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{ His Human Mate }

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.

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Writer ✓
” Great news, guys. Diana is pregnant. ” Cax announced.
” Pregnant? ” Michael asked, surprised.
” Did you just said pregnant? ” Bella asked too, stressing her eyes at me.
” Yeah, I just said that.”
” How did you know that? ” Greg asked, folding his hands around his chest. ” Did the doctor tell you? “
” Come on, Greg, she is a girl. And girls ought to know about their fellow girls. What do you expect? ” Bella reminded.
” Wonderful. So, what type of baby is it, a boy or a girl? “
” I don’t know, all I know is, she is pregnant. Anything else, you can just go ahead asking the doctor yourself. “
Diana ✓
It’s been a long time since I talked about my parents, and it’s definitely thirteen years now I haven’t laid my eyes on them. I don’t know if they are alive or dead.
Uncle Kelvin must have told them that I was with the wolves, they’d probably be worried though but… that’s destiny. But all thanks to Derek and the rest of them, they’ve made me not to feel the loneliness.
I’m honestly grateful for that.
Writer ✓
Mrs Craig sat by her window, it’s been years they received the threat of the wolves, almost like thirteen years ago. And that’s probably because they’ve got what they wanted… Her daughter.
Everyone has always been happy since the first day, they last encountered any wolves invading but she wasn’t. How safe is my daughter? Is she alive? Are they treating her in the wrong way?
But despite all this thoughts clouding her head, she dared not to question the wolves. But least does she know that her daughter was more than okay.
” You have to stop worrying about Diana, she is safe. ” Her husband tried to convince her.
” Those are wolves and not some kind of humans. They have no sympathy and they likewise have no emotions too. We definitely don’t know if Diana is okay or not, I’m just sick and tired of wondering how she is now. I feel like seeing her once again, even if it’s for the last time. “
” You know, if there’s anyone safer, it’s Diana. Wolves are too over protective and the last thing they will ever want is to watch their mate die or get hurt. So, don’t bother about how safe Diana is, she is for sure safe than we may think. “
She rested her head on his chest, and he kissed her head. ” I believe in Diana, she’s definitely safe wherever she is. “
Queeneth ✓
Since Aunty Diana left, everywhere seems to be a lot boring to me. I’ll admit, I miss her so much more than I miss school. Yeah, school sucks so don’t blame me if I prefer her to school.
The cops has gone helter skelter in search for someone who is probably alive somewhere safer than the city. I hope that wherever she is, she is happy and safe.
Mrs White, her boss has come over to our house asking if Diana has been found. Dad on the other hand, keeps giving her the same reply over and over again. And sometimes, I silently laugh to myself, ” They will never learn, she is f*cking happy somewhere else. “
Dad also had to decide on us leaving the city to somewhere else, far away from anyone contacting us or asking us the same question over and over again. And thankfully, I have to leave that shit hole called a school.
” Queen hurry up! ” Mom screamed from downstairs.
” I’m coming, mom, just give me a sec. ” I hurriedly fixed Timmy in my armpit, rubbing my lipstick well on my lips. I shut the door close, I’ll really miss my home.
I will miss New York City the most.
I hopped into the car, putting on my seatbelt and so did Max and Ruby. Dad zoomed out of the compound and off to the airport. ” Dad, what do you intend to do to to the building? ” Max asked.
” I’ll have it sold either for a family home or to the government. But we are never coming back to New York City again. “
” I really will miss home. ” I said in a pitiful tune.
” We all do. ” Dad said, making the left turn which led to the airport which was actually 20 metre miles away from here.
And we are off to Canada, probably our new home, I guess.
Writer ✓
Tuesday has approached in a twinkle of an eye. Diana has been patiently counting the minutes hand since she was informed that he was on his way. She can’t wait to tell him the good news, and not just that, her stomach was actually growing, almost looking like that of a two months old bumb.
” I don’t know why this has to be happening to me. It’s not even up to a week now and my stomach is like I am two months pregnant. Does my immune have to be this extra ordinarily different? ” She asked the doctor.
” No, Miss but that’s not your fault. Since you turned into a wolf, everything about your immune system changed and unfortunately, it can not be reversed. ” He explained.
” And fortunately, you don’t have to worry about carrying your bumb for nine months anymore. Probably, you might be due for delivery at the ending of the month. So, you will only have to carry you baby for one month. ” Cax said excitedly.
” Yes, that’s a good new. But, it still doesn’t make sense at all plus, it isn’t a relief either. How is it ever possible to carry a womb for one month? ” She turned to the doctor. ” Doctor, what is actually going on with me? With this mystery happening, does it mean I’m gonna get old before my time? “
” No, not at all. Instead, you will be getting younger. Your case isn’t what you think, believe me, you will start to love everything that is happening to you. “
” You guys are making this look like it’s a joyful thing. “
” Of course, it is, Diana. “
” No, it is not. And Derek is gonna get super shocked when he learns about this. “
No one will understand how this bothers and scared Diana. This was something she should be happy about but that wasn’t for her. First, she was carrying Derek’s child and second, she won’t have to bother about having a baby bumb for nine months anymore. But yet, she doesn’t know why she still feel scared.
If she eventually gives birth, the child will grow super fast and, she won’t even enjoy the joy of having a baby. This was the part where everything gets super complicated. And also what bothers her the most.
She didn’t know when she dozed off. Not quite long, Derek arrived to the castle. First heading to the meeting room for a brief meeting with his councils. After he was done, Bella invited him into his office.
” How was your journey? ” She asked as soon as he entered.
” It was good. “
” And the stuff? “
” It went well than I thought. ” He replied sitting down. ” Did anything go wrong while I was away? “
” Yes, ” Micheal replied. ” Someone intended to kill Diana three days ago. “
” Did she get hurt? Is she dead? ” He asked, curioused.
” No, she didn’t but Cax did. “
” Why didn’t anyone call me? You guys should have told me and I will find a way to return. “
” No, Derek, your meeting is very important. ” Bella said.
” Not so important than the lives of my people. ” Turning to Micheal, he asked. ” How is Cax? “
” She is fine, although the arrow was shot to her heart but doc had to save her before it could get to her heart. “
Derek nodded.
” We think Reyhon is behind this. Diana gave us this, ” she brought out the sheet of paper from the side of her pocket. ” it was with the arrow. “
She gave it to Derek who read through the writing. ” What do you think? ” She asked.
” He is playing with the wrong team. We have to get ready for him, whatever he wants, we’ll give it to him. ” He finalized. ” Anytime he wants it. “
Bella looked at Micheal, making an eye sign with him on how to tell Derek about Diana’s condition. None of them knows what will be the outcome of Derek’s expression, if they told him that she was pregnant.
Bella decided on going first. ” Derek? “
” Mm-hmm. “
” Uhmm… We have a great news for you. “
He rose his gaze at her, ” Which is? “
” It’s about Diana. “
” What about her? “
” She is pregnant. ” She announced.
” Pregnant? ” He asked, surprised.
To Be Continued…

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