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[Story] The Mistress part 6

The Mistress 6

Written by
Ifeoma Isabella Okeke


“Well, hello Isobella we meet once again”. Isabella said hoping to start a conversation but was ignored by her.

Soon class started and the lecturer came and taught them. Whenever the lecturer asks questions in the class Isabella would answer it. At times when the teacher ask Isobella to answer his question, Isabella would quickly tell her the correct answer.

After class and the lecturer left, all students stood up to go to their second class, Isabella was about to go when Isobella went to meet her.

“Hi, sorry for being rude to you earlier today, you saved my neck twice and for that I owe you, thank you”. Isobella said.

“It’s nothing Isobella”.

“Well for me it is, I am not really good at that subject and would like if you will teach me”.

“Really? I will be honored to do that”. Isabella said in elated.

“Thank you Isabella…so friends?” Isobella asked holding out her hands for a handshake which Isabella eagerly did.

“Yes! Who wouldn’t be your friend” Isabella almost shouted and Isobella smiled at that.

“So we are cool… would you mind sitting down with me in the next three (3) hours for lunch? Don’t worry the bill is on me”. Isobella said smiling.

“I will really love too”. Isabella replied excited.

“Okay, see you then”. Isobella said and walked away leaving a happy Isabella behind.


Isabella thought as she made her way into her second class.

She will use this opportunity to get close to Rick and tell him how she feels about him.

When it was 3 hours later Isabella quickly asked for the direction of the school canteen.

The school canteen was filled with people and Isobella called out her name and wave at her to come which Isabella quickly did. The noisy canteen became quite as they saw Isobella holding the hands of Isabella and leading her towards her table where are friends is.

She sat down and gestured to Isabella to sit at the empty chair beside her.

“Everyone this is my new friend Isabella and Isabella this are my friends, Joe and his girlfriend Nikki, Hannah and her boyfriend Josh, Rick and I am his girlfriend or should I say his fiance; we planned on getting married after we graduate”, she smiled at Isabella and continued, she didn’t notice the look on Isabella face nor Fred’s. “And finally, Fred, his twin brother”. She said introducing all them.

“Hi”, they said in unison to Isabella.

“Hello everyone, Hannah, I love your hairstyle it’s beautiful and Nikki, your shoes are beautiful, sorry to ask, are the shoes not the Montes? They really make beautiful shoes and they’re quit expensive. I love the Montes shoes”. Isabella said trying to get everyone attention on her especially him.

Nikki smiled widely at her and answered her with pride, “Thank you Isabella, my dad owns the Montes and since you love the Montes shoes I shall get one for you, just pen down your size of leg”.

“Thank you Nikki”. Isabella thanked and started looking around the canteen.

“What are you looking for?” Isobella asked when she noticed.

“I am looking for someone”.

“Oh, your boyfriend?”

“No he is not my boyfriend, he is just my friend. I thought he would be here”. Isabella said getting up to her feet and touched the shoulder of Isobella, “I really have to look for him, I will join you next time”.

“No problem, don’t forget about what I asked you, we will start tomorrow, greet this guy for me”.

“Thank you”. Isabella said and left the canteen searching for Alex. She saw Alex in a class, alone and was eating slowly.

“Look at who I found. Alex what are you doing here alone and why is your face like that?”

“Nothing bella, I was thinking….so I heard that you’re now friends with Isobella”.

“Yes, she’s nice and kind, even her friends are kind. But you know I have been thinking of how to tell Rick my feelings, would he reject it or not”.

“Well, go and tell him, he should know that someone loves him”.

“You’re right but I don’t know if this is love or just infatuation”.

“Okay its up to you”. Alex said hiding his hurt.

Some hours later, after lectures, Alex drove her home.


Soon the friendship between Isabella and Isobella blossom and they became the talk of the school. When Isobella first introduced Isabella to her mom, Anna didn’t like her but when she find out she was grooming her daughter, she accepted their friendship.

Isobella started seeing Isabella as her younger sister and shared with her whatever things she brought, Anna and Jane never failed to get things for Isabella.

All these while her feelings for Rick was increasing. With the amount of time she has spent with Isobella she knows Rick and Isobella really love themselves. And whenever she and Rick sit to talk he usually brings Isobella up.

