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[Story] BEAUTY CALLS (Selene) part 11






** Endy’s pov **
I didn’t know how I suddenly kissed Selene or why I kissed her but it was like I was told to do so.. But she suddenly pushed me away and wore a sour expression on her face, droplets of tears fell down from her eyes rapidly as she looked at me..
Wow, she must hate me so much
“i-I’m.. S-sorry” I stuttered feeling guilty for what I just did.. After our contacting I felt that amazing feeling and suddenly I felt I should kiss her. What I’d wrong with me! I can’t believe kissing her can irritate her so much that she’s actually in tears.
“y-you.. A-are you okay?” was what she asked me, surprising me, I thought she was going to smack my ghost out..
“am I okay?” I asked her and she nods and cleaned her tears making the rim of her eyes red and making her look cute and she stared at me with a confused face
“I’m fine, but the main question is are you okay?” I asked her pointing to her bleeding ankle, she sighed and stood properly before saying
“it’s okay I’m fine”,
She adjusted the waist of her short and mumbled “way for wearing a short” under her breath and then picked the rake.. She looked at me from head to toe and shook her head negatively..
“but seriously are you okay? You don’t feel any flares in your body?” she asked softly and lowly but I shook my head negatively..
Why does she keep asking me if I’m okay, I am fine I’m perfectly fine, she should be the one who’s supposed to be getting questions from me.
“okay!” she breathed out.

“but Selene you have to get that treated or it will get infected we’re practically standing on dirt” I said and she nods
Glad, she agreed with me
“come-on In, I’ll give it a first aid” I said and she moved forward but suddenly winced
“want’s wrong” I asked
“it hurts, when it get into contact with breezes” she said squeezing her smooth face, and staring at her injury
“okay, well do you want me to give you a piggy back ride instead of you walking inside?” I asked and her head suddenly snapped up and looked at me..
“Er.. No it’s still the same thing as long as you keep moving the wind will still pierce it’s way through it” she said
She has a point
“well then you just have to endure the pain till we get inside the house” I said and she nods and starts to walk forward slowly, counting every steps. I assisted her by holding her hand, thinking she’d be mad I suddenly flinched when she glance at me but she didn’t complain she just let me help her.
I got her inside through the back there and luckily that’s was the Closest way to our storage room where the first aid kit was.
We got into the well cleaned storage room thanks to Selene who has been very hardworking, I told her to sit on one of the three chairs that stood firmly at the corner of the room.
And then my eyes searched the shelves for the medium sized first aid box, we keep first aid boxes around every corner of the house in case of any accidents and the biggest one is in the kitchen..
I grabbed the first aid and walked up to Selene who was starubf at her feet (ankle) looking at the way blood slowly drop down from her narrow cut.
I bend on one knee in front of her and opened the first aid box. I took out the cotton wool to clean her wound but she quickly stopped me.
“oh.. No it’s okay I can do it myself” she said and held my arm
“it’s okay I can handle this just sit and relax” I said huskily my gaze piercing through hers, she gulped loudly and nodded.
I cleaned the wound and while i was about to put the iodine I warned her “it’s going to sting a little” I said.
I gently dipped the cotton wool in the iodine and inserted it on top her injury , I thought she would wince or flinch but she didn’t , I looked up at her to see if she was making a “I-should-endure-this-stinging” look .
But instead she held a very serious look on her face and was staring at me way too awkwardly, I looked away and faced what I was doing but I still felt she was looking at me..
After everything I gently cover the wound up with a small sized bandaged, and she stood up..
“thank you” she said not making eye contact with me.
“uhm.. you’re welcome” I said and placed the first aid box back to the shelf, we both followed the storage room and then down a narrow hallway and came out to the living room..
“Endy where were you, we were just talking about you and how popped on your pant on your fourth birthday just when you were about blowing out the candles” Wendy my talkative sister suddenly said and I arched my eyebrows at her,
“did you have to remember that?” I said and Wendy shrugged while the triplets laughed
“where’s grandma I thought she was with you guys” I asked
“oh she got tired and went to rest” Wendy replied and shrugged
“or… You said something hurtful and annoying to her and she got Angry and went to her room?” I asked with every possibility that it’s what happened. .
“you know me too much Endy” Wendy smiled at me while I rolled my eyes, she’s the only treating grandma differently. I just don’t get why she hates her so much..
Selene suddenly want to sit down on a single chair staring at the floor I just don’t understand what’s with her all of a sudden.

