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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 11

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 11

Written By Zeeman

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“Mia,you’re going to be a live-in housekeeper in his house for three months” Boss said.

“What!” We all exclaimed.

“Noo! She’s going nowhere” Joel said adding more to our shock.

“Joel! Are you okay? How dare you defy me!!” Boss shouted in anger.
“I’m sorry boss, was a slip of tongue” Joel quickly fell on his knees.
“How dare you!” Boss thundered again.

“He’s sorry boss” We all pleaded on his behalf.
“I’m doing this for everyone of us. Agent Darrel is be capable of hunting us and he might succeed in it,the only way we can stop him is to get him killed. We’ve been trying that but to no avail,yet i proffered a solution and you dare defy me” Boss said,his anger turning to rage.

Boss doesn’t tolerate that!
Joel should know already,he isn’t new here.

“I’m sorry boss” Joel pleaded.
“Get up and out of my sight now” Boss said and Joel quickly stood up and walked out of the dark room.

I sighed and rubbed my forehead..

But…will i really go live with that being for three months?

Who am i to defy boss though.

Boss sat on a chair and breathed in,guess he’s trying to calm his nerves before speaking up again.

“Are you really going to stay with that supernatural being for three months” Anne whispered to me and i replied her with a shrug.
“B..boss i can do that instead,it seems Mia is not willing to. I swear down. I won’t fail this time” Carla said.

“Carla just shut up and give me some time to think!” Boss half yelled.
“I’m sorry Boss” Carla bowed.

“Call Joel back in” Boss said and Robbie quickly went to do that.
They both walked in few minutes later with Joel looking sober.

“I’m sorry boss” He bowed before boss.
“Why did you said Mia is going no where?” Boss asked and Joel glanced at me.

I don’t know why he said that either..
I guess he’s scared for me knowing how strong Darrel is.

“Nothing was a slip of tongue” Joel said.
“The words were inside of you before it slipped off your tongue. You’ve never defied me. Now tell me the reason you said so” Boss said with a note of finality and with this Joel have no choice than to say something.

“I’ only scared for her… Darrel might fight out who she is before the three months elapse and he might hurt her” Joel said.

I was right.

“Whatever reason it might be! Never question my order,i will pardon you cause you’ve never done this before,when next you try this. I won’t spare you” Boss said.
“Okay Boss” Joel said.

“Mia” Boss turned to me.
“Yes boss”
“Tony informed me that Darrel Holden has been searching for a live-in housekeeper and that was when i had the thought of you going for it”
“What if he has seen one already?”
“He hasn’t and that’s why you’ll go apply for it tomorrow”
“Okay” I mumbled.

“It’ll be fair to explain the reason of you being our enemy’s housekeeper for three months;

First;You’ve attempted to kill Darrel severally but failed, i want you to go find out what type of power he possesses.
Secondly; you’ll have to stay with him for long so no one will suspect a thing when he dies and by then you’ll have known his weakness and that’s exactly what will be used against him” Boss said.
“Alright boss, I’ll make sure i do my work diligently” I said.

“Robbie will fabricate an ID card for you,you can’t use your real ID cause that will put us at risk. Remember Darrel is a smart guy”
“Does that mean I’ll change my name?” I asked.
“Nah, you’ll continue being Mia,just few things will be changed”

“You’ve both battled severally, don’t you think he would have caught a whiff of your scent or by chance seen your face” Anne said.
“Nah,I’m always on mask and about my fragrance I’m gonna change it” I said.

“He never detected the real colour of your hair too right?” Robbie asked.
“He never did” I said.
“Then you’re good to go” Anne smiled.

“Your three months stay in his house has to be completely normal,you mustn’t make him suspect a thing and you must be reporting everything you notice about him”
“Okay Boss” I said.

“You’ll go for missions while in his house,i trust you to be able to cope with that” Boss said.
“Yes boss,the missions will only be at night right? Cause he might be suspicious if i gone out repeatedly in the day” I said.
“Yeah, you’ll be going for night missions while Anne will go for day mission” Boss said and Anne giggled happily beside me.

“Get ready,cause you’re gonna be going to his house tomorrow. He’s gonna ask you a lot of questions. I hope you’re prepared?” Boss asked.
“I’m gonna prepare her for everything” Robbie smiled sweetly and i gave him thumb up.

“Okay then…you can all leave. I still have some things to do” Boss said and we all bowed before walking to the door.
“I’m gonna miss you” Anne said as we walked out of the door.
“Com’on we aren’t sure if he’s gonna employ me yet” I said.
“Of course he will,who won’t employ a beauty” Anne said.

“A beauty indeed” Carla spat behind us before walking away.

“Real psychopath” I laughed with Anne.
I was about turning to the direction of my room.

“Mia come for your lesson” Robbie shouted from the living room.
“Ahh!!” I sighed and Anne laughed.

🔱Next Day🔱

“Dress formally” Robbie said to me.
I was about going into my room to start getting dressed for Darrel’s place.
“Okay” I hurried to my room..

Its 1pm already..

I walked into my room and closed the door behind me.
Do i need to shower?
It’s just gonna take my time,i don’t want boss to be pissed at me.

I got to my wardrobe and pulled it opened, i quickly selected my outfit.

A pair of black pants with a floral shirt.
I slid out of the short gown i was putting on and quickly got into my selected wear.
I folded the gown and placed it on my drawer.

Shoes next!
I glanced at my shoe rack.

All i gat are boots and slippers,i don’t have a professional shoe!

