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{ His Human Mate }

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.

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He sniffed in hard, loving the sweet air of New York City. ” Indeed, the city is as they say? ”

” What’s your next plan? ” But Derek paid no attention to his question. ” Don’t you wanna see the girl? ” He asked.

He moved his head to his direction, ” Of course I do want to see her as much as I want to take her home. She has become so popular, don’t you think we should let her enjoy a bit of her famousity? ” He chuckled, walking into the big white mansion.


Diana ✓

The last few days went so well, and Jake has got only today to stay in New York.

I was in my newly furnished apartment Mrs White offered me, typing on my computer when I felt this itchy stings on my wrist at the same spot of the mark.

At first, it wasn’t that much painful and it seems not to bother me. But it was becoming more than just an itch, now almost like a burning pain.

” What the.. ” staring at my already reddened wrist, ” fuck! ” Holding my hand tight, I screamed in pains but not too loud to cause a scene.

I wouldn’t want anyone to know about the mark but God, this fucking hurts like hell!!

Thankfully the pains subsided after what took like thirty minutes of burning suffering and the weather seems to understand my painful situation.

Evening came faster, overshadowing the day.

I parked my stuffs hurriedly, heading back home without a double thought.

On reaching home, the pains started again, more hotter than before. My wrist was turning into a darker red colour almost looking like I was bitten by a vampire.

And the worst part of it all is, the pains was burning inside like there was a war between the antibodies around my wrist.

I dropped my bag on the chair, not minding if it has fallen on the ground. Rushing to the kitchen, I couldn’t stand the pain anymore.

I placed my hand under the tap, letting the free flowing water run on my skin. Hoping it would be a relief to me, instead it burnt as if I was pouring hot water on it.

” Urghh..! ” I screamed painfully, leaving the running water on. I didn’t mind.

I went to the cupboard, searching for a knife. Grabbing one, I took it to the dinning room.

Placing my hand on the table, I rose the other hand which held the knife high, about landing it on my hand when Max shouted my name.

” Diana! What are you doing? ”

” What does it look like I’m doing? ” I snapped.

” You’re gonna hurt yourself doing that. Put the knife down okay? ” He tried calming me down but I wasn’t in the mood to listen to anything other than an encouragement to go ahead.

“ What if…? ” says the voice in my head. “ What if this a reaction of the bite that I am going to shift? Will I have to be listening to those words of his?

Again I rose the knife high, halfway to my wrist aunty Tracy showed up.

” Oh my, Diana! What has gone over you this evening?! ” I hissed angrily, dropping the knife and running to my room.

I slammed the door hard, rushing into the bathroom. I broke the small mirror into pieces, taking a piece of it, I sliced my skin with it.

It hurts but, not as hurtful as as the mark.

I was interrupted by the sound of my door opening and closing. I grunted angrily, I had forgotten to lock the door.

Why on earth will people be so intruding to my business?
Why can’t they just let me be with my decision?

” Diana? ” Uncle Kelvin called, ” Diana? ”

Trying to prevent myself from groaning out loud, I ended up groaning louder and I know the next place in his mind is my bathroom.

I rushed to lock the door but he was fast enough to prevent me. I leaned on the door with my unaffected hand waging in support.

” Diana open the door. Let me help you. ”

” No! ” I cried, ” You can’t help me, no one can. ”

” I can only help you if you let me. Just tell me what it is and give me a chance to work on it. ” His voice sounding worried and concerned.

A part of me wants to open but the other still insist so, I pressed the door more harder.

” You can’t uncle, Just go. ”

” I’m not going anywhere. ”

” What do you care about the mark, it’s not on you so it should be none of your business! ”

” It is, Diana. ”

” Stop trying to play concern here,… ” I choked in tears as I fell to the ground, my back still leaning on the door. ” I’m a monster. ”

He sat on the floor too, I could feel his weight pressed against the door. ” You’re not a monster, Diana because you were never born as one. ”

” I’m gonna turn as them, right? ” I asked, feeling the terror in me. ” I’m gonna become a wolf, right? ”

” No, you’re not. Never will you become like them. ”

” We both know that’s the truth, it’s pointless hiding the fact. ” I sighed heavily, ” Guess I have to return back home. I don’t deserve to be here. ”

” Look Diana, it’s okay to be scared but I promise you, I won’t let anything happen to you. ”

” It’s already happening, uncle. Why does it have to be now? How can I face the people out there, what do you think they will see me as? A monster. ”

” Don’t say that, Diana. Like I said, you’re no monster at all. ”


Writer ✓

He could feel the pain… Her pains.

But why…?

Why would she so desperately want to hurt herself?

Why does she want to reject what she is??

He didn’t bite her to become a wolf, why then does she feel this hell pains?

But that doesn’t seem to be the real question. The real question is… What does his bite signify???

To Be Continued…

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