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{ His Human Mate }

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.

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He has been searching everywhere for her. Stopping at a coffee shop, he decided to ask. Somehow, somewhere, someone must know about her.

” Excuse me, ” said a waitress who was passing by. ” Are you looking for someone? ” She asked.

” Yes, please. ”

” What is that? ”

” Her name is Diana Craig, she’s average in height, has a blonde hair and… I’m really not good at describing people. ” He explained.

” I’m sorry, there’s no one with such descriptions around. ”

” Oh, thank you. ”

” Linda, what are you standing there for? ” Asked another waitress,

” I… he’s looking for someone. ” She said.

” Who’s that? ” Linda pointed at the young gentleman.

” He said her name is Diana Craig. Have you heard of her? ”

” Who doesn’t know Diana Craig, she’s New York’s newest model. ” He sighed reliefly. ” Is there a problem? ”

” Not at all. ” He waved a convincing smile at her. ” I’m a friend of hers and we lost contact since she came to the state. So, it’s really difficult for me to get her actual location. ”

” Well, you asked the right girl for her. Although, I have no idea of where she lives, but I can give you the address of where she works. ”

” That will be helpful. ”

She wrote the address of Sparrow Enterprise, stretching out the paper to him. ” That’s the address. ”

” Thank you, I really appreciate your help. ” He thanked.

” Anytime. ”

He left the coffee shop to where he parked his car, Linda’s eyes kept following him. ” What are you still looking at? ” Following the direction of her gaze she shook her head in amusement. ” Oh, please don’t tell me it’s what I am thinking. ”

” Isn’t he cute? ” She blushed.

” You know, it’s not too late to ask him for his number. ” She suggested.

Shocked at what she has said, she asked. ” And why would I do that? ”

Shrugging, she replied. ” I don’t know. ”


Diana ✓

” Hi, Jake. ” I said.

” Hi, Ana. It’s been so long we called each other. ” He said from the other side of the call.

” Yeah, you’re right. I’ve been a lot busy with my modelling stuffs. I promise to make it up to you someday. ”

” It’s okay, I understand. So, how are you doing? ”

” I’m doing good, 2hat about to about you? ”

” Great too. I’ve been watching the media, you really were great out there. ”

” Thank you, I really appreciate the compliment. ”

” Would you mind… if we hang out together like old times? ”

” Like old times. Yeah, that will be great. I can come over to you house. ”

” No, I mean, I will come over to pick you up. What do you think? ”

” That’s much better. ” I agreed. ” I’ll go get ready. ”

” Okay. ” We hung the call and I quickly dashed into my room, and straight to the bathroom.

Saturdays has always been our hangout days. But for some couple months, we barely called not texted.

It’s no one’s fault tho…

Few minutes later, I heard the sound of his car stopping at the gate side. Max and Ruby as usual were playing video games, Queeneth was with her toys and aunty Tracy was in her room.

So, I’m free to go.

He was leaning on the passenger door, with the same smile he always give to me each time he sees me. We’ve been real close friends since college, even though I turned him down when he first asked for a relationship which I declined.

I would say, that was what made us more closer than we were. Even till now, I can still see the love for me in his eyes.

Now I’m not talking about the casual friendship love, I mean the other way round.

He’s scared I’d turn his request down for the second time, but the truth is… It’s really complicated.

” Just tell me I look great and stop the long staring. ” I playfully said.

” Why? ” He said with a chuckle.

” It’s getting me uncomfortable. ” I said, letting him know that his gaze was actually killing me.

” Honestly, I’ll admit, you look just more than great. ”

” That’s… touching. ” He opened the door for me to enter. ” Thanks. ”

We drove to one of restaurants in town. It wasn’t that popular but… It’s much accomodating. I could still feel the gaze of everyone on me and the murmuring whispers which almost sounded like an ordinary conversation.

” I… I’m sorry, I didn’t know it will be like this. ”

” Oh, it’s nothing. After all, those murmurs ain’t hateful words. And besides, I’m here for you and not them. ” A convincing smile played on my lips. ” So… ”

” So..? ”

” So,… I don’t know what to say. You should start first. ”

” I’m so glad you agreed to hangout with me. ”

” Jake, come on. You don’t have to be thankful or glad, we always do this all the time remember? ”

” I know but… I feel this is the best. ”

” That’s because you miss me? ” I teased.