“Anne” I called loudly.
“On my way Mia” She said and in seconds she was opening my door and walking into my room.
“What?” She asked.
“I just realised i don’t have a professional shoe” I said, pointing to my shoe rack.

“Woah! Really? Then you need to get one. Hold on,I’ll give you mine for today” She said and bursted out of my room before i could say thanks.

I smiled and started attending to my hair.
My real hair.

I already set it in curls before Anne came in.
She had the shoes in her hands but a surprised look on her face .

“Wow,I’ve never seen you get your hair done this way” She smiled.
“I don’t do this often” I said applying some lipgloss on my lips.
“It’s beautiful” She said and dropped the shoes,that was when i had a closer look.
“It’s lovely” I smiled and bent to pick it up.

“Yeah but remember you have 30 minutes left” She said and i gasped.
I dropped the shoes and resumed what i was doing.

“Like seriously you wanna apply mascara?” Anne asked and i nodded.
“Your lashes already look black and lush even without mascara” She said and i smiled.
“Well..i guess i will keep it then” i said and dropped the mascara.

I slid my feet into the shoes and
Not just my feet but my whole legs felt at peace.
I adjusted my shirt over my pants properly and then picked the handbag which already had the fabricated ID card in it.

“Wow…you’re a goddess” Anne and i didn’t know how my smile got wider.

Gotta go.


I alighted from the cab in front of Darrel’s mansion.
“Bye” The cab man smiled at me before driving away.

He didn’t get to grab his pay.
I think he purposely did that… He has been hitting on me since i boarded his cab.

Mia,do what you came here for…
I turned and was facing the gate,i felt a bit nervous and hesitated before ringing the bell.

I just hope he won’t suspect anything.

The gate opened on my third ring and the gate keeper stood there.
I’ve seen him twice when i came to attempt Darrel’s murder.

I only decided to spare the gatekeeper’s life then..
He should have been long gone by now .

I cleared my throat…”Good afternoon”
“Good afternoon,how may i help you?” He smiled brightly.
“Well…I’m here to apply for the job of a live-in housekeeper” I said.
“Ohh…come in” He said and paved way for me.
I did and he locked the gate behind us.

Beautiful building!
I don’t usually come in through the gate so i never knew the building was this beautiful.

“Hold on,I’ll go get agent Darrel” He said and my heart skipped a bit by the sound of his name.
“Okay” I faked a smile.

He walked briskly to the front door , opened it and disappeared into the house.

My gaze was all around the house.
I feel like climbing the walls… perfect building!

I can’t believe I’m still feeling nervous and it grew higher when the gatekeeper appeared with Darrel who was looking smokingly hot in his shorts and t-shirt,her hair fell over his forehead and his beautiful dark eyes peered into mine for a while.
I released the breath i didn’t know i was holding when he looked away.

He stood by the door while the gate keeper walked back to me.
Did he ask him to discard me?

“You can go join him by the door” The gatekeeper said.
“Okay thanks” I said and began walking to Darrel,his gaze was on me all the while and i nearly tripped.


Why’s he staring at me?
I feel like knocking off his head already.

“Hello” I said when i got to him.
“Hi” He said,his gaze not leaving my eyes.
He looked different, though I’ve seen him severally when i came to attempt his murder but i guess i didn’t see him clearly because of the mask i was always putting on.
He’s looking more hot! and of course cute.

“What can i do for you?” He asked.
“I’m here to apply for the job of a live-in housekeeper” I said.
“Can i see your ID card?” He asked.
“Yeah” I dipped my hand into my almost empty handbag and brought out the fabricated ID card.
I stretched it to him and our hands brushed when he collected it.

What did i feel just now??

He was studying the ID card when his phone beeped,he brought out his phone.
I guess it was a message…he handed the ID card back to me with his gaze still glued on his phone.

If he had studied the ID card thoroughly,he might have found out it’s fabricated cause of how smart he is.
I quickly hid the card back in my bag.

He glanced back at me and i almost turned to walk away when his eyes peered deeply into mine.
“You look familiar,have i seen you before?” He asked.


“I can’t say” I faked a smile and blinked my eyes severally to distract him.
“Okay” He returned his phone to his pocket.

“So…how did you find out I’m in need of a live-in housekeeper?” He asked.
Looking into his eyes almost made me forget everything Robbie taught me.

‘Com’on Mia!’

I braced up ” I saw it online”
“Okay,so i wasn’t the one that posted it online,you should have called the number instead of coming here. I’m not the one to hire you” He said and i had to hid my disappointment.
“I actually called the number but it wasn’t going through” i lied.
“How did you get the home address?” He asked.
“It was uploaded online alongside the qualifications for the job” I replied as professionally as i could.

“Ohh…i wonder why Edwin didn’t delete the post yet cause I’ve found a gatekeeper already and he’ll be resuming tomorrow” He said.
I bit my bottom lip…i was about proceeding to say i can do the job better than anyone but i didn’t want to look desperate.

“Okay” I said.
“Thanks for coming. I hope you see better job opportunities. Bye” He said and his phone beeped again.
“Thanks” I said and started walking away disappointedly.

Boss really thought i would get the job!
Why did I always fail in everything regarding this man!
And why the hell did he ask those questions when he already found someone else.


I already got to the gate and the gatekeeper was starting to open the gate for me.

“Hey…wait” I heard him called and then turned..

What again?
Damn! Has he suspected something.

“You’re hired” He said to my surprise.


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