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Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 6

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 6

A story written by HAPPY




Twenty of us stood linearly minutes later, the stipulated time. The judges had already tasted our desserts, and they were yet to eliminate the ten, and promote the remaining ten to elimination round two.
I stood beside Emelda, nervous as hell.
“The judges have decided,” said Ric, “Ten of you will go, and ten will make it to the next stage. Who’re they gonna be?”
The tension we all felt…..words cannot describe.
Ric brought out a list.
“These are the names that have made it to round two:
Grace Sanchez’s apple pie.
Damien Dan strawberry muffins
Deborah Jones chocolate scones
Matilda Cobb condensed fry pie
Fred Quimby chocolate mousse
Umbria Lee violet and vanilla tart
Sandy Mike chocolate pudding
Jane Van apple muffins
Emelda Sampson apple and chocolate sandwiches
And Lyn Hank diner dessert.
Congratulations guys, you’ve made it past elimination round one!”
Claps erupted as we screamed and hugged one another, shaking hands who those who were unfortunate not to win.
I hugged Emelda tight.
I’m so grateful I passed.
Now I’ll have to put extra efforts into getting qualified for as finals.
😙 🙌 💓
That evening, after the unlucky ones left, I received a call from Maggie.
“Oh my gosh Um, I’m so happy for you!” she began as soon as I picked.
“Yeah, me too! I was damn twitchy!”
“I knew u could do it. We all watch the programme together. Even your mom Hannah watches it. she is being all bitchy and badluckish, until she saw you passed the first round!”
I laughed. “She’ll remember what I told her! I’m off to stardom baby!!!” I yelled, making some people at the table stare at me oddly. I grinned and waved lightly, and they resumed whatever they were doing.
“Yeah. Carl’s with you all the way. Louisa too. we all want you to win,” she said softly.
“And I will, I promise. How’s dad?”
“As healthy as a fat cow.”
“Say hi for me okay? And y’all keep praying for me.”
“Will do. Updates on the Prince?” she asked.
“Yeah! You’re not gonna believe —”
Just then, Mrs Pearl Gareth, the coordinator, stepped in. “Gotta go Mag, I’ll talk when I’m free. Bye.”
I listened as she congratulated us on passing, and gave a speech on doing better yada yada yada.
I spent that evening indoors, upgrading my winning cake.
Before I slept, I got a text from Carl.
📲Go Um, be the best. I <3 u.📩
I sleepily typed a reply: 📤Thanks Carl, g’nite📤
I wasn’t ready to explore what he meant by telling me he loves me.
💤 💤 ✳
“Oscar you should’ve seen her. She’s pretty, has black nice hair, and I like her!” Diana said as I tucked her in bed.
“Oh, do you now?”
“Yeah. She didn’t seem bothered about my crippled state. She even said I was pretty. Edward spoke to her too. He likes her.”
I nodded. “Sounds nice.”
“You’re distracted, brother,” she said, wriggling under the covers.
“No princess, I’m just thinking of a girl I met….earlier this morning and somewhere. She’s dark haired too, and one of them sings. I don’t know, I just wish to find her.”
Diana was breathing softly.
Already asleep.
I smiled as I kissed her good night and offed the bedside lamp.
At the door, I heard her yawn and mumbled; “She’s very pretty…. her name’s Umbria”
I paused. “Say what, princess?”
Her light snores were replies.
I chuckled.
Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS brought to you by Happy’s Library
Author Happy©
🏨 🏨 🏩
🌞 🌞 🌞
And again, the ten of us stood before the judges, waiting shakily to hear the proclamation; the five to go, and the five to make it to the finals.
Today, we were asked to whip up a little something for breakfast.
I’d made a simple cranberry munchy sponge cake with crusts of bread crumbs and blackberries on the top. The way I saw it, Grace Sanchez who came top in the first round was way ahead of me, with a fruity pizza plate. That was unique. Mine was too, but still…. she glanced over to me and smirked.
I rolled my eyes.
We’d been interviewed already on the processes we’d used, and why we’d made use of the ingredients we used too.
Now, once again, Ric read out from a list.
This time around, my name came second, right after Grace’s own!!!
Five went home, and five remained.
Grace walked up to me.
“Umbria right?”