She made up her mind to let Rick know and bear the consequence.

Alex was hurt that Isabella didn’t feel the same way he does to her. Her mother, Juliet, already knows he had feelings for her. And now, he was going to lose her to Rick of all people. If he had knew, he would have told Isabella his feelings earlier on, he just hope and pray Rick did not accept her love.

Isabella saw Rick alone and decided to tell him. She went to meet him and after exchanging pleasantries she told him how she had come to love him.

“Isabella or whatever your name is, listen and listen good, I will never and I repeat, ever love someone of your status; you are not my class. The only reason why I was friendly to you was because my fiancee pleaded with me, if not I won’t be wasting my time and be kind to you. Now let me tell you, I don’t love you, the only person I love is Isobella. I wondered who told you I would ever love a girl from the slums. Wake up and face the reality and please don’t ever talk to me again”. Rick shouted drawing the attention of all the students to them, he walked away leaving Isabella in tears.

Feeling embarrassed she ran to hid to cry away her tears in private.

Alex was going to his class when he heard someone crying, feeling pity he went to look for who is crying and became surprise when he saw Isabella.

He quickly became concern and hurried to her side.

“Bella what’s wrong? Why are you crying? Who hurt you?”

“It’s Rick, I finally told him and he rejected me. He also insulted me”. Isabella said in tears.

“I am going to meet him now and fight him for insulting you”. Alex said wanting to go and fight Rick.

“Just forget it Alex, he spoke his mind. I am just hurt”.

“Should I sing for you? At least music use to ease your pain away if I remember correctly”. Isabella nodded her head.

Alex began singing “My everything” and once he finally finished, Isabella wasn’t crying any more, she was smiling and was even singing alongside with him.

“Are you happy now?” Alex asked anxiously.

“Yes I am, thank you Alex. I never knew you had a sweet voice”. Isabella said and hugged him, at least he was still her crush.

“Isabella can I tell you something?” Alex asked, he decided to tell Isabella his feelings.

“Sure Al”.

“I have always wanted to tell you since but couldn’t, so I want to say it now. Isabella I….Love you, not as a friend, but as a man who loves a woman. I had loved you from the first day I set my eyes on you”. Going on his knees, “Please please I beg you, Love me back”.

Isabella was stunned for some minutes before what Alex had just said registered in her mind. Her long time crush confessing his feelings for her. If she had knew Alex loved her she wouldn’t have been embarrassed by Rick, but deep down in her heart a part of her still loves Rick.

“Isabella are you okay?” Alex asked suddenly concerned.

“I have to clear my head, I just got embarrassed by Rick and now you’re telling me this… I have to clear my head first”. Isabella said and left him.

Unknown to them Rick was there, he had listened to all their conversation and when he heard Alex proclaiming his love for her, he suddenly grew angry at that.

Why was he pissed off when he heard Alex telling Isabella that he loves her? Why? He didn’t like Isabella so why was he angry.


Isabella ran into the school library and was relaxing her mind.

“So this is were you are hiding Isabella?” Isobella voice jolted her back to earth, she came with her friends. “Rick told me what you said to him. You love him but you have forgotten that he is my boyfriend, he is MINE Isabella and only Mine”. Isobella shouted almost drawing the attention of the people in the library.

“Look Isobella is not what you think”. Isabella said trying not to create a scene there.

“Shut up, so the reason why you became my friend was to take Rick away from me? Look at you, a poor church rat, I should have listened to my friends and mother you backstabber. What you fail to know is that Rick will love only me, we have know each other for years”. Isobella said and shouted once again. “Everyone listen to what I have to say. This ungrateful bitch here is a gold digger who want only your money, she will befriend you and stab you to the back like she did to me”. She moved her mouth closer to Isabella ears. “And you my friend will always remain a pauper because there is no Prince Charming coming for you”. With that she left together with her friends.

Isabella ran out of the library and when she saw Isobella and her friends again, they laughed at her, she quickly left the school ground. She texted Alex who drove immediately to where she was. Isabella entered his car and he drove her home.

Alex stopped his car a few inches away from her house. Isabella knowing what to do went over and sat on his laps, hugging him and crying out her eyes.

Whenever she was angry at herself for doing something foolish, this is what she usually do, Alex would cuddle her until she stops.

To Be Continued.


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