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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 9

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 9

Written By Zeeman

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“Robbie figure out his schedule for today” Boss said to Robbie who nodded.

We were all seated in the living room except Joel who’s making lunch.
I’m yet to get over yesternight occurrence.
Everything kept replaying in my head.

“Look, Jasper’s death is being announced already” Anne said and we all turned to the TV,it has been on since we gathered in the living room but none of us paid attention to it.
We were devising plans on how to bring Darrel down.
He’s a freaking big threat!

“Good job Mia” Boss smiled.
“That blogger is a dickhead,he actually pointed my own gun at me” I laughed.
“Yes boss,it was so funny. I allowed him performed everything he could but he still ended up shivering in the end” I said and we all laughed except boss who smiled though.

He rarely smile and im glad he did this time.

“Well… Robbie, how’s it going?” Boss asked.

“This man is discreet. Boss i think we should call Tony?” Robbie asked.
Tony is our informant in the CIA quarters.

“Yeah…i think we should do that” I said.
“Can’t i just sneak into Darrel’s house,seduce him and then kill him” Carla smiled and boss sent her a look which got her withdrawn immediately.

“I’ll go place a call across Tony” Boss said and stood up before heading to his room.

“If you were given the chance to spend a night with that agent,i bet you won’t come home again” Robbie said.
“Hush” Carla rolled her eyes.
“You’ll end up spilling out every damn secret” Robbie said.
“Keep quiet for once” She snapped.

“Tony said Darrel just left the quarter now” Boss said walking back into the the living room.
“He won’t be working in the quarter,his office will be in his house for his safety as i was told” Boss added and settled down on the couch.

“Okay,so what next?” I asked.
“Kill him of course,we have his home address already” Boss said.
“I should go get prepared then” I said, about standing up.
“No too fast girl, remember you have another mission tonight and you’re gonna take Anne with you” He said and Anne smiled brightly.

She has been longing to go on a mission with me.
I’m glad for her.

“Once you’re done with lunch,start getting her ready. Remember this will be her first time” Boss said.
“Yes boss” I said.
“You’ll go take down Darrel tomorrow night and you must make sure he dies”
“Trust me boss” I said even though i felt a bit threatened by Darrel’s strength.

I can’t wait to kill him..

“Lunch is ready” Joel announced and Carla jumped up happily.
Everyone shook their heads and watched as she ran towards the dining room.

“Never serious for once” Boss said.
“Mrs Holden” Robbie said and we laughed.

Mrs Holden indeed.


“Once your opponent starts making a move,you pull the trigger immediately” I said to Anne who nodded.
We just finished having lunch, we were in the back yard, i was training her.

I’ve trained her severally but i just need to renew it,since she’ll be going on her first mission tonight.
I’ll make sure she’ll be the one to shoot.

“Drop your gun, we’re switching to fist battle training” I said and she dropped her gun.
I tightened my fist and made to hit her but she quickly bent, dodging the punch in the process.

“Good” I said but didn’t let her finish raising up her head before sending her uppercut.
She groaned and fell on the cold floor.

“You must not let down your guard,no matter what” I said and raised up my leg to send some kicks to her stomach but she rolled away and stand up almost immediately.
She made to hit me but i dodged and interwove her legs,she fell flat and i sent some light punches to her stomach.

I’m trying to make my strikes light on her,i went through more than this during my training.
Boss never took it easy with me and that’s the reason I’m this good.

“Get up Anne,you need to fight me like you’re fighting your opponent,I’m not in for your weakness” I said and dragged her up.
She grabbed my hand in the process and hit me hard.

“Good!” I said.

I was about returning the hit when she dodged and kicked me in the stomach.

“Way to go Anne” I said and she smiled.
I dodged another coming punch and twisted her arm.
“Ahh!” She groaned.
“This is the time you use your elbow” I said and she did.
She hit me with her elbow but i didn’t feel it at all..

“You have to hit hard enough,you need to strike like your life depend on it” I said and quickly repacked my ponytail.

“Put in more effort okay?”
“Okay!” She sighed and we continued.

I quickly detected her next move and i quickly avoided it.
I jumped high in the air and kicked her face,she crumbled to the floor the same time i landed on my feet.

“Get up, we’ll continue our training tomorrow,it’s getting late already” I said.

She stood up tiredly and loosened her ponytail.

“Where the hell did you learn from?” She asked sarcastically and i laughed.
“Boss taught me all i knew and i also trained myself” I said.

“I envy you a lot,you seem to know everything” She said.
I smiled..”I seem to but i don’t. I believe you’ll become far better than me once you put all your effort into it”
“I will,i want to make you proud,i want to be boss favourite too” She said and i laughed.
“So you really have to work hard” I said.

“How does being a favorite feel?” She asked.
“Boss never said I’m his favorite, everyone just feel i am” I said.
“But you are. It’s obvious boss likes you most” She said and i shrugged.

We both started walking back into the house.

“My parents always compare my siblings to me,they did well in all they do. I use to be the only one failing” She said and i stopped walking for a moment.

