[Story] The Mistress part 7

The Mistress 7

Written by
Ifeoma Isabella Okeke


She remembered a time when Alex had fought for her sake when they were still a kid.

“Are you okay bella, its okay to cry; even the strong cry”. Alex told her.

“Thank you Alex. I am truly grateful, I have let all the tears out. I don’t know what I would have done without you, you are always there for me, Thank you”. Isabella said going back to the passenger sit once again.

“Its okay bella, I will always be here for you”. Alex said smiling at her.

“I will admit, I have a crush on you since I first saw you, and then Rick came and I thought I loved him and instead of keeping quite about what I told him, he went ahead and told Isobella. And now she sees me as a bad friend, truly, I am really a bad friend”. Isabella said.

“What you did is wrong, you hurt your best friend, but I am glad you told him, but he shouldn’t have told Isobella”. Alex said and started his car and drove them to Isabella house.

“Don’t cry, later you will go and ask for Isobella forgiveness. I love you okay?” Isabella nodded her head and started crying. She hugged Alex tightly and it felt so right.

“I don’t usually say this but I feel happy that I finally belong somewhere, with you Alex. I am glad you still accept me even with all my flaws, I love you too from my heart”. Isabella said and laugh, the sadness in her was gone. Alex heart leapt in joy when he heard those words. “I was blind but now I can see, I now realize that it was you I had love all along not Rick. Forgive my stupidity, I will apologize to my friend and hope she forgives me too, thank Alex, I love you and its for real”.

“Thank you Isabella for returning my love, I promise you won’t regret it”.

“I know Alex, see you tomorrow”. Isabella said and quickly peck him on his cheeks before stepping down.

Alex was beaming with smile when he shouted. “Take care bella”. He drove his Range Rover out of her premises feeling happy at last. The girl whom he had fallen for now loves him back.


School went normal after some days. Isabella had begged Isobella for forgiveness countless of time which she ignored, only Fred still remained her friend, the rest ignored het. Her love for Alex bloom and soon enough everyone knows they were dating. When Rick heard it he wasn’t that happy but pretended to be.

With time Alex and Isabella love grew into a strong bond.

For all the years they spent in the Uni, Isabella continued pleading for forgiveness


Isobella didn’t show up for a week and Isabella who vividly remember the way to her house went to check on her.

She knocked on the gate, the gate man who quickly recognise her opened the door for her. She walked straight to the door and knocked on it, a maid came and usher her in. She didn’t notice Anna standing at the staircase.

“Please I am looking for my friend, could you tell her that Isabella is here”. She told the maid politely.

“And who is your friend? The one you betrayed or the one you want to snatch her fiance?” Anna asked as she cat walked towards her.

“Good day ma’am. I came to see your daughter, she wasn’t in school for two days, is she around?”.

“Of course she is around, she is not seeing you, I am the one seeing you. Let me make myself clear, I don’t want to ever see you around my daughter or here again. If you dare disobey I will personally ask the school to take down their scholarship and have you and your wretched family throw out in the street, am I understood?”

“Yes ma’am”. Isabella replied quietly.

“Good, now get out of my house”. Anna ordered, Isabella made to go but stopped.

“Ma’am have you ever ask yourself if your daughter is happy? Of course I made a mistake which I have been trying to amend. Everyone makes mistakes in life ma’am or haven’t you also make your own mistake?”

“How dare you ask me that stupid question”. Anna said furious and slapped Isabella hard on her cheek. “Who gave you the audacity to talk to me in such manner. Get out of my house or I will be forced to throw you out”.

Isabella quietly left.


“I went over to Isobella house some few days ago and her mother walked me out, I am tried of begging her”. Isabella told her mother and Alex who was helping out in slicing the vegetables with them.

“I feel your pains, maybe she is still angry at you”. Juliet said.

“For how many years mum?”

“I understand, let’s forget about her and focus on you graduating soon”. Juliet told her smiling.

Alex has finished slicing his own vegetables and checked his watch. “I have to be going now, I will see you soon Isabella”. Alex announced and got up.

“So soon?” Isabella asked.

“Well my mum asked me to escort her to a company today”. Alex replied.

“Okay, see you soon, I love you”.

“I love you too”. Alex said and kissed Isabella on her lips.

“Isabella slice all the vegetables let me escort Alex for you”. Juliet said and stood up.

They went outside to Alex Suv jeep. “How is your health Alex?”

“My health is great aunty, thank you”.

“I know you’re going to see the doctor, don’t worry your secret is safe with me”. Juliet told him with smile.

“Thank you aunty, I know I can trust you. Thanks for keeping my illness away from Isabella, you know I won’t hurt her”.

“I know Alex, my Isabella is in a safe hand”.

Alex hugged her and entered his jeep, he drove off.


The next day at school Isabella was reading her book that afternoon when Isobella walk to her angrily.

“Let this be a warning to you Isabella, next time you come to my house I will break those two legs of yours”. Isobella shouted.

“There is no need to shout, my ears are right here, so please lower your voice”.

“Shut up. I don’t blame you at all, it is your stupid mother who had brought you to this world that I blame”.

“Hey, leave my mother out of this, this is between us”.

“Your poor wretched mother who is a begger…” Isobella didn’t get to finish her statement when Isabella landed her a hot slap.

“Don’t you ever call my mother that, we are poor thank you, but don’t use it to insult my mother again”. Isabella warned. Isobella tried to slap her back which Isabella prevented, the two girls started fighting. Students came and tried to separate the fight which they couldn’t. Alex came and saw what was happening, he tried to separate them but couldn’t, he quickly called Juliet and told her what was happening. Rick quickly call Anna.

Juliet was the first to get to the school, Alex took her to where the fight was. Juliet finally separate them. Isobella stormed out in anger.

“Why are you fighting each other, Isabella I thought I told you never to fight, where are your manners?” Juliet shouted at her daughter.

“I am sorry mother, she insulted me first”.

“That is no excuse, we are going home right now”.

“Okay, let me get my books”. Isabella said quietly.

“I will follow you to get it”. Juliet said and followed her daughter to her class where she kept her bag, Alex has quickly gone to wait for them in his jeep. On their way out they met Isobella and Anna.

“So you, this poor smelling girl have the guts to touch my daughter!”. Anna shouted her focus was on Isabella.

“Look here Mrs, don’t you dare insult my daughter again”. Juliet said to Anna defending her daughter.

Just then Anna turned to look at who just spoke and was shocked at who she was seeing, she said her name. “Juliet?” At the same time Juliet said her name in surprise, “Anianna?”

Anna stare at Juliet who was her aunty daughter, the one she had hit with a heavy stone in the head and ran away from home that night in fear when she met John Harryson.

Juliet didn’t die as she had thought.

To Be Continued.


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