’d u know?”
“I…figured out from the paper you’re holding,” she chuckled. “I’m one too, I’m headed there. Perhaps we could go together?”
“Sure, I’ve no idea where the palace is located,” I replied.
“I do. I’m Emelda Sampson by the way. From Texas.”
“Umbria Lee. Queensland.”
Together, we boarded a taxi that took us to the magnificent surrounding area and gates of the Primrose palace.
My mouth went agape in awe.
We paid the driver and walked in through the slightly opened gates.
“It’s so beautiful,” she gushed.
“Yeah, it is,” I replied.
Greenish fields everywhere.
There were some peahens and peacocks about, spreading their colourful eyed tails as if in welcome.
A garage with dozens and dozens of cars!
Uniformed guards lined the walkway to the grand doors.
But Emelda and I spotted other people at the opposite end of the palace building, and we headed there.
They were all contestants too, being briefed by a robust lady whose hair was perm, and she was dressed to the nineties.
“You’re all welcome to Primrose, bakers. Now, you’ll all be led by coordinators to your various hostels, where u can get settled and prepped. The Queen will be meeting you this evening, and your schedule would be read out against tomorrow morning. Remember, the princess’s tenth birthday is coming up in four days time. So, you have the stay to enjoy the grounds of the palace while preparing for the ultimate cake day which is in two days time, when the best chef would be chosen. Your stay is going to be competition filled, and you mightn’t have breathing space. All the same, welcome to Primrose Royal Palace. I’m Mrs Pearl Gareth. Enjoy your day.”
🚪 👝 👜
“This place is neat,” I told Emelda as we unpacked.
There was a total of twenty bakers, three guys. So we were given seven rooms each with three occupants in the guest quarters, although Emelda and I were Lucky to be the only ones in ours.
“Yeah, so cool,” she said. She bounced on her bed. “I can’t wait to meet the Queen in person,” she giggled.
“Me too, I hear she’s very nice.”
“Hmm. But I’m overexcited to see the Prince,” she gushed and fell dreamily on her bed.
“Who, Prince Edward? I heard he’s betrothed girl. Stop dreaming.”
She sighed and sat up. “True. He’s just so handsome and… and…. charming and… and….”
“Come on, Emelda. Stop being a princess and let’s go tour around.”

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