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Nora withdrew and sat down, feeling remorseful she was in such vulnerable position with a man she had to consider as her brother.

“Thank you Nathan” she told him “I just lost it there.”

Nathan smiled. “I will give anything to take away your pain Nora, you know that I still love you and I don’t care whether you are my sister or not. It’s not our fault our parents made stupid decisions.”

Nora looked at him, her eyes swollen as she had cried almost all through the day. “You can’t say you don’t care Nathan I’m your sister and we can’t do anything about it. We came from the same womb remember that. Whatever we felt for each other is in the past so let’s forget all these and move on.”

“We felt? ” Nathan rephrased her sentence. “So you mean you don’t feel anything for me now? Just this morning you told me you loved me, now you say it like it’s all gone? Please Nora come on.”

“What do you expect me to say? For God’s sake Nathan, you need to understand that we… ” she said pointing at him and herself.” We are done and whatever happened should be forgotten. Please don’t make this harder than it is already”. She could feel the tears flowing.

“Oh yeah!” Nathan responded sounding rather upset. “Unlike you, I won’t just forget you in a day or even months. I won’t deny that despite knowing you are my sister I still love you and am yearning to hold you and kiss you right now” he said kneeling before her.

“Stop talking like that!” She shouted. “Please will you stop this now” she screamed raising her hand. “And it’s better you start going right now because we cannot be here” She walked straight to the door to open for him to leave.

Nathan quickly followed her before she reached the door and pulled her back. “No!” He shouted. “I’m not going anywhere, you know why?”

Nora looked at him without uttering a word. “Because I need you by my side” he added.

Before Nora could respond, Nathan held her waist and started kissing her. She tried to free herself from the grip but he held on, slowly kissing her lips until she kissed him back. Ignoring all her instincts to stop him.

He mourned in pleasure as he kissed her passionately, making her body weak with every touch. He lifted her to the bed and worked his hands on her body leaving her so vulnerable.

“Please stop Nathan” she whispered with the sound of desperation and desire in her voice. “Stop.” She murmured as he pressed back his lips in hers and his eyes fixed on her eyes.

Nathan shook his head. “I can’t control it Nora” he whispered “I just can’t,” Nora shook her head getting her hands to push him from being on top of her, but he went on touching her most sensitive parts making her giving up and closing her eyes.

For some minutes they were both lost with passion and ecstasy. They rolled and mourned. Tied and connected to each other as they went through the climax of their intense pleasure, until they were through and satisfied. They lay beside each other breathing so hard.

Nora suddenly stood up. “What have we done Nathan? Oh no, we can’t, my God. What is wrong with us? This is crazy ” she put her hands on her head.

Nathan hissed. “Nora, that is how we are meant to be and I don’t know but am not letting you go that easily you are mine” he said touching her face.

“If you love me Nathan you have to leave me. Just leave and never come back here please.” She cried.

Nathan sat looking confused. Trying to take her mind off, he told her that her parents just arrived Umege and that they are to spend the night in a hotel. “They both intend to surprise you by tomorrow morning.”

“Oh yeah! My mother has already surprised me. I don’t think I want to see her yet.”

“You have to,” Nathan told her and for some minutes he persuaded her. They decided to face their parents the following morning. Nora offered a blanket to Nathan after he insisted spending the night in her place.

“Go and sleep on the couch.” she told him.

It wasn’t an easy decision for Nathan but he had no option than to adhere. He lay down on the couch sadly. It hurt him more knowing she was close by but far.


The following morning Racheal and her husband drove to Joe’s house. she couldn’t recall it was her former husband’s house they where heading for. Joe had moved from the home they once lived at Umege. She was so excited and chatted cheerfully with her husband as he drove the car. “I can’t wait to meet Nora and this handsome man she has fallen in love with!” She exclaimed looking at a wrapped gift in the back seat.

“Yes, this will definitely surprise her” Nosa said smiling.

When they got to the gate Racheal informed the man by the gate that they want to see Nora the nurse.

“Okay ma, please come in” the gate man said as he opened the gate to allow them in. They where ushered in by the maid and who directed them to the living room.

“Let me me inform oga of your presence” the maid told them.

“Thank you mama ” Nora smiled.

As she looked around her heart skipped when she saw a portrait of a young graduate on the wall. He looked like Joe. “What? ” She said in a very low tone as she looked on the other side and saw another portrait where Joe and Nathan where captured standing in suits smiling.

“Oh my God!”. she whispered standing and going closer to the portrait.

“Oh my God what is this? ” She asked loudly.

Nosa looked at her in shock. “Honey what is it? Are you okay?” He stood and walked towards her. She was so uncomfortable in her movements.

“Racheal what is it?” He asked again holding her.

Just then Joe walked in holding his crutches. He was so shocked for a moment when he saw the woman not far from him.

“Racheal?” He called out loudly “Racheal?” he called again.

Racheal heard his voice and as she turned to face him she grew pale and weak. “No!” she shook her head and pointing at Joe “.. J..Jo.. Joe!” She screamed and fell unconsciously. Nosa who had been watching the episode held her before she got to the floor.

“Racheal!” Nosa shouted. “Honey wake up.. honey what is it?” He asked in shocked. He couldn’t understand the event happening at the moment.

Joe staggered and slowly sat on the floor with his eyes wide opened. He was deeply in shock seeing Rachael. He never anticipated this moment. She was older and still beautiful. He noticed the rings on their fingers and concluded. He didn’t understand what was going on and couldn’t figure out why Racheal her husband suddenly showed up in his house.

He threw the crutches away and the moment in seconds seems like hours, in a flash he was able to recall all that transpired between them.

Nathan and Nora walked in immediately. They both looked at Racheal laying on the floor with her head on the arms of Nosa who was trying to trying to revive her. They turned and looked at Joe whose face was fixed to the ground looking very pathetic.

“Dad! ” Nora shouted running to Nosa. “What happened to her?” she asked kneeling before her unconscious mother..

“She collapsed ” Nosa told her “What is happening here?” He asked.

Nora shook her head and started weeping. “Dad it’s a long story. Let’s put her on the couch”.

Nathan stood quietly by the entrance, his hands folded and couldn’t move an inch. He couldn’t decide what to do that moment if he was to go and help the woman who was supposed to be his mother or just remain transfixed and ignore the woman who ruined his life.

To be continued…


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