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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



Nick kept walking off, still fuming with anger at what Celine did a while ago.

Why do every one use him, just a little chance given to them they use it ruthlessly.

He had been a victim of it before and he made a promise to himself that it will never happen again but then Celine just had to use him too.

He was at first surprised and when he knew the identity of mark, he decided to play along,though he was already furious and she had to make it worse by giving him that kiss.

Just to get back at her ex, she decided to use, she is not different from them, they had also been using him and they would have succeeded if he hadn’t found out.

Wanting to escape them, he left, he left every thing and every one behind.

He stopped to think about the way he left Celine there, he didn’t even think of the danger she might be in, he turned only to see her limping behind him.

She stopped when she saw him starring at her. Though he was angry at her, he was relieved that she was safe.

Turning he walked the few paces into the Clifford mansion and though he knew she was coming after him, he didn’t look back.

For the past one year, Celine have always been the one angry at people, yelling at them and making them pay for little things, she has been so used to getting what she want and she thought things would be the same with Nick.

He is angry at her and she is angry at her self for using him just to get back at mark.

Not that mark still means some thing to her but she just wanted him to see that she still had a romantic life even with out him.

“Celine! I was worried when I didn’t see you with Nick and when I had asked him where you were, he wouldn’t even answer me, what happen? Are you okay?”Stacey asked as she ran towards her.

“Every thing is fine” she replied sadly

“I don’t believe you, you must have done some thing to anger Nick right? You must have let your anger get the best of you but why Celine? You know he is your guard and he is the only one willing to take this job, your life is in danger, if he is with you, I feel at peace,please Celine don’t do some thing that will make him leave, I beg you”Stacey said with tears in her eyes.

“I might have done some thing already “she said softly

“What did you do Celine?”.

It wasn’t until the sun was setting that he left the confines of his room.

He went to the kitchen, intent on preparing some thing to eat for himself.

He was surprised to see Stacey seated on one of the kitchen seat, having a cup of coffee.

“Would you like some?”She asked softly and Nick nodded in reply.

Nick took a seat while Stacey prepared him coffee.

With it prepared, she sat back at her seat while they both drank their coffee in silence.

“It wasn’t going well for Celine a year ago, her father had died, she had lost her career and the guy she thought loved her broke up with her and he didn’t even pick a good day to do that,she was still at the hospital when he broke it off with her”

“I can’t do this! You are no longer the woman I knew, you will be limping forever, can you imagine me walking beside you, it will be total disaster and people will make fun of me, let’s end it here …..those were the word mark told her that day”Stacey said softly

What a bastard! Nick thought silently to himself.

” If I can still remember it then Celine will still remember it too, it was hard for her and when she saw him today , she wanted to get back at him. I would have also done the same in her shoes, it was a spur of the moment thing but Celine never uses people, that is one thing I can vouch for “Stacey said

“You don’t have to talk to him “Celine said through the door way and the two of them turned to stare at her.

“You shouldn’t be interfering and you shouldn’t be doing this”Celine said directing her words to Stacey

“If you are going to be rude to her, I suggest you……”

“I should be the one doing it “she said interrupting Nick.

“Am sorry, am sorry for using you that way, I would also be angry if I were in your shoes but I had to prove some thing to Mark and so I…..I…..just please accept my apology, it will never happen again, that I promise you”She said as she left the room in a rush.

“I can’t believe this!”Stacey said

“Can’t believe what?” Nick asked still surprised by what Celine did

“Celine apologised, she just apologised to you right?”She asked making it look like a big deal

“Yes she did”he replied

“Celine never does that, she never apologise to people and she just did that with you right now, you really are a good influence for her, I beg you Nick, don’t ever quit “Stacey said softly

🌹 🌹 🌹

It was late at night and Nick not feeling sleepy yet decided to take a stroll around the house.

He was still thinking about what happened a while earlier, he was surprised to know that he is the first person Celine has ever apologised to ever since her accident occurred.

He began to head back to the house, by now every one is sleeping and the lights were turned off.

He was walking past the living room when he saw someone sitting on the chair,watching the TV.

Could it be Stacey or one of the maid, he thought as he began to walk towards the figure only to stop when he heard the person sniff.


He knew who it was even before he got close to her.

Celine sat on the chair starring at a picture of her father while she cried softly.

She must have noticed his presence because she stared at him, still crying.

Nick didn’t know why but Celine cry made him feel strange, without thinking he sat down beside her and pulled her to him and she took comfort from him crying her heart out.

“I feel miserable Nick, I feel so sad, I lost my career and my dad, the two things that matter most to me”She muttered still crying.

“You keep bottling it up Celine, it’s best you cry it all out now, am willing to keep this a secret too”He said and she cried, getting comfort from him.

Nick didn’t know why but he suddenly had the urge to protect her and also to keep her safe.

“Am sorry, I creased your clothe”Celine said a while later after calming down.

“It doesn’t matter, are you okay?”He asked softly

“Yes, I feel embarrassed”She said softly and that made him laugh.

“I can’t believe the great Celine Clifford said that”He said and she stared at him, giving him a little smile.

“You should do that more often “He said suddenly


“Smile… look beautiful when you smile”He found himself saying.

“You are lucky am not in a bad mood, if I were what you just said would have cost you your job ” she said and that made him laugh again.

“Then am glad you are in a good mood,care to tell me why you were crying?”He asked

“We are not closed for you to ask me that?” She admonished softly

“But have seen you cried twice today, I think we are more than close Miss Celine Clifford”He said and for a while she stayed quiet, thinking about telling him and not telling him but then she gave him and that certainly pleased Nick.

“Well you already heard it a while back, I was sad because I missed my dad and also because I miss running, in a few days time, the Olympic competition will be taken place, I was always so busy around this time of the year but staying at home and just having to see my other colleagues run while I….I don’t want to cry again”she said as she gently wiped off her tears.

Celine crying have certainly made Nick realise that her being rude and acting cold is not the real her, she is a softie at heart and is trying to hide that from every one, oy those that are close to her will certainly see that.

“Would you like the both of us to go for the Olympic competition?”He asked softly and she stared at him


“Apart from hating people who uses me,I hate seeing a female cry Celine, I will do any thing I can to help that her, so Celine would you like to go to the Olympic Competition with me? “He asked

Celine couldn’t believe that she is hearing this! Is he only doing it because he pitied her or for some thing else.

The look on his face made her realise that he doesn’t pity her and so why is he……she stopped her thought when suddenly they heard a glass shattering from the front door.

“What’s that?”Celine asked frightened.

“Stay here Celine ,I will go and see what has happen”He said softly

“No…it might be dangerous “Celine whispered , holding his hand but he pulled free and gave her a reassuring smile

“I will be fine, am your guard after all ” he said as he Walked into the darkness heading for the front door.

Celine sat still, hoping and praying softly, something she hadn’t done for a long time now, she was praying softly when she heard Nick yell out, what happen?.

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