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{ His Human Mate }

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.

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” So, what now? ” I asked, drinking my water.
” Lesson’s over. ” She said as she tied her shoe laces. ” We’ll continue tomorrow. “
” Thank God. You definitely don’t know how impatient I have waited for you to say that. “
” Seriously? “
” Yep, why do I need a training by the way? I can control myself. “
” No, you can’t and that’s why you need my help. Your wolf might be a little bit friendly for the meantime but, that doesn’t mean she’s the friendly type. “
” What are you talking about? Kiara might be annoying sometimes but that doesn’t mean she’s evil. “
” I didn’t say she’s evil, I’m only saying that out of experience. And by the way, it’s the truth. First, have you asked yourself what kind of wolf you are? “
” No, ” I shook my head.
” You aren’t a Luna as every other alpha mates are. Did you know about your purple eyes before? “
I remembered back then at New York City after the accident, at the hospital, Queeneth once made mention of my eyes turning purple.
But she had only said that jokingly. Or, was she for real pretending to be joking? And from the look on Uncle Kelvin’s eyes, he was kinda scared too. Does he know about my purple eyes too?
” My cousin sister once said it, but she had said it with a joke. ” I told her. ” Do you think it’s my wolf that’s responsible for the purple eyes? “
” I don’t think so. There’s something that has been living in you for a long time. The question is,,, What is this thing that has been living in you? “
” Why do I feel like you know me somewhere? “
She smiled. ” I don’t, this is my first time meeting with you.”
” How then do you know more about my purple eyes? ” I asked.
” I’m a psychologist. ” She smiled. ” Well, we’ll be practicing the same thing tomorrow. You’re a fast learner, I’ll admit but you still need more work on your speed. After that, we’ll work on your temper. “
” I’m not easily temperamental. ” I told her.
” You aren’t but wolves are. Just in case something goes wrong, you need to know how you tackle them without sparking. “
” Okay. But hold on, do you have to come from home? I mean, I can talk to Derek to offer you a room. “
” Don’t worry about me, I can’t stay here. ” She refused.
” But why? It will be a lot easier for the both of us. “
” I know but… I’ve got families to take care of. “
” You’re married? ” I asked.
She laughed. ” No, it’s complicated. “
” See you tomorrow then. Bye. “
I went into the bathroom, spending an hour of my time. Practice ran so slow and I can’t believe I was praying so earnestly to have it done already.
” I kinda like her. ” Kiara said in my head.
” You like almost everybody, Ki.”
” No, I just like her. You know, she’s kinda right about what she said. “
” Don’t tell me you’re only acting cool because we just knew each other recently? If you say she’s damn right, then it means you aren’t what I am thinking you are. “
” I don’t understand. ” She said, sounding confused.
” Do you have any other agenda? Or are you just trying to play nice to me?”
” Diana, look, I know you’re becoming scared of me. Like she said, you aren’t a Luna. We aren’t a Luna. “
” What are we then? ” I asked her.
” We’re a suprema. ” She answered and I got confused the more.
” Suprema? ” I asked, ” What’s a suprema? “
” It’s a kinda lycanthrope, known to be far more stronger than a Luna. We’re always aggressive, and easily temperamental just like she had said. ” She explained.
” So, you think she can help us? ” I asked.
” I think she can. “
There came a knock on the door, interrupting us. ” That’s Bella knocking. “
” How on heaven do you know that? ” I got out of the bathroom with a towel around my chest.
” That’s something you’ll have to find out someday. “
” I hope it doesn’t take years. ” I opened the door for Bella to enter. ” Hi. ” I greeted first.
” Hi. How was your training? ” She sat on the stool beside the mirror.
” It was fine.” I went to the wardrobe, looking for something nice to wear. ” No one told me about the training. “
” We just came up with the idea yesterday. We think it’s the only way we can help you especially now you just got to know about your wolf. “
I wore a jean trousers and a t-shirt with a black ankle socks, I took my hair brush from the makeup drawer and I had my pink lipstick on. I noticed hot sweat rolling out of my sweat glands.
I was still sweating like hell mad even after I had taken my bath. I even turned the ceiling fan to it’s highest, I opened the three windows wide for more ventilation but yet,,, I’m fucking sweating.
” Are you alright? ” She asked me, looking worried.
” Nothing. I’m fine. ” I sat on the bed.
” Are you feeling hot? “
I chuckled, ” Uhmm,,, I think that’s because the room is a little bit hot. “
” No, it has nothing to do with the room. Have Derek slept with you yet? “
” Yeah, we slept together last night. “
” I didn’t mean the normal sleep, I meant the other way round of ‘ sleep. ‘” she said, emphasising on the last statement.
” Oh, no. Not yet. “
” You have to make him sleep with you. “
” By forcing him? ” I asked.
” If possible, by seducing him. Look, the longer this waits, the more it becomes too risky for you and Derek. Don’t you wonder why Reyhon desperately wanted to sex you, that’s because he could feel the heat around you? And if Derek doesn’t mate you before the month runs out, every Beta’s in the territory will seek to have you on bed first. “
” What if he isn’t ready yet? ” I asked, that might actually be his reason for delaying.
” That’s why you must seduce him. But.. don’t worry about what to wear, I’ll give May a new nightdress for you before dawn. “
I glared at her not sure if that was a good idea. Why would she want me to seduce him? And by the way, why is he hesitating to mate me? I haven’t thought about that but i think i have to.
Does it have to do with his first lover? Is she somehow still in his heart? I don’t wanna think too far but, I kinda feel okay if he doesn’t have to dig inside me now. But on the other side, it wasn’t safe.
Having someone else mate me would be the most hilarious thing I’ll ever think to happen in my life. I want Derek, and it’s him I do want to mate me… No one else.
I remember the first time I had to take off my clothes at his front, I remember how hard he tried to resist me. Why would he try to resist me at the first? Does he truly love me?? Or am I just exaggerating the whole love moments we’ve shared?
Or what if, he’s is doing that to make me feel better and believe that it is I he truly love. But no, it might not be me. Maybe, Allison still has a strong place in his heart.
I heaved a sigh, hoping all my thoughts are nothing but false. I watched as night drew near, the moon surfaced in it’s half state. ” Thank God it isn’t full moon. “
You just don’t know how glad I am it isn’t actually full moon tonight. I don’t think I can bear the pains of shifting. It’s like having your bones cut in pieces then fixed together to form a wolf.
I went in for another shower. When I say I was heating, I really meant the words. I burn like an oven. I stepped out of the bathroom with the new transparent nightgown Bella brought for me.
It was of no difference with me standing stake naked and I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable under it but… I have no other choice.
I was lightening the candles when he walked in. I acted not to have noticed him walk in but I could feel his gaze on me. I kept lightening up the rest of the candles when his hands grabbed me by the waist.
” You look… hot in the dress. ” He whispered in my ear.
” I knew you’d love it. ” I said in the sweetest way I could sound.
” You definitely don’t know what you just did to me now.” His lips was kissing my neck, I couldn’t resist the sweet feeling of his lips on my bare skin that I almost let the match box fall off my hand.
” Derek… ” I whisper, ” I need to put some fire in the candles. “
” I don’t care about the candles now, it can wait for some other time. You have no idea how high you just turned me. “
And the rest was history for the next chapter
See as they don hold their phone tight Una no go kill me o
To Be Continued…


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