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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services


Having forgotten Celine, Nick kept on following the car and also wondering what Zack was doing at Celine college.

As he drive through the next street, Nick followed suit and he was surprised to see him stopping in front of the Clifford company.

This is Celine father company,there was no doubt about it, after all the company had their surname on it.

Zack got out of the car and walked into the company and Nick followed suit, he didn’t know why he was acting this way, why he was doubting Nick but then he knew there was some thing to it and he just had to know what it is.

He saw Bruce approach Zack and after shaking each other and exchanging a few words, Bruce led him into a room which he noticed that it was not his office.

Nick went after them but then he stopped when the receptionist called for his attention.

“I would like to speak to Bruce Denvers” he said softly

“Do you have an appointment, why don’t I just call his secretary and……”

“There is no need to do that,he is expecting me as it is, you see am his step daughter body guard and a man who is called Zack just went in with him a while ago”He said softly

“And how do you know that?” The receptionist asked suspiciously

“Zack happen to be my boss, he is the head of the agency that am working for and which your step father hired me from and as have said before, they are expecting me, now you wouldn’t like me to call him and…….”

“Fine! You can go in, he went with Mr Zack to the room by your left”She said and flashing her a smile, Nick went to the room by the left.

Other employee were just walking about and none of them payed him any attention and so he stood by the door and luckily the door wasn’t completely Closed and so he could hear what they were saying.

“But we can’t let that happen! Nick has to stay with Celine!”Bruce said

“Of course he will, the more he is with her, the more we can achieve our goal”Zack said

Goal! What goal is that ? Nick thought to himself.

“I need to have to those documents, it’s the only way I can get every thing and I hired Nick for that purpose, Am sure Clifford gave Celine those documents and she sure knows where to hide it because we would have found it by now ” Bruce said

“Don’t worry, our plan is to have Celine trust Nick and once that is done, she would get to tell Nick where the document are and then it will get to be yours”Zack said

“You still haven’t told Nick that this is the real reason why we hired him right?”Bruce asked

“I still haven’t but I will in due course and am sure that he would be willing to help me, after all he owes me a lot and Nick doesn’t get along with Celine, they are like oil and water”Zack finished softly

Nick couldn’t believe what he was hearing, Bruce Denvers and Zack are the one who have been trying to harm Celine and all for what, to get his hand on some stupid document..

Hearing their foot steps,he quickly left the room and also walk out of the company heading towards his car.

As soon as he got in, he didn’t start the car immediately, he sat there wondering why Bruce would try to harm Celine just to get a piece of documents and whatever did Zack accept such a job.

He stopped thinking when he got a call from Celine.

“Where are you Nick, the enrollment is done and am out at the entrance”Celine said softly

“Aaah……I quickly went out to get something, I will be there soon”He said and cutting the call,he went began to head back to the college.

Bruce is willing to put Celine life in danger and it’s all for that darn document.

He won’t succeed, Apart from being there to help them with what ever plan just as they have thought, he would surprise them by making sure Celine and that document they want are both save.

He still can’t believe that Zack will be involved in such a thing.

Celine stood in front of the entrance waiting for Nick to show, just where did he go to? She thought, feeling strange with out him around.

“Well,well, well, look who we have here”Mark said behind her and she turned to see him walking towards her,pulling on her mask, she gave him a smile

“Well hello Mark”She greeted

“Ooouch! You just made my heart flutter a bit, how on earth do you still keep on doing that?”he asked as he move towards her

“I doubt that and now that you are here, I want to tell you that I came to enrol and…..”

“Is it because of me?”Mark asked

“No, you stopped being important to me a year ago, so if you think that I came back because of you then you are mistaken and as I was saying before, I got enrolled and so i will begin school tomorrow, do all you can to avoid me because I will be doing the same”She said

He couldn’t get to respond because Cathy called him.

“Just what I need”Celine grumbled at seeing Cathy sauntering towards them

“What is she doing here and why are you with her”Cathy asked clinging to mark.

“Are you doing this because of that guy?”Mark directed this question to Celine and pulled his arm from Cathy

Celine stared at Mark to see that he was fuming, each time he was like this, it’s either some thing isn’t going his way.

“Why do you ask?”she questioned back

“Just answer me Celine, are you telling me to avoid you because of that guy?”He asked again and this time he held Celine by arm.

“What are you doing mark! Let me go” Celine said trying to pull free but he held her tight

“Answer me damn it!!!”he yelled at her and Celine prayed silently that Nick would show up, just where is he? She thought as she tried to pull free .

“Get your hands off her”Some one said behind them and they turned to see Nick there,starring at mark angrily.


As soon as he walked the few distance that separated them, he pulled Mark hand from her and pulled her to him.

Celine stared up at Nick, surprised to see the angry look on his face.

“So it’s true, you asking me to stay away is because of him right?” Mark asked

“And what if it’s true, you lost her a year ago and by doing so, you cleared the path for me”Nick said and Celine stared at him in surprise.

He had made it clear that he didnt like her using him and now hearing him say that surprised her.

He stared down at her and not expecting it, he kissed her, she could hear Mark and Cathy gasp and though she was surprised by the kiss, she found her self leaning into him and kissing him back on the lips.

The kiss was quite different from the one she gave him before, this is what people will call kissing and Nick really knew how to kiss.

He broke off to stare at Mark and Cathy who still stood to watch them.

“I won’t say this to you again Mark, leave Celine alone, she is mine now and I better not catch you bothering her, I might decide to break some more vital part of you”Nick threatned and he pulled the limping Celine after him.

They didn’t notice Alicia who stood at a far end starring at the whole scene.

A while later while Nick drive, Celine kept thinking about the what happened a while ago.

Why did he do that and where did he go to, she thought as she sneak a look at him.

“If you keep on looking at me like that? You won’t get the answer you need”He said suddenly


“Just ask and stop starring!”he said

“Why did you do that a while ago? You said you hated being used and……”


“Yes, I hate it when people use me for their selfish interest but I hate it more when I see that guy get possessive over you”He said

“Mark is not possessive and certainly not over me, he is just that he doesn’t believe that an handicap like me would find some one that easily,he believes that I should still be pinning for his love for the rest of my life ” she said softly

“Then we have showed him that that would never be possible right?”Nick asked having a smile on his face

“Yes we did”she replied softly and Nick noticed the sadness in her voice

“What’s wrong?”Nick asked

“You must certainly hate me right now! You were once put in that situation and now you have to be put in it again” she said and with one free hand Nick held her hand.

Celine stared at their linked hand and she couldn’t deny the thrill she felt at holding him.

“Don’t worry about me, what you should be worried about now is how we will pull this off, we can’t let Mark think we are nothing to each other “He said softly

“And so we will keep on with the pretence?”She asked

“If you want? I will be escorting you to your school every day,though I might not be in class with you, I will be outside watching over you”He said and that made her feel good and safe.

“So what do you say, do we keep up with it or do we stop, cause I will not do it if you don’t want”He said and for a while Celine was quiet, obviously she was thinking about it.

He didn’t know why he was helping her but one thing is clear to him, he will certainly like her to say yes. Not because of Mark or because it’s some thing they have to do but because he wants it that way……oh God! Some thing is definitely wrong with him and that is because of her! He thought still waiting for her reply.

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