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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“Am still waiting for your answer Celine”Nick voice wafted through her thoughts and she came back down to earth.

She still could not believe that Nick had just offered to pretend to be her boyfriend and was still waiting for her response.

“What’s wrong Celine! Don’t you want to do it anymore” Nick asked feeling a bit apprehensive

“I…..yes I want to”Celine replied. Did she just agree to it! She thought as she stared at Nick who still had a smile on his face.

The journey back to the mansion was left in silence, each of them having some thing to think of.

Celine was about to get out of the car when he held her hand

“Tomorrow our act will begin and once I begin some thing, I don’t back out, hope I can trust you on that too?”He asked and Celine feeling a bit suffocated by nothing she could think of, she nodded gently and got out of the car.

She could feel her cheeks going all red and not wanting any one else to see it, she began to limp to the elevator.

“Hey you are back! How is the enrollment ?”Stacey asked as she walked towards her

“Good! I need to get some sleep and no one should wake me up “She said and limped to the elevator which took her to her room.

Stacey who was surprised by Celine reaction went to meet Nick as soon as he walked in

“What is wrong with Celine,I was talking to her and she just ignored me “Stacey asked

“Maybe she is still thinking about the deal we both made”Nick said as he walked towards the fridge to get some thing to drink

“And what could that be?”Stacey asked a bit suspicious

“Nothing that should concern you, little missy”He replied as he gulped down the orange juice he took from the fridge

He turned to leave and then stopped to stare at Stacey

“Do you know of some documents that are in Celine possession ?”Nick asked

“Documents, I doubt that , Celine doesn’t know a thing about documents or what to do with them, her father deals with all those stuff”

“Do you perhaps know if he gave Celine a certain document to keep “Nick asked

“I doubt that and if you think am lying ask Celine, like have said Celine and I grew up together and I know for a fact that she is careless with stuff that is why she always gives me something important to keep for her”Stacey said

“And so she never gave you a document to keep for her?'”Nick asked

“She never did,why are you even asking ?”Stacey asked

“It has some thing to do with Celine attack, if I can get my hands on that document then Celine will be save again”He said softly

“Then we must find it, we must ask her about it! “Stacey said

“I will do that once I make a call” he said and left the room to take the stairs.

He prefer taking the stairs than to be locked up in a lift like Celine.

Well it’s not really her fault that she always use the lift, her leg injury led her to using the lift even though she is claustrophobic.

He got to his room and dialled Zack number and on the fifth ring, Zack answered his call.

“My boy! How are you ?”Zack said through the phone.

There were times that Nick liked it when he calls him his boy but now, he doesn’t , not when he knows what Zack is up to.

“What took you so long to reply ?”Nick asked instead of answering his question

“I was in the bath room and when i heard my phone ringing, I dashed back to the office to get it” he replied.

Nick noticed that he wasnt breathing fast, the bath room at the office is located a bit far from his office, if he had been running as he said , he would be breathing fast but then he isn’t and so he is lying.

“That’s fine, I was just calling because you said you were in a meeting earlier but what sort of meeting is that, you are never the type that attend a meeting”Nick asked softly, hoping with all his heart that Zack will tell him the truth

“Well there is a first time for every thing, I had to attend that meeting and it couldn’t be moved “Zack lied

“Okay then, I just called to check up on you”Nick replied and cut the call before he could say more.

What Zack did right now has confirm that He and Bruce are the one who have been endangering Celine life.

The sooner he got that document they were asking for, the better for every one, he thought as he began to head to Celine room.

He found the door opened a bit and he knocked twice and when there was still no response, he walked into the room and found Celine sleeping on the bed.

When she is awake, she dress elegantly, walks elegantly though she limps, talk elegantly and also eat elegantly.

He has been observing her enough to know all this things about her but this is some thing he never fathom, he thought as he smiled while watching Celine who layed on the bed in a not lady like manner and to top it all, she was snoring loudly.

Should he take a picture of her? He thought as he head towards the bed and stood starring down at her.

She might not look elegant in bed but there one thing that will never change, her beauty. He thought as for a while he was transfixed at the way she was sleeping.

He found him self pulling off her shoe and then using the sheet to cover her properly.

He was about to leave when she clutched his hand, he turned to stare at her only to see that she was still asleep.

“Don’t go…..stay with me…..please”She kept saying those words that he knew she must be having a sleep.

He sat on the edge of the bed and with his other free hand, he moved her hair from her face.

“You must have been through a lot “He muttered softly.

“Don’t worry every thing would be fine, as long as I am here, you will be safe”He said and found himself kissing her fore head.

When he was sure that she was asleep , he left the room.

As soon as the door was shut Celine opened her eyes and sat up starring at the closed door.

She had heard what he said to her a while back and she felt comforted by it. Nick is now a part of her life and she know that she needed him, not only because he was her guard but because she felt a special bond between them, she still can give it a name yet but she knew that Nick is some one dear to heart now.

She remembered the kiss he gave her and she touched her forehead gently.

She layed on the bed having a smile on her face and even when she fell asleep a while later, the smile was still on her face.


All dressed and ready for school, Celine took the lift down stairs.

She is claustrophobic, she knew that but if she doesn’t try to face her fear,it will keep on haunting her forever, she thought as she took a deep breath in the lift and soon as she the lift doors opened, she felt a bit more alive.

She was surprised to see that every one in the house hold were all waiting down stairs for her

“What’s going on?”She asked as she stared at Stacey and Nick and also some of the maid who were still working for them.

“We are just happy, happy that you are now socialising again, happy that you are returning to school and happy that you are more like the Celine we all knew before”Stacey said

“You all should stop exaggerating “Celine felt a bit nervous and she was also very conscious of Nick watching her

“But it isn’t an exaggeration, you were quite over bearing when I first arrived but then you are different now”Nick said as he moved towards her

“Am glad that the friend I once knew and grew up with is finally back”Stacey said as she walked towards Celine to hug her.

“We are happy too”The workers all yelled out and Celine felt so touched with their words.

She knew she changed a lot and she is glad she is once again the Celine every one knew though she wouldn’t have her dad with her and she won’t be doing what she love most.

At least she has her friend with her and her body guard too, she thought as she stared at Nick.

“Thank you all “Celine said appreciating the workers who were here with her and also appreciating Nick and Stacey.

“Common now! Hurry or you will be late for school”Stacey said as she stared at her

“So Celine, are you ready?”Nick asked softly and she found her self nodding

He put out his arm for her and grasping it, they both walk out of the house.

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