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{ His Human Mate }

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.

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Diana ✓
May has just informed me that Derek has returned an hour ago, and that very soon he will be heading to our room.
I ordered her to get our tea ready while I waited for him to show up. She did that just sooner than I thought, dropping it on the table.
A maid knocked on the door, and from the outside she informed us that Derek was coming. ” Guess I have to go. ” May said and I nodded at her.
He entered, looking a bit different from the way he looked when he left. I just noticed he was putting on a new hair style. ” Hi. ” I said, standing from the couch.
” Hey, ” he waved a big smile at me. I watched his eyes move to my bally stomach, as he came forward to where I stood.
He touched it with his both hands, smiling more widely. ” What is she gonna look like? ” He said, still not letting his eyes off it.
” She’s gonna be just like her mother. ” He chuckled. ” And if it’s a boy, he’s gonna be just like his father. ” He looked up at me.
” You just don’t know how happy I am now, Diana. Seeing you carrying out child, it’s fucking overwhelming and… I don’t know how to explain it but… I’m the luckiest man in the world. I’m so lucky to have you, Diana. “
I rubbed his cheek dearly. ” And I am so happy to have you too, Derek, so as our child. “
His lips pressed on mine, a little movement in my stomach, like the unborn child was jubilating or anything. Every bit of Derek’s kiss felt new, and so wanting.
” Is that tea I’m perceiving? ” He asked in between the kiss.
” Yeah, thought I should make one of your favorite.”
” How do you know tea is my favorite? ” He asked a bit surprised, I guess.
” I’ve lived with you for months, Derek, what do you expect? ” I sat back on the couch, pouring some tea into the glass cup.
” How long have you been with the… bumb? ” He asked.
” Six days, “
” Six days and it’s almost like three months? ” He sipped on his tea.
” It’s not my fault, besides the doctor said I have fast immune system. So, this… ” Pointing at my bumb, ” is as a result of my fast immune system. ” I poured myself some tea, sipping on it.
” How are you gonna carry it till it turns nine months? ” I vomited the mouthful tea in my mouth, luckily not on him. I wiped the tea stains still on my lips, ” Nine months? I don’t think I can carry this for nine months. I mean, you said it yourself, it looks like a three month pregnancy. “
” But… I thought nine months is the… “
I didn’t let him finish explaining, I quickly cut him short. ” I know you know the pregnancy calendar but… I don’t think that will work for me. ” I sipped on my tea again. ” How does it feels like giving birth? “
He chuckled. ” Diana I… I’m not a woman. “
” Yeah, but at least you’ve stayed beside one, right? Bella once told me how close you were to your mother. She also told me that you were with her during her delivery. “
” It’s always a great news when a woman gets pregnant. ” He started. ” You know, a new being is coming into the world. But, it’s not really that exciting when she’s about to give birth. It’s a lot painful than it sounds. You hear the screams, the pleading, you know all they want is for someone to be by their side. “
” My father was never there for her, I was. I watched her scream, I could hear her cries, like she was gonna give up. We all thought she was gonna give up, ” he shooks his head.
” Did she? ” I sounded pitifully.
” No, but the child did. ” He smiled, ” You know, I was supposed to have a sister, but I lost her. When Bella told me that you were pregnant, I was scared. I was scared for two things. I was scared of losing you, and I was scared of losing my child. “
I sat at the varenda, staring high up to the sky. Derek was asleep, he looked damn tired in his eyes even though he tried as much as possible to stay awake with me.
I don’t want to admit but guess I have to, I am scared too. For the same two reasons Derek had mentioned earlier. Scared of dying, and scared of losing my baby.
I know how it feels like to lose a parent at such a tender age, it doesn’t feel normal, it doesn’t feel okay. I had a friend back then in high school, she lost her mother when she was nine, leaving her with the craziest hot-headed so-called step mother, who seems to have taken charge over the house.
And her so-called father who ends up as a servant to his annoying step wife, couldn’t do anything but drink to stupor. It’s the saddest thing one wants to experience, right?
Especially when you wish for someone to love you, and you end up finding hatred. And guess what she did, she had to run away to her miracle.
I mean, I never want that to happen to me nor, my child. I don’t even wanna lose my first child, I don’t want anything or anyone to take him away from me. I don’t think if anyone is as scared as I am.
God, I think I need someone to calm me down. I’m shivering and…
Mom. Yes, she’s the only one who can calm me down. I have to see her. I have to talk to Derek, maybe he can permit her to stay with me.
” Oh please, Diana can you just give me a break, I wanna sleep. ” Kiara grunted in my head.
” You don’t understand, Kia, this is the most terrifying thing of my life.”
” Yeah, yeah, I know. But can I still get my good night sleep? Those thoughts are too much for me to concerntrate. “
” Do you even care at all? I’m talking about life and death and you are talking about a fucking good night sleep which can probably go to hell! ” I yelled angrily at her.
” Hmmm. ” She hummed, saying nothing.
” Kiara, aren’t you gonna say something thing about this? “
” First, you’re lousy and second, you’re a big disturbance. Can’t I close my eyes for a second and have some cool refreshing moments? Fine, you want an answer, you won’t die. No one is gonna die. “
” That still isn’t convincing. “
” You want something convincing? Well, that’s because you are a suprema. And besides, you child and I have been having a lot fun since morning. She looks okay and she’s probably asleep now, so guess I need to be asleep too. So do you. “
” Did you just said ‘She?'”
” Yeah, you just heard me right. It’s a she. “
” Wow, so I’m gonna have a daughter?! “
” Yeah, and she just took after her father. Can I make her hair purple too. “
” Don’t you dare. ” I warned.
” Well, I wasn’t planning on doing anything. Just wanna play some night pranks with you, and guess you just fell into it. “
I scoffed.
” Least I forget, when are you planning on getting married? The last time I checked, Derek never put a ring in your finger. ” She reminded.
” I… I guess I’ll have that discussed with him tomorrow. “
This is another part that got me praying 😥 Let’s hope nothing bad comes out from her delivery 😔😔
To Be Continued…

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