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[Story] The Mistress part 9

The Mistress 7

Written by
Ifeoma Isabella Okeke


“If only they had helped me in time my mother wouldn’t have die, I hate them Alex. I hate myself too, if I had remember you instead of running to meet them, my mother would still be alive”. Isabella said crying.

“Shuu bella, please don’t talk like that, no one is to be blame, it was her time”. Alex said consoling his girlfriend.

He drove them home and went to place Juliet’s body in the mortuary. A week later, Juliet was laid to rest.


The news spread like wild fire in the school that Isabella mother is dead.

People came to to sympathize with Isabella. Some students also came to her house to pay their condolence. Isobella didn’t come as everyone had expected.

The person who Isabella wasn’t expecting to see was Rick and Fred.

“We came here to tell you sorry, for your loss. I know it is hard, but take heart dear Isabella”. Rick said, sitting next to Isabella as he hug her to himself.

Isabella started crying afresh, “Why me of all people. Why do God allow such thing to happen to me? What have I done to deserve such harsh treatment, have I not suffered enough”. Isabella said, crying as Rick tried to comfort her with his hug.

Fred also said some words of encouragement. After spending some time with her, they stood up to leave.

“Don’t cry again, please. Exams is round the corner, so please try and come to school if possible”. Rick said finally and left.

Isabella held the hand of Fred, stopping him from moving.

“Have you told Isobella about your feelings you have for her?” Isabella asked lowly, everyone in the school has seen the love in Fred’s eyes, but Isobella was blind to see it.

“Not yet, I am afraid she won’t ever look at my direction if I told her how I feel about her. I am okay hiding my feelings away from her”. Fred replied sadly.

“Just have a little faith Fred, who knows if one day she will grow to love you”.

“I hope so too”. With that Fred left to meet his brother who was patiently waiting for him.


Two weeks later, Isabella resumed school together with Alex. When they passed Isobella and her group of friends, she didn’t greet her like she use too.

When she has finish all her class and wanted to go, she couldn’t find Alex. She tried dialing his number which was switched off. She was feeling dizzy and couldn’t wait for Alex to come. She started the long trek from her school to her home, the dizziness kept increasing and she didn’t know when she fainted along the road.

Jane was coming back from one of business associates when she saw Isabella lying down on the floor.

She told the driver to stop, order him to carry the girl, and they drove straight to their family hospital.

Quickly they started treating her, the middle age doctor came to meet Jane. “Well Jane, the girl you brought in will need a blood transfusion immediately, she lost a lot of blood, and unfortunately, we don’t have any blood that matches hers. The only way is to find someone who can donate their blood to her, probably one of her family members”. The doctor informed Jane.

“Okay, but let’s check if my blood matches hers first”. Some test was carried out and Jane blood didn’t match with Isabella. She called Anna to come quickly to the hospital.

She quickly went through Isabella’s phone and checked it. She saw ‘grandmother’ and dialed it.

At the fourth ring, Faith picked it expecting to hear her granddaughter voice, only for her to hear a stranger voice telling her where her Isabella is. Faith quickly dressed and went straight to the hospital. When she got there and explained to the nurses who she was. They quickly usher her to where Jane and the doctor were. When the nurses announced the presence of Isabella grandmother, Jane turned to greet her but got the shock of her life.

Standing before her was her long lost sister.

Faith was dumbfounded when she saw Jane, the two sisters quickly embraced themselves, crying, not minding their audience.

Faith quickly told Jane how her daughter had died. They ran series of test on Faith, her blood didn’t match with that of Isabella. Jane asked the doctor to call some hospitals to see if they have any matching blood.

Faith and Jane sat down to discuss.

“So faith, how have you been doing?” Jane asked her sister.

“I am fine Jane, thank you for bringing my granddaughter here, I really appreciate that”. Faith told her happily.

“Why won’t I? She is now my granddaughter. When I came back into the states, I tried to locate you in your old house but couldn’t, you had sold it to someone else”.

“Yeah, after the death of my husband, things became very difficult for us, I have to sell the house and cars, we use the money to start up a business. My daughter husband, used the money carelessly before he died of stroke, rendering us poor”.

“So sorry for that Faith, speaking of your late daughter, where is my child I gave to you some years ago to help me and look after?” Jane asked, she was anxiously waiting to see her daughter.

Thank God she didn’t end her life that night 20 years ago, if not, she wouldn’t be here talking to her sister. Seeing her sister gave her the hope that her daughter is alive.

Before Faith would reply, Anna voice came in, Isobella was behind her.

“Mom, why did you ask me to come to the hospital, are you ill?” Anna asked and turned to face the other woman only to freeze when she saw her.

“Jane”. Faith began slowly as her sister focused on her once again.

“Yes Faith, you haven’t answer my question, where is my child or did something happened to her?”

“This is your child”. Faith replied pointing at someone, Jane turned to look at who she was pointing, only to realize who Faith was actually pointing. “Anianna is the child you gave me 45 years ago before you left Nigeria and Anianna, Jane here, is your mother”. Faith revealed the truth.

Jane stood up from where she sat. This young woman who had saved her life some years ago was actually her daughter she has been searching for. No wonder she felt connected with the lady immediately she laid her eyes on her. Jane burst into tears as she hugged her now found daughter, Anianna.

The doctor choose that moment to come and ask Jane if her daughter and granddaughter are here to donate their blood.

“Who is sick mum?” Anna asked confused.

“It is Isabella, she needs a person who will donate blood to her. My sister and I have tried but ours didn’t match, so I called you, maybe, you will donate for her”. Jane explained.

“I don’t care what happens to her, as far as I am concern, my blood won’t enter that dirty body of hers”. Anne said coldly.

Isobella was hoping they shouldn’t see any one who will donate their blood, she wishes Isabella quick death. She and Rick has started fallen apart all because of Isabella, after she had fought Isabella, Rick had later came to tell her his new growing feelings for best enemy. Although they were still dating, but it wasn’t like before.

“Anna I know you don’t love that child but then again, Isabella hasn’t wrong you. I made you who you’re today Anna, remember your little beginning, why can’t you do the same for the child? It is just to know if your blood matches with her, please I beg you my child”. Jane said.

“But I am not her mother, neither am I related to her”. Anna protested.

“I know, but please do it for me, for my sake”.

“Okay mum, but I doubt if my blood matches with that stupid girl”. Anna said and left with the doctor, Jane sat down and gestured to Isobella to come and sit right next to her. Isobella smiled at that.

30 minutes, Anna walked in looking worried. “Mom I don’t understand, how come my blood matches with Isabella when I am neither her mother nor am I related to them, the doctor said the only answer to that is if maybe I am related to Isabella, and the only way is to check if she is my daughter, that’s were I am confused”. Anna said confusingly. “Anyway I have told him to carry out a DNA test to confirm his suspicious”. She added.

To Be Continued.

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