” I guess so. ”

A waitress came to give us a menu dish, we ordered for a different meal. Although this was a hangout, but I don’t think I was so hungry to eat anything so, I ordered for something less.

” How is Queeneth, it’s been long I saw her. ” He asked as we waited for our meal.

” Well, she’s fine. Really fine. ”

” Guess she won’t miss me as much as I do. ”

I didn’t know when I bursted out laughing. Realizing myself, I covered my mouth with my hand. ” Sorry. Well, I’m not too sure if she misses you or not. Maybe, you should just come over and check on her. ”

Our foods were served. The first five minutes we ate in silence. A girl walked up to me with a camera in her hand.

” Hi Diana, ”

” Hi, ” I replied.

” Would you mind if I take a picture with you? ” She asked.

I looked at Jake, then at her permitting a go ahead. We took two photos together, ” thank you. ” She left looking excited.

Two other girls of my age, I guess also came requesting to take a photo with me, which we had three photos.

Another, this time it was a guy. And many more, but thankfully not too much to interfere with my moment with Jake.

After we had eaten our meals, with a little conversation, jake decided we go out to a quiet place.

Too quiet?
I guess so.

We had a little picnic together. Jake has never cease to surprising my day and I just don’t know how to thank him enough.

From the sudden expression on his face, I can tell he’s got something important to tell me.

I was so curious to know but… I don’t wanna ask.

” D… ”

” I… ” I cut him short.. ” You first. ”

” No, you first. ”

” It’s nothing serious so, you go first. ”

He sighed, ” I… Diana, I just wanna let you know that I didn’t call us to hangout together because this is gonna be my last time. I wanna let you know how much I care about you and how happy I am to have you as a friend. ” He sighed again, as if he was scared to say it out.

I held his hands, ” It’s okay, I’m listening. ”

” Diana… I’ll be leaving to Asia next week. ” The news sounded like a blast to my ears.

I loosened my grip on his hands, sighing frustratedly. ” What happened? ”

” My dad will be leaving for a business trip to Tokyo and he wants me to go with him. ”

” T.. that’s a good news, Jake, I’m happy for you. Besides, you’ll find new friends, hang out for clubs and learn new lifestyle. ” I listened to how excited I was sounding, which actually wasn’t coming from my heart.

” I’m gonna miss you Jake, I really am. ” I could feel the hot tears roll down my cheeks as I pull myself into his embrace.

The evening cloud surface, we rode back to my house. The ride was a quiet one tho, I was wishing it would be an everlasting ride.

Guess we’ve got today to be with each other, the rest of the week will be a busy day for me.

” Are you gonna come back? ” I asked, my head still leaning on the door.

” I don’t know. ”

What do you expect, Diana?
It’s a business trip for damn sake, and not a mere visiting.

I rose my head to look at him. ” Don’t forget to give me a call when you get to the airport. ”

” I was thinking on coming over to Sparrow’s to see you, what do you think? ”

” That will be fine with me. ”

For a moment, there was a brief silence. ” Can I… ? ”

I couldn’t comprehend where he was actually heading to. So, I asked. ” Can you… ? ”

” Can I … kiss you? ”

I breathed heavily, nodding my head.

I felt his lips touch mine, tasting the desperateness of his hunger for me. I couldn’t feel much of it’s sweetness as the pains of losing him filled my heart.

I was having my last moment with him. His hands got hold of the back of my neck, pulling my lips deeper.

The pains, the hurt displayed as more tears kept rolling out.


Writer ✓

” Derek, I have found the girl. ” Michael said, as he kept watching them from his car.

” Good, ” he said with a smile accompanied. ” I’ll be coming to the state by tomorrow, don’t stop keeping an eye on her. ”

” Understood. But… ” He paused, contemplating if he should tell him that she was having a little moment with her… Boyfriend.

His patient has died off, curiosity growing in him as he could wait no longer. ” But what? ” He asked.

Even by the deep tune of his voice, it can tell how easily temperamental he is. And he can’t risk the innocent boy’s life to his wrath.

” Nothing, ” he finally said. ” I’ll keep an eye on the girl till you come. ”


Jake could have enter hot cake… 😂😂😂

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