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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 10

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 10

Written By Zeeman

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I smelled a familiar fragrance and then i knew what was wrong.

The girl is around.
The assassin!

I had made sure i sniffed her fragrance when we battled the night before.

My senses rose and i couldn’t deny the fact that i was a little bit afraid,where could she be hiding.
A bullet might just penetrate into my head from any angle.

Will i die like other agents?

I was so prepared for this task,how could i be feeling weak now.

I’m only wearing a bulletproof vest,i wore it this morning just because of her,i had the hunch she was going to hunt me soon.
I also have a gun in my pocket but i feel i should have prepared harder.
I scanned my room but there was no sight of anyone.

Could she be hiding behind my wardrobe?
My bathroom?

“Just come out from wherever you are and face me if you’re really up to the task” I said.
I don’t want to bring out my gun yet,she might be watching me.

“Get out!!” I shouted and suddenly i heard some movement in the ceiling,i glanced up and saw her jumping out of the open space.

I brought out my gun immediately she landed on her feet.
She wasn’t on her ninja outfit but was putting on mask.
She’s clad in a pink tank top with tight blue jeans,how come her hair turned pink ?

She dyed it again?
Well…none of my business!

“What are you here for?” I pointed my pistol at her.
“To kill you” She responded nonchalantly and glanced round my room.
“Nice room you’ve got” She said.

“What the hell do you want?” I asked.
“I’ve told you earlier,I’m here to kill you so you can go ahead and shoot me first” She clicked her tongue.
“I won’t be surprised if your outfit is bulletproofed” I said.
“You can try it” She said and sat on my bed.


“Get up!” I yelled.
“Comfy bed” She commented and i took my time to study her this time.
She has an amazing figure even though I’m finding it difficult to figure the color of her eyes,if i can, it’ll be some hint for me.

So smart..

“I’m sorry i destroyed your ceiling, though it won’t cost much to repair it” She said.
“Get up and get the hell out of my house” i said.

She chuckled..

“You were transferred all the way from California to New York just to capture me and here i am, go ahead. Why can’t you do what you were sent here for?” She asked and i felt like a fool.
“Whatever trap you’re setting i won’t fall into it!” I said.
“Smart ass” She said and stood up.

She brought out her pistol from her pocket and pointed it at me.

“You were right,i came to test your strength the other time but now I’m here to kill you” She said.
“You think you can?” I asked.
“Of course,you never knew I’ll be coming tonight,that was the reason you were not prepared right?” She asked.

She doesn’t know my vest is bulletproofed.

She laughed..”I thought you were smart”
She positioned the gun,and kept talking to distract me so she can pull the trigger and i won’t be able to dodge it.

She’s in for it this time.
I stylishly studied her finger on the trigger while i partly listened to all she was saying.

I already bent before she could pull the trigger and when she did the bullet hit the flat screened TV in my room,i heard it shattered but didn’t turn.
If i do, she’ll use that chance to fire another shot.

My plan is to keep dodging the bullet till there’s no bullets remaining in her gun.
I’m damn sure she isn’t with extra bullets cause I’ve scanned her outfit.
She’s holding a semi-automatic pistol which holds up to 7-9 bullets.

Damn! Can i be able to dodge 9 bullets?
One is gone though… eight is left.
All i have to do is keep moving, that’s surely gonna confuse her.

I stood up and made her think i was running to the door.
She pulled the trigger twice, wasting another two bullets.

This should have alerted Nathaniel.
I just hope he won’t come in now.

Im sure her face would have grown furious beneath the mask.
I glanced at my side there was nothing to protect myself with.

The shoe rack?

I quickly dragged the shoe rack to my front when i saw her pulled the trigger.
Again,the bullet didn’t hit me,even though it destroyed my favorite shoe.

Four bullets gone…three remaining..
Good job Darrel!!

She kicked the shoe rack away in fury.
“How dare you waste my bullets!!” She yelled in rage.

“I’m sorry, please don’t kill me,I’ll return to California” I faked a plea, raising up my hand in fake surrender as i planned on the next thing to do.
How to dodge the remaining three bullets.

She laughed…”it’s late dear,you should have surrendered when you had the chance. So sad your handsome face will go to waste”
She pointed the gun to my chest and i was glad my vest was bulletproof.
I’ll survive this one too.

She shot at my chest and was obviously surprised when she discovered it was bulletproof.

“Damn!” She swore.

Two bullets remaining..

I know she’s so determined to aim the next shot perfectly this time.
“Ohh…good job,I’ve given you enough time to show off your skills already” She said aiming the pistol directly to where i was crouched.
Even if I’m able to dodge this one,I’m not sure I’ll be able to dodge the last bullet. I’m starting to get weak.

She’s gonna pull the trigger any moment from now.
I stood up and almost got myself shot by the remaining two bullets,i was scorched by the heat of the gunfire.

That was so close.
You did it Darrel!