“Yeah” Tears had clouded her eyes.
“Ohh…I’m so sorry about that” She said.
“It’s fine” She said.
“That was the reason i stay with my granny most of the times,she’s the only one who love me but now she’s dead” She smiled sadly.

“May her soul rest in peace” I said without emotion.
I’m not used to consoling people over the death of their love ones cause I’m a killer myself so why should i feel sorry?

“Is that why you’re here?” I asked.
“Partly” She wiped her tears.
“There was no one left to love me” She added.

“How did you also get here, Robbie said you’ve been with boss for long” She said.
I nodded… my story is far worst than hers but I’ve gotten over it long ago.

“I don’t want to talk about it,maybe some other time but I’m glad I’m here,i never for once regretted my action” I smiled.
“Me too..I’m glad I’m here” Anne said.

We’ve gotten to the door already.
“It was so nice pouring out my mind to you,i feel undeniably free” Anne chuckled.
“I’m glad you do” I smiled.

“Now let’s go get ready for our mission” I said..
“Yaaaaay” She said in excitement.


“I trained you about climbing walls right?” I asked Anne, parking in front of the building we are to assassinate.
“Yeah you did but I’m afraid I’m not too good at it” She said.

“Well…that’s what we’re gonna do now,you need to play out your practice now” I said.
“I’ll do my best” She said.
“Put on your mask and tuck your pistol in your ninja wear” I said and she did so.
She’s also clad in a ninja outfit as me but i guess mine looks more ravishing.
She didn’t wear a wig tho but i did,i was wearing a blue wig this time.

We both stepped out of the car and hurried to the side of the building where we began climbing.
We were progressing when Katy screamed.
She nearly fell and i couldn’t help but swear under my breath.

“Com’on Katy” I whispered to her.
“I’m sorry” She whispered back and we resumed our climbing.

Mia,have you forgotten you did worst on your first day.
I smiled beneath my mask…if i should start thinking about what happened on my first day,I’ll fall off this wall in laughter.

“Jump gently” i whispered to her as we got near to the verandah.
“Okay” She said and we both jumped gently inside the verandah.

“Good job” I said to Katy and brought out the skeleton key.


“Com’on Katy shoot!” I shouted at her.
She was trembling, pointing the pistol in her hand weakly to the two guys who were on the kitchen floor.
The guys we were sent to assassinate.

“I’ll do all you ask me to do, please spare my life” one of the guys said.

We’ve been here for minutes and i kept telling Katy to shoot.

“Katy com’on!’re pissing me off” I said,sending a flying kick to the other guy who was trying to make a move.
I was about pulling the trigger when Anne did.
She shot the guys and her gun dropped from her hand immediatedly.
I was a bit surprised when she started shaving like a Jellyfish.

“Take your gun,let’s move outta here” I said and she did.
“You really disappointed me” I said.
“I’m sorry” She bursted into tears.

“Let’s get out of here” I said.


Anne and i stepped out of the car and started walking towards the front porch in silence.

“You shouldn’t have joined us when you knew you were not capable of killing” I said to Anne.
“I’m sorry,i acted that way cause it was my first time. I promise it won’t repeat itself” She said.
“Boss will be so disappointed to hear about it” I said.
“Please,can you keep it from boss” She pleaded.
“Of course. I wasn’t going to tell him” I said.
“Thank you” She smiled.

We both walked into the house,they were all waiting for us.

“Mission accomplished” We chorused.

“Good job ladies,I’m proud of you both” Boss said and Anne nearly screamed in joy beside me.

I smiled.

(Next day)🎯🎯


Nathaniel and i stood in the compound having a chit-chat.
I was telling him about California and he was filling me in about New York.

He’s fun to be with and I’m glad i have such intelligent person as a gatekeeper.

“My office is gonna be in the house though” I said.
“Wow..that means we’re gonna spend more time together” I said.
“Yeah” I smiled.

The breeze was friendly..

“I’m starting to miss California” I said.
He smiled..”ohh..really? I bet you’ll forget about California if i should take you round New York”
“Then,do” I said.


“Thanks Nathaniel,i had fun” I said as we both walked back into the compound.
He locked the gate behind us.
“It’s fine Agent Darrel” He actually told me he doesn’t feel comfortable calling me just by my name.

Our tour was fun and we both had to return home when it was getting late.
I was given till next week to begin investigation so i gotta have all the fun i can cause once I’m buried into work,i don’t think of anything else.

“I’ll be going in now” I smiled.
“Do you care for some meal,I’ll be making dinner” I said.
“I don’t mind” He smiled shyly.
“Okay, I’ll call you once it’s ready” I said.
“Thanks Agent Darrel” He said.

I walked into the house and closed the door behind me.
Everywhere looks empty…I cant wait to get a housekeeper.

Edwin called me while Nathaniel was showing me around. They found me a housekeeper already and He’s gonna resume soon.

I started climbing the stairs to my room,i need to shower before going into the kitchen.
I got to my room and pulled the door opened.

A feeling washed over me and i glanced up immediately to see my ceiling tore opened.

I smelled a familiar fragrance and then i knew what was wrong.

The girl is around.
The assassin!



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