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[Story] The Mistress part 8

The Mistress 8

Written by
Ifeoma Isabella Okeke


Anna came out of her shock first. “So it is your stupid daughter who want to ruin my daughter clothes?. Do you know how much that cloth cost? The cost of this clothes will feed you and your stupid family for a month. Warn your daughter or you will see my wrath?” With that Anna hissed and walked out of them with Isobella hot on her heels.

Juliet left with her daughter afterwards to where Alex was.

Alex drove Isabella and Juliet home, he said his goodbye and left the premises.

Isabella had noticed the sad look on Juliet face since her meeting with Anna, she decided not to ask or push it. Once again, she pleaded with her mother to forgive her which Juliet did but not without warning her to avoid fighting. Greeting her grandmother, Isabella quickly went to the kitchen to prepare something for them to eat.

Juliet told her mother, Faith, all that happened and who she saw.

“I was surprised when I saw her, I can’t forget that face. We both thought that she was dead when we couldn’t find her again. She is also the mother of Isobella, the girl your granddaughter always spoke off, this world is really strange”. Juliet said.

“Are you sure of what you’re saying? Anianna is still alive?”

“Yes mother, she is now rich mother, and she did not acknowledge me as her sister”.

Isabella stood by the kitchen door eavesdropping at their conversation. She went to check her food.

‘So I and Isobella are cousin’s, but how? Mother never mention she has a sister. So all these while I have been going to the same Uni with my cousin and we even fought today, the world we live in is really a strange place’. Isabella thought as she began dishing out their food in separate plates.


The next day at Isabella wasn’t that strong to go for lectures and texted Alex to tell him.

She was staying home today. Isabella started reading her books and was preparing for her final year exams which would commerce soon.

Juliet went out to see if she could sell some of the new shoes and sandals she had brought in Balogun market.

“Don’t forget to buy me apples when you are coming home mum”. Isabella told Juliet who smiled and nodded her head.

“I will, just pray for me to sell some of it and I will buy you the apples you requested for”. With that Juliet left the house.

Soon rain began to fall and evening was settling in. Isabella quickly prepared dinner which she ate with her grandmother as they await the return of Juliet.

It was getting late and Juliet hasn’t come home yet, the rain has increased in size. Isabella sat outside their corridor waiting for her mother to come back, she was getting worried by the minutes. Her worry increased when by 10pm Juliet hasn’t come and it was still raining heavily.

“Why is mother so late today? Why hasn’t she come back? Please Lord let my mother be safe”. Isabella prayed.

Soon she heard their house phone ringing in the sitting room but didn’t bother to go inside, her grandmother was sitting very close to it in hopes that her daughter would call and give an explanation for her lateness.

She didn’t hear anything until she heard her grandmother scream in shock.

Isabella rushed inside only for her to see her grandmother holding the chair for support, the phone shaking in her hand, she quickly collected the phone from her.

“Hello this is Isabella please who am I speaking with?”

“Am I speaking to the family of the Dalvalle?” The caller, a male, asked.

“Yes you’re speaking to the daughter, is there any problem?”. Isabella responded quickly.

“Yes. A lady was hit by a fast moving car who drove away quickly, my guess a trailer. When we went to see if we can identify her, we saw her Id card which says ‘Juliet Dalvalle’. We also saw her phone and went through it and discovered this house phone number. We’re in the hospital”.

“Which of the hospital?”

The man called the name of the hospital, surprisingly enough the hospital was opposite the house of her friend, Isobella.

Isabella and her grandmother got there and requested to see the doctor quickly.

The doctor usher them into his office and when they pleaded with the doctor to commerce treatment he refused.

“We can’t operate her without any deposit. She needs urgent surgery which will cost you one million naira, you can pay half of the money for us to commerce the treatment”. The doctor told them and left to attend to some of his patients.

Faith stayed in the hospital while Isabella ran out of the hospital towards Isobella house, she hoped and pray they help her. In her haste to go to Isobella house, her mind wasn’t on Alex.

She knocks on the gate and the gate man opened it once he saw Isabella.

She informed the gate man to call her friend which he did immediately. The cold ate into her flesh, causing her teeth to make a continuous rattling sound as she sat at the floor of the corridor.

“What do you want Isabella, another fight?” Isobella demanded when she saw her.

“I did not come for that, I came here for you to help me. I really need your help”.

“Help? Help you with what?” Anna question as she stood next to her daughter.

“Good evening ma. Please can you lend me Five Hundred Thousand Naira 500,000, my mum was involve in an accident this evening which need urgent treatment. And the doctor, the hospital in front of your house, said I have to bring half of the money before they will start their treatment. I will pay back please”. Isabella pleaded in tears.

“Awww, I am sorry but I don’t have any money here. And even if I do have, I won’t give you the money. Do you want to know why? Your mother disgusts me, in fact all your family members disgusts me. There is no money, LEAVE MY HOUSE”. Anna said without any pity as she pushed Isabella out of her corridor back into the rain.

“Please ma don’t do this, Isobella help me and beg your mum. I don’t want my mother to die, for old time sake please”.

“Don’t you get it Isabella, we don’t have the money to give you. If I were you, I would start looking for a way to save your wretched mother’s life”. Isobella replied coldly.

“Leave my house now before I release my dogs on you. Tell your mother that she will always remain in poverty”. With that Anna left with her daughter back into the house.

Jane wasn’t around, she was out of the country for a business trip.

Isabella left the house in tears walking dejected towards the hospital. She began hating Anna and her daughter.

Who will help me now?

Her eyes widened and she quickly brought out her phone and dialed Alex number. Why didn’t she think of him before?

Alex picked it at the second ring. “Hello bella how are you?” Alex voice was weak when he asked, Isabella started sobbing, feeling concern, “Are you Okay? Why are you crying?”.

“Alex it’s my mum, she got hit by a car this evening and some good Samaritans brought her to the hospital. The doctor couldn’t commerce treatment unless I pay half of a million. We don’t have that kind of money right now, please Alex can you help me. I don’t know where to go again, please”.

“Is that why you’re crying, send me the address of the hospital and tell the doctor to send me his account details right now, I will transfer the money into his account immediately”.

The doctor commerce treatment immediately after Faith had signed up the document for the surgery. Juliet was quickly moved into the theater. Alex came at that moment, he greeted Faith and kissed Isabella on her cheek as they wait.

Soon the doctor came out of the theater approaching them as they stood up.

“I am sorry, we did all we could…but we lost her. I am sorry once again”. The doctor said and left for his office.

Faith cried.

Isabella cried.

Alex cried.

Isabella hatred for Anna and her daughter grow the more.

To Be Continued.

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