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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“Tell me why!!!”Nick yelled still holding Bruce clothe roughly.
“Let go of me and I will give you the answer you want”Bruce said.
Nick didn’t feel like it but then he had to after all the old geezer would not try any thing funny and even if he did, he will break one of his leg, Nick thought as he let go
“This is much better!”He replied
“Start talking”Nick said hitting the table and also startling Bruce.
“it’s true that am after the document, it’s true that I sent some one to the house to look for it but it’s not true when you accuse me of trying to harm Celine”
“She might hate and dislike me but then I cant do any thing about it….I won’t harm a hair on Celine head, Stephanie love her a lot and I can’t bear to see the woman I love hate me for killing her only child” Bruce added sincerely.
Nick knew when some one was lying and this look on Bruce face clearly says that he is innocent but he wasn’t going to believe it all until he gets to know every thing.
“Then tell me why Celine have been attacked and don’t you dare tell me that she is behind it because she is not!”Nick said still angry.
“You mean she is being attacked for real! I thought she was just making it up but it turns out to be real” Bruce said starting at the document with him
“Do you have some thing to do with this?”He asked
“Of course not, as have said before I wouldn’t do a thing to harm Celine”He said and once again Nick found himself believing his word.
“If you are not the one then some one else is after her life, they aren’t after the document but after Celine life”He said
“But….but why ….why would they be after her life, I only sent them to get the document and am sure that the men Zack hired are capa……”he stopped when he noticed that he has slipped the whole bean out
“You don’t have to stop, I already know that Zack is together with you in this, how do you think I found out about the document?”Nick asked
“He told you?”
“I over heard your conversation,one thing Zack is good at is at keeping secret safe, he kept it safe well enough but he made a mistake, a little mistake that led to me finding out the truth”Nick said
“Look I……”
“Tell me some thing? Why did you hire me in the first place? Why make me work for you ?”Nick asked
“To help us get Celine out of the way, she and Stacey wasn’t that close and when the accident happen, she was more alert than ever, I tried persuading her once to give me those document but she refused saying she would rather die than to let me have any thing that has to do with her father,So I thought of this and Zack brought you In, you were quite good,I must say, you took all her attention and it was quite easy for us to steal the document”He said
“It must have been a very good plan for the both of you, does your wife know what you are up to?”Nick asked and he saw Bruce face change
“I doubt it, I wonder what she will say when I get to tell her the truth”Nick said as he began to walk off
“Wait!”Bruce called and he stopped to stare at him
“What is wrong ?”
“What are you going to do now?” He asked
” I think i will leave you to guess”Nick said and was heading out when Bruce called him again.
“Believe me when I say that I wouldnt harm a hair on Celine head, I only wanted the document,I don’t want her dead, if you are suspecting me, you are only wasting your time, the real culprit is out there and that might even be Zack”He said
“I was surprised when he told me that he is willing to help me find the document, as you know no one does some thing for free, they all want some thing in return “He said and Nick not bothering to react to what he said,he walked out of the office, heading to his car.
Nick drove like crazy and when he got to the familiar company, he got our and found his way to the office.
He knew Zack would still be at the office, after all they had both planned to steal the document and so he would be at his office.
He opened the door and there was Zack talking on the phone but when he saw Nick arrive, he cut the call starring at Nick in surprise.
“Nick! What a surprise?”He said feigning ignorance.
“Hello Zack!”Nick responded to his greeting
“What brings you here?”Zack asked Ashe stood up walking towards Nick to pull him to a hug
“You know why am here”Nick replied
“Really! I do?”He asked and Nick feeling angry with each protest of his pulled away from him and went towards his table.
There were some bund of money on his table,seems like Zack payment after what happened to Celine house.
“You still haven’t told me what your surprise visit is about?”Zack asked behind him
“This”Nick replied hiding one bundle in his arms
“Dont tell me that you need money, I thought I told you not to always spend lavishly ?”He said as he walked towards the table putting the money in one of the cabinet.
“I didn’t come to ask you for money but Instead, I came to ask you where you got this money from”Nick asked and that stilled him for a while
“Where would I get the money from, it’s from the job that we have been recei…….”
“Stop with your lies Zack, I know for a fact that you and Bruce are both working together, you both stole the document that belong to Celine father. You trained me making it clear to me that stealing is not one of the attributes of a body guard but here you are doing it !”Nick yelled at him
“Do not judge me when you know nothing!”Zack yelled at him too
“Then explain, make me under stand, tell me why you chose to do some thing this horried!”Nick asked
“Because I need the money, I wasn’t lying when I told you the company is falling apart, I needed the money and when Bruce came to me, wanting my help, I decided to do do it “Zack replied.
That’s odd, Bruce had said that Zack came to him offering his help and now it’s the other way round.
“So you did it for money right?”Nick asked
“Yes I did, I never meant Celine to be hurt, I only told them to get the document in the house and that they should leave,you have got to believe me Nick!”
Nick stood starring at him, once again Zack has said some thing to make Nick doubt him.
He didn’t tell him about Celine getting hurt but some how he knew.
“Are you sure that that is the only reason why you helped Bruce?”Nick asked again
“I…..I am”Zack replied and not wanting to Alarm Zack further, he decided to buy his story.
“Fine then, I will believe you”Nick replied
“Thanks my boy, thanks so much”Zack replied.
“I will head back to the mansion and i hope that you stop when ever it is you are up to Zack, some how have come to like Celine and I will do any thing to protect her “Nick said and walked out of the room.
Zack is hiding some thing , he might be saying the truth when it comes to the company going bankrupt and that he had to do it to protect the company but he doesn’t believe him when it comes to the part of Celine being almost killed, Zack knows some thing about it and he will certainly find out what the secret is.
As soon as he got into the car and drove off, a sleek black rang rover stopped in front of the agency and a man got out of the car.
With the help of the cleaners who were keeping the agency clean, he was shown to Zack office.
He knocked and walked into the office starring at Zack who was now standing by the window
“Who are you and why are you here?”Zack asked the stranger
“I came for some one, do you perhaps know who Nick Edmund is ?”The stranger asked softly
“And what if I know? Who the hell are you and why are you looking for him?”Zack asked again and this time the stranger smiled at him,looking like some one who just found a long lost puppy.
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