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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



On hearing Stacey last words, Nick began to run back to the mansion.
The sun had set and it was dark, it was much darker when he got to the house.
Other workers were already out side, oblivious of Celine who was not in their midst.
“What happened?”Nick asked
“We were all having fun and just then the lights went off, we had no idea where the problem and so we came out side”One of them replied
“Where is Celine? Where is she?”Nick asked hoping that she would amongst them but when no one knew where she was, he ran into the house, not caring if the place was in darkness.
He stumbled over some things before he made it to the lift.
“Celine! Celine! Just answer me Celine”He said hitting the lift doors
“Nick!”It was a whisper and he knew that she must be suffocating in the lift just as Stacey has stated.
“Hang in there, I will get you out”He said and ran out of the house, heading to where the light transformers were located.He found the switch and pulled it back on.
“The light had been powered off intentionally”He muttered to himself and knowing that Celine was still in the lift, he ran back to the house and saw Stacey just running in
“Where is she Nick?”Stacey asked but he wasn’t in any mood to respond, he was only thinking of Celine, he thought as he ran into the house with Celine trailing behind him
When the lights were turned on, the lift had moved to the next floor and instead of taking the next one, he took the stairs two at a time and he stopped when he found Celine on the floor.
He ran towards her and held her in his arms, she must have gotten out when the lift door opened. He thought as he cradle her slim body in his arms
“Celine! Wake up”he said to the unconscious Celine who layed in his arms.
“Common Celine! Wake up please! Wake up”He said shaking her.
He hugged her close to him about to lift her up when he heard her call him name.
He pulled her back to see her starring at him.
“Nick! oh Nick” she said as she hugged him tight.
Nick could finally breathe in, he thought as he hugged her tight, for a while he thought he had lost her!
“It was so scary Nick”She said softly and he held her more tightly.
“Am here now, am here”He said as he pulled her close, as if his life depend on it.
They were still hugging each other when Stacey and the other workers ran up the stairs.
“Celine! Are you okay?”Stacey who had been crying said as she knelt in front of Celine, hugging her tight.
“Am fine!”Celine replied softly
“Oh I thought some thing had happened but am glad….an glad to see that you are okay”Stacey said
As if she didn’t weigh a ton, Nick carried her in his arms
“Celine is still shocked, why don’t you take care of the workers and I will see to it that Celine is okay”he said to Stacey.
With out waiting for Stacey reply, he walked the few paces that led to her room and gently put her down on the bed.
Celine sat on the bed starring at Nick who was now down on his feet wanting to pull off her shoe.
She moved her leg away and he stared at her still having that worried look on his face.
She like it that he was worried about her and she also liked it that he had saved her, she knew he had been the one who turned on the lights and had saved her from suffocating to death and she would always be grateful for that but her legs….ever since her accident, she never let any one touch them not even Stacey, it made her feel strange and ……
“What’s wrong ?”Nick voice broke into her thoughts
“I don’t like People touching my leg”She said as she tried to stand up but he pushed her gently on the bed and took hold of her leg again.
“You would have to get used to me touching it Celine”He said and she her heart did that stupid thing again.
It began beating fast and when she felt him touch her leg, she could feel some strange sensation,some thing she never felt before.
“You have got to let the past go Celine and to do that you must first forget the tragic accident” he said as he finished pulling off her shoes
He stood up and bent in front of her, he was close to her and she moved back to stare at him.
“Am glad I came on time and am glad that you are okay, sleep well Celine, you need the rest “He said and slowly he moved close to her, starring at her lips, she was sure that he would kiss her and she closed her expecting the kiss only for her to feel him kissing her forehead.
She opened her eyes to see him smiling down at her
“Have a good night sleep”He said and turning off the light, he walked out of her room, leaving the door opened.
It took a while before Celine could calm her racing heart down.
Just what is this? Why is she feeling this way? She has never felt this way before not even when she was dating mark, so why now and what should she call this strange feeling of hers, she thought as she layed on the bed and she was still thinking of him when she slept off a while later.
Nick went back down stairs and found Stacey talking to one of the maid,looking worried
“How is Celine?”Nick asked
” She is fine,asleep as it is. What’s going on?”he asked
” You need to see this ?” Stacey said walking into the open study
“You said the key was always with Celine ?”Nick said as he walk in with her
“It all happen when the lights went out, seems like they had some thing else in mind too”Stacey added as she pulled out the cabinet that was locked earlier.
Nick walked towards it and saw that some paper had been taken.
“Seems like they came for the document too”Stacey finished.
Nick felt so angry, knowing that Bruce and Zack were behind all of this made him do angry.
Not only had they steal a document which wasn’t theirs, they had almost killed Celine too.
He was more angry about them trying to kill Celine than them stealing the document.
“What are we going to do Nick,some files which belongs to Celine father had been stolen and they had almost killed Celine too, they will surely come back for more Nick, we have got to do some thing about it ” Stacey said
“They won’t have to come back,keep a way h on Celine, I will be back soon”He said leaving the study with Stacey trailing behind him
” Where are you going? What do you intend to do?”Stacey asked
“I will set things straight Stacey, just take care of Celine, I will be back soon”he said as he began to head out
“Take care of your self, please!”Stacey said after him but Nick was already out of the house.
He got into the car and dialled Bruce Number and on the third ring Bruce Answered
“Did you call to tell me if some thing happen? How is Celine?”Bruce asked with out Nick telling him a thing.
He knew, he knew Celine was hurt, he knew some thing happen, he knew because he was behind it.
“Are you at home or at work?”Nick asked
“At work and you haven’t…….”
“I will be there in a bit”Nick said cutting the phone.
He was so angry, furious at Bruce for trying to steal some thing which is not his and also for putting Celine in danger.
Some how he knew that Celine safety matters to him and that he would do any thing just to keep her safe from cultures like Bruce.
He got to the office and went straight to the elevator, it took him up to Bruce office, he walked in with out knocking and the alarmed Bruce stared at him.
“Nick! What brings you here? “Bruce asked
“You very well know why am here?”Nick replied, glaring at the older man
“What do you mean? Why are you even…..”He couldn’t finish talking because Nick grab him by the collar pulling out of his seat.
“Tell me why?”
“What are you talking about?”Bruce said still feigning ignorance
“Why the hell did you have to put Celine’s life in danger just for a mere document, tell me why!!”Nick yelled pulling his collar tight.
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