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{ His Human Mate }

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.

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Just as I was worried about what Queeneth had just said concerning her mother making me the talk of the day with her friends, I was double excited too.

First, being New York’s talk of the town and now, Queeneth and I are back together.

I drove to the company, dropping my car at the parking lot. As I stepped into the building, they all started clapping.

I was surprised, I mean, how far has my name gotten to?

After a brief moment of congratulations, everyone went back to business. Mrs White wasn’t in the company yet. For a couple days now, she has been a lot busy with increasing the awareness of her company.

And now, yesterday’s advert has done something miraculously great, she’ll be ten times busier than before.

I with my fellow models sat in the dressing room, discussing about how the next show will be. After what took like two hours, Mrs White’s arrival was announced.

Later, someone came to inform us that Mrs White wants a brief meeting with everyone. So, we all went to the meeting hall.

” Thanks to each one of you, ” she started. ” with your great help and support, Sparrow’s Boutique Enterprise has been recognized as New York’s top fifth enterprise in the world. ”

We all started clapping, when she continued, there was a sudden calmness. ” It has always been my dream to get to this level, my hopes and wishes to be recognized all over the world, which I strongly believe has finally come to pass. ” She sighed happily.

” Also, my special thanks goes to Miss Diana Craig, please come forward. ” Another applause filled the hall as I stood up, walking to where she stood. ” We all know what happened yesterday, and I will keep saying this, yesterday was indeed a memorable day in my life. With Miss Craig, we are what we are now, we have become one of the state’s most recognized! ”

” And… ” She paused, like saying the next thing would sound like a blast, which actually did when she said, ” Miss Craig here, has become New York’s top fourth model. ”

My happiness had no bound, and I almost choked feeling excited. Tears clouded my eyes, Mrs White pulled me into a hug. ” That’s tears of joy, sweetheart. You’ve made me proud than I ought to be, you deserve it. ”

Last night incident flashed back to my memory, the part when Queeneth had to call my family pathetic. Also when she referred me as a nobody who was picked out from a wretched family.

Now look what I am today, I’m in a position not even her father is able to reach. Sometimes, our background doesn’t count what we are, it’s how hard we work for what we want that tells.

If Dad and Mom were here, it would have been better. We won’t have to live a wretched life anymore. You just don’t know how it feels like being mentioned in one of the biggest States in America.

It’s a dream come true….

She broke the hug, drying the tears with her left thumb. ” Go on, say something to them. ” She said, referring to the workers.

” I’m greatly honored for everything, first working in the company and second,… ” I sighed deeply, ” and second, hearing this news it’s something that I can’t believe. I mean, I never thought I would be what I am now. My whole life since I was life, I thought I would be the same girl I was twelve years ago. ”

Being that stubborn girl with her little puppy out in the woods at the middle of the night. The same girl who hated her mother for being such a protector to her.

But now, it’s all the opposite…

” Thank you, Mrs White for choosing me for the advert, I wouldn’t have been what I am today if not of you. And to my fellow models, Sparrow’s staff’s, I say thank you all for everything. ”

” Sparrow still can’t thank you enough, Miss Craig, I with my fellow managements decided to offer you this for the company. ”

Two men went to a corner which I’m pretty sure no one seemed to have noticed that. It was covered with a big white cloth making it impossible for any of us to know what it really was.

They pulled the cloth down, exposing what was behind the cloth. It was a big banner with the picture I had taken yesterday on it and a bold written inscription on it.

“ SPARROW’S NUMBER ONE MODEL. ” And a small written inscription below it. “ New York’s Top Fourth Model. ”

I felt the world embracing me, everyone wishing to kiss my feet. I could feel heaven’s hands on me, It’s blessings falling upon me.

What a great relief it is…



The loud noise of the reporters outside the building made me want to disappear into the thin air. All thanks to the securities who didn’t let them rush in.

I wasn’t ready for answering their questions, and I’ve got nothing to say to them either. If it would be possible for Mrs White to call the cops to drive them away, I’ll be thankful for that.

Did I just become a celebrity overnight?
It’s still unbelievable that one single thing has to be the reason for my popularity.

God knows how desperate I have wanted such a day like this to come. And here it is, standing at my door step.

Uncle Kelvin and the others were all sitting in the sitting room when I returned. The sudden smile on their faces got me wondering.

First it was the kids who came to hug me, them aunty Tracy who gave me a kiss on my both cheeks. Uncle Kelvin didn’t want to be so childish like them, I guess…

What am I gonna call his?
A surprise?

If happiness could be measured, mine has no degree.

Aunty Tracy made special meal for us, which turns out to be my favorite. We ate and drank to our satisfaction.

I wasn’t the food type, but this time, I ate more than my body could accommodate. Uncle Kelvin turned in the television, and what kept displaying on the screen was my photos.

I never knew I was this beautiful…

My phone kept buzzing as different notification kept dropping seconds after seconds. My followers both on instagram and twitter was increasing rapidly and the joy of famousity grew in me.

” How does it feel like being famous? ” Max asked.

” I don’t know. It feels like having the world in your hands, gaining everyone’s trusts and love. ”

Queeneth stood up, walking to her room. I followed her to her room, she was already laying down when I got there.

She was facing the window staring out of it. I went to sit beside her, moving my fingers on her hair. ” I remember when I was your age, I would lock myself in my room and no matter how many times my mother has to scream my name, I won’t open the door for her. I had no one to call a brother, I had no one to call a sister, I was just on my own. Sometimes I wondered what life was like outside mine, how fun it would be to have someone beside, someone different from my parents. But you know what, I still didn’t get to know what it was like. ”

” Sometimes, I wished I was a dead corpse, thrown away and forgotten that I ever existed. But I was wrong, I was never made to be a forgotten person. I was made to be what I am now. ”

She laid straight, her body facing upwards that she was looking at me. ” I was wrong about you. From the start I never knew you’d be the opposite of what I thought about you. You just proved me wrong. Sometimes, I wondered why I had such stupid thoughts about you, why I always wished for something bad for you. I mean, I’m ten right, I shouldn’t have such matured thinking. ”

” It’s not your fault that you have to think like that, you had those thoughts because your mother made you to. Queen, I’ve known you for good ten years, and till now I wonder why it has to be you. ”

” You deserve to be happy, Diana, you really need to. ”

” Nothing makes me happy than having you guys around. And you wanna know what makes me happy the most? ”

She nodded,

Pointing at her small nose, I said. ” Having you back. ” She giggled.

” Really? ”

” Sure. You want a prove? ”

She nodded, still with the smile. ” Yes. ”

” Okay, here is the proof. ” I started tickling her all over her body, her giggles turned into laughter.

” Stop! Stop! Sto…p!! ” She folded her hands around my neck, and we tumbled on her bed breathing heavily with our face staring at the ceiling.

” How do you feel now? ” I looked at her

” Happy, ” her eyes still at the ceiling. ” Diana, thank you. ” Now she was looking at me.

I chuckled, ” What for? ”

” For making my night. ” She rested her head on my shoulder. ” I’m happy I have you. I really am. ” She slept off.

And we were like that, waking up on each other’s arms.


Don’t ever forget this words… 👇👇

“ Sometimes, our background doesn’t count what we are, it’s how hard we work for what we want that tells. ”

To Be Continued…

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