She pulled the trigger again but the gun disappointed her by making an empty sound.

“Damnnnnnn!!!!” She yelled angrily and didn’t waste any time in rushing at me.

We started exchanging punches and this time i didn’t take it easy on her,i must commend her though, she’s a good fighter.

I was getting weaker each passing minute and that made her got some advantage,she unleashed her fist on me and was about twisting my neck when i braced up.
My hand fell on her mask and she let out a gasp.

I was ready to pull off her mask when she kicked me in the stomach and started running to the window.
She quickly brought out a rope from her boot and before i could blink,she was gone.

I breathed in and out and then wiped the moisture off my forehead.
I tasted blood in my mouth and i felt another liquid roll down my face.
Was that blood or sweat?
Whatever…I’m glad i survived this.

I heard a car drove away furiously and i staggered weakly to the window.

I was just able to catch a glimpse of the car plate number before collapsing into someone’s arm.



I’ve never felt this pained before.

This will be my first failed mission!
How will i face boss?
I’m so disappointed in myself.

I’ve gotten home already but I’ve been sitting in the car for minutes.
I couldn’t go in…

I’m a fool!
A big fool…i should have figured out what he planned but i just kept releasing bullets like I’m releasing breath!

Why didn’t i had extra bullets?
Who would have thought he would dodge 9 bullets.
Nine bullets!

I opened the car door and stepped out of the car,my mask is off my face but my wig was still on my head.
I would have twisted his neck to death if he hadn’t attempted to pull off my mask.

I walked slowly to the door and hesitated before opening it.
I can’t possibly run away for ever.

I walked in and locked the door behind me.
I got to the living room and everyone of them was waiting .

“She’s back again on another successful mission” Robbie smiled and i felt so bad for not living up to their expectations.
“Mia” Boss called.

“Mission failed!” I said for the first time and everyone gasped in shock.
“Are you joking here?” Robbie asked.
“No! He dodged the nine bullets i had in my gun” I said and felt like crying when i saw a look of disappointment cross Boss face.

Joel and Anne’s mouth dropped open.

“I’m sorry” I said and started walking to my room.
“Stop Mia” Boss ordered and I did but didn’t turn.
“You’ve been accomplishing missions for years,just this one failed doesn’t mean you’re not able,we all know how good that agent is, don’t feel down and don’t think you’re a happens at times. Come here for a hug dear” Boss said, astonishing everyone including me.

I couldn’t believe my ears..
I turned to confirm what i just heard.
Boss was smiling “Com’on”
I didn’t wait further before running into his strong arms.

“You’ll try again okay?” He said hugging.
I nodded … “Thanks boss,i promise, i won’t fail you again”
“I trust you Mia” He kissed my hair surprising everyone again.

“OMG!” Anne exclaimed.
“Woah!” Joel and Robbie chorused.
“Is this boss?” Carla asked in shock,her eyes so wide that everyone laughed.


I opened my eyes, feeling banging pain in my head.
My curtain was opened and sunlight streamed into my room.

Why am i feeling so much pain?

My eyes got clearer when i remembered what transpired yesterday.
I’m glad I’m still alive…that girl is a freaking good,i should also be applauded of dodging nine bullets,i never believed i could do that.

I smiled…it got me so weak that i collapsed like a baby but I’m glad I’m more strong now.

I blinked and tried to sit up on the bed but i exclaimed in surprise when i saw Nathaniel.

“You scared me” I sat up.
He smiled..”I’m glad you’re awoke,i was thinking of taking you to the hospital”
“I hope you haven’t called anyone?” I asked.
“Nah! I haven’t…” He said and i sighed in relief.
“I don’t want anyone to know anything until i start investigation” I said and he nodded in understanding.

“I saw all that happened but i was afraid to come in then..I’m sorry,i know i failed my job as your gatekeeper” He said.
“No,it’s fine. I’m glad you didn’t come in,you wouldn’t have survived it” I said.

“Someone has been calling you since yesterday” he said and showed my phone to me.


“Ohh…” I collected my phone from him.
She would have been damn worried.
I rubbed my forehead which a bit hot.

“I’m starving,can you please get me something to eat?” I asked.
“Of course,give me some minutes” He said and walked out of my room.

That was when i got the chance to look around properly.
Everything has been arranged..
I could remember how scattered my room was during yesternight battle.

I glanced at my TV and ceiling,those are the two things i need to repair and ohh..

My favorite shoe!

🎯A week later🎯


A week has passed by and all efforts to assassinate Darrel Holden proved abortive.
My other missions has been successful except Darrel’s.

We were starting to think he’s a supernatural being.

Here we are again in the dark room, planning on how to bring down Darrel.

We all stood waiting for boss to speak up.

“Mia,you’re going to be a live-in housekeeper in his house for three months” Boss said.

“What!” We all exclaimed.

“Noo! She’s going nowhere” Joel said adding more to our shock.


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