“oh my goodness Selene what happened to your leg?” Wendy suddenly asked making everyone’s attention land on her..
“i-i got a little lesion from the garden but it’s nothing to worry about I’m okay” Selene said with an assuring smile and my sister nodded. Wendy looked away but the three goofballs kept staring at her and seriously I wasn’t happy about it.
“oh yeah guys I’ll be back” Wendy said and went upstairs..
“so Selene tell us about yourself” Linc said with a smile..
“uhm.. Okay what do you guys want to know about me.” she asked nicely..
“do you have a boyfriend?” Lance suddenly asked and I rolled my eyes..
Every eyes anticipated on hearing Selene’s answer but I didn’t cause I know she doesn’t.
“I do” Selene said with a smile
“you do?” Louis asked and Selene hesitantly nodded, she’s lying I could see it.
“darn it, and I thought I had a chance, your boyfriend must be so.. handsome, am I right?” Lance said with a playfull smile, Selene laughed and shook her head negatively.
“what? So your boyfriend’s not a pretty boy?” Lance asked
“it’s not that. I.. I was just joking I don’t have a boyfriend” Selene said and Lance smiled and stood up “then if that’s the case I better get a ring down town to propose to you” he said and I smiled, lance. Always the playful one he has a girlfriend, Alyssa so annoying as full of her self.
Lance starts to walk away but stopped when Linc asked him where he was going to
“like I said earlier, I have to go down to get a ring for Selene,..
Linc and Louis gave him a “are-you-serious” look while he laughed and said
“Nah.. I’m just kidding I have to go pee”..
Selene laughed covering her mouth and she looked so beautiful we both made eye contact all of a sudden and she flinched and looked away,
Getting over Lance and his jokes I took my heels and went to my room to rest,..
~°~°~° Selene’s pov °~°~°~
After chatting with the triplets who were fun to talk with cause they were very funny especially Lance and Linc, Louis is funny but he just sometime stay quiet.
It was lunch time and I just finished preparing lunch for the whole family, lance and Linc were the First one to get to the dining room, while Louis offered to help me set the table, after we both set the table I thanked him and before I could go get Mrs. Ginger and Wendy I saw them both coming down but not together, everyone was Complete, except Endy,
“go get Endy dear,” Mrs Ginger said, even the sound of his name make me shiver now..
“o-kay” I said standing up from the chair
“no it’s okay you should start eating I’ll go get Endy” Louis said standing up also, oh he’s so nice
“no, don’t worry I’ll get him” I suddenly said cause Mrs Ginger suddenly gave me a look.
Louis smiled and sat down, while I cuss Endy for not being here under my breath..
I climbed the quiet stairs and walked through the hallway, then I came across Endy room, I sighed remembering the last time I was here when he was being so rude to me.. But it’s a good thing he’s changed a little..
I knocked on his door but there was no reply, I knocked again but there was no reply, I sighed hating this..
I opened the door softly and walked in, and there he was laying on his bed his eyes closed and body facing up, he’s asleep.
I was about to leave seeing he’s asleep but I stopped when I heard his voice.
“what do you want?” he asked and I turned to see him already settled down.
“i-i came to call you, breakfast…i -i mean L-Lunch is ready” I stuttered
God. Why the hell am I stuttering
“oh.. Okay,” he said and stood up and moved his hair back,
And that view was breathtaking.. Whoa what is wrong with me.

“Selene” Endy suddenly called me as I was about to leave again and I turned, he took a step closer to me And I froze, what does he want now.
“I have been thinking, a lot” he sighed out
Okay he’s been thinking and how does that have anything to do with me.
“about you” he said and I think I stopped breathing.
He said and took another step forward towards me
“I haven’t felt like this towards anyone before”
*felt* what does he mean..
“and I’m going to regret if I don’t do this now cause someone’s totally pushing me to do so and I want to” he said, and moved forward and my breath hitched upon the zero distance between our body, our chest pressed against each other’s when he pulled up and he glanced at my lips..
Oh my God, is he about to kiss me..
I wanted to move but still I wanted it to happen..
Suddenly he closed the distance between our lips..
T. B. C

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