“Well Umbria, get ready to get your ass kicked. I see you up all night, drawing this, researching that. But take note, I’ve come first twice. You just graduated from sixth to second. You know what that means, I’m winning this thing.”
I laughed.
“Why laughing, what’s funny?” she asked confused.
“You’re funny, Grace. Sure you came first twice in a row. But that doesn’t guarantee anything. I’m Umbria Lee. When I set my mind to something, I get it.”
I tapped her shoulder, and went over to jubilate with Emelda, Damien and Fred. We were the finalists.
this is to inform all ghost readers that they wee not taste the cakes with the judges if they don’t change. And when I’m sharing it, I wee pass you by😁 😁 😁
OK, moving on😜 😜
❄ 🌀 🌀
The smell of the flowers were soothing my nerves as I sat in the garden that evening, with my sketchpad.
Grace Sanchez was a damn good Baker, which means I’m gonna have to put my all into winning this thing.
It would have been much better if I knew what the princess liked. Because the others were just testing competition. Tomorrow was the real deal.
Oh….think Umbria, think!
”Hi Umbria! ”
“Ahhhh…hi princess,” I chuckled. An older woman rolled her wheelchair into the garden.
“You know, I’ve watched you twice now. Guess what, I want you to win. I know you will. Because once you do, you’re gonna attend Primrose College, and I’ll get to see you as much as I’d like.”
She grinned, and I laughed. “That would be lovely, Diana”
“So where’d you learn to bake?”
“I was kinda born with it I guess. Took over the kitchen when I was five. Sometimes, my dad would be in with me, learning and teasing. That was before he got involved in an accident at work that took his legs.”
Diana’s eyes went to her legs. “I’m sorry about your father.”
“Is okay.”
“Mine was from birth. Don’t really know how. It hurts to be indoor all times, no freedom whatsoever…. but I’m used to it now.”
We talked on and on.
I got to know her a little better.
She’s a big softie. She likes puppets. She loves science.. and music. Her favorite were blues. Her favorite artiste was Osos of The COVS.
I figured out that we were similar in some things.
And most importantly, I figured out how to bake a cake for an introverted ten year old’s birthday.
🎨 🎂 🎉
The studio where the finals was held was large and dim lighted.
It’s evening time.
Around the studio people were crammed in seats, waiting to see.
Students from Primrose occupied a corner, all looking radiant, boys in dark maroon suits and a dark pink ties, girls wearing pink shirts and short maroon skirts with bright pink socks that reached their thighs. All beautiful and rich.
In another box were the COVS boys.
They wore designed version of the uniform. All four of them, including Osos. Can’t believe he’s here, live and direct.
The king, the queen, Prince Edward and princess Diana were on the balcony.
The judges were in front of us.
And here’s Ric.
“This is the final test, as you know it. Before you now is a basket of varieties of ingredients. One is a special favorite of the princess, from which you can create something spectacular. Good luck chefs, and may the best one win!”
The alarm went off: two hours.
The other four rushed forward, picking stuff and hurrying back.
I went in last.
The princess is a calm girl.
Something sweet.
Smiling, I choose a plate of primroses, violets, and vanilla.
I hurried back.
I recalled my song.
🎵Shadows, break the chains that bind me…..
I poured the margarine and sugar into a large mixing bowl and mixed clockwise to produce a smooth cream….
🎵They’ll begin to find me….
I used the French cracking method to break the eggs, mixing it with the milk to produce another cream….
🎵I’ll leave my past behind me….
Now I put in every other ingredients and placed the bowl under an electric whisk to mix it….
🎵Today my life begins….
My cake was in the oven, five layers in different size of baking pans.
Now the icing.
I whisked the Primroses and strawberries and vanilla into a paste, adding packets of icing sugar and egg whites to create a sweet smelling pink paste. Some of the primroses and strawberries went into the main cake too…..
🎵Oh the world is fading
🎵Can I, just can’t take it….
🕗🕟🕠 🕝🕒🕕 🕧🕐🕣
I’d pilled up the cake in a rose flower shape, designed it with the icing and also pieces of violets…
🎵I know I can make it….
Time was gone. Countdown started with the whole hall chanting…
“Zero, hands up chefs, time up!” Ric announced.
I raised my hands and wiped my face.
🎵Today my life begins!

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