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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“What do you mean by that? Am late as it is, so just get out of my way “Celine said trying to push past the maids who stood in front of her.
“Just as you can be stubborn, I can too and so you won’t be leaving and they would be there to make sure you do as I say” Stacey said
“What? Why do you insist on keeping me locked in? Is it because of what happened yesterday, I can handle it Stacey, so stop being a mother hen “Celine said
“Call me what ever you want but you won’t be going to college today. I was so worried about you ,I can’t risk it and so you would be staying here”Stacey said again.
“Says who!!!”Celine yelled suddenly starring at them.
“If you don’t let me pass right now, I will make sure you all are fired and I mean it”Celine said and the maids who stood in front of her looked uncertain and quickly they moved out of the way for her.
“You just won’t listen! Why are you so sturbborn ?”Stacey said after her.
“Just because some one is out there who wants to kill me doesn’t mean I should live my life locked up”Celine said as she limped towards the lift
“But you were fine doing that some weeks ago!”Stacey added as she kept walking after her
“That is because I was sad but not any more “Celine said remembering how she lived locked up for a year and that gave her expression a sad one.
“Oh I’m sorry Celine, I didn’t mean to …….”
“It’s okay, am going out as it is and today, I will be going to school and you won’t be able to stop me”Celine said as they got into the lift together.
She had almost died here last night and if it hadn’t been for Nick who came to her rescue she would have been dead.
Remembering Nick brought a smile on her face and Stacey who had been watching her, expecting to witness her claustrophobic attack was shocked to see her smiling.
She couldn’t get to ask Celine about it because the lift door opened and they walked out of it.
Celine was expecting to see Nick but the slim man dressed in black wasn’t Nick and the smile on her face died immediately.
“What’s going on? Where is Nick?” Celine asked
“I forgot to tell you, Nick left early this morning and he asked his boss to send you a new guard that will take you to school”
“Why? Where is he?”Celine asked starring at her
“He went out, he didn’t tell us where he was going?” Stacey said
“You should have told me this earlier?”Celine yanked.
“So you won’t go to school right?”Stacey asked hoping Celine wouldn’t go to school
“No, I will be going to school and Nick better be there when I get there “Celine said as she began walking out of the house.
Where could he have gone to so early in the morning and why didn’t he tell her where he was going to? She thought as the guard started the car.
“Well Miss Clifford, I’m James, Nick colleague at …….”
“Nick asked you to come personally right?” Celine asked suddenly cutting off his words
“Yes he did and I…..”
“You must also know where he is right?”She asked eagerly
“Yes i do and i ……”
“Take me there!”She said suddenly
“Take you where?”
“Take me to where he is? You said you know where Nick is right? So take me to him”Celine said
“I don’t think that is a good idea, I ……”
“Nick left me in charge of some one else, that alone can lose him his job, so If you don’t want your friend to lose his job, you will take me to where he is right now!”Celine said using her authoritative attitude, she knew it works perfectly and it will certainly work with him.
“Fine then,I will take you there”the guard replied as he drove the car through another lane.
He drove for a while and while he kept on driving Celine kept on wondering where Nick could be? Who is he with and why did he leave with out telling her a thing.
Why wouldn’t he tell her where he is headed to? They were not that close, she thought to her self and just then she remembered the gentle way he was with her last night and she made a conclusion that she and Nick were close enough for him to tell her where he was going to…..
“We are there Miss”The guard said interrupting her thought and she stared through the window to see that they were parked in front of a restaurant.
“Why would Nick be here……”she stopped mid way when she saw Nick sitting on one of the empty chair starring at the food in front of him and he wasn’t alone, there was Alicia sitting in front of him starring at him too.
“Would you like to go to them?” The guard asked
“No,just take me to school instead” Celine replied and the guard turned the car around heading for Celine School.
She didn’t know why but she felt sad and hurt seeing Nick and Alicia together.
Mean while Nick sat at the restaurant, his break fast still untouched and starring at Alicia who sat starring at him
“I asked to see you this early , so I can be back at the college for my class”she said starring at Nick
“We had to talk some time”Nick replied as he began to eat his food.
“You need to come back”Alicia began softly
“I dont want to!” Nick replied
“Why? Why don’t you wanna come back?” Alicia asked
“That place isn’t for me, I don’t belong there any way, you were there that night, you heard it all, you should also know that is why I left”Nick replied
“I know what I heard and i don’t care, to me you are still you and i love you all the same. So please come back home, I beg you to come back”She said
“Am sorry Alicia, I have already made a life for my self here, I don’t want to go back”Nick said
“You really are cruel, Thomas is right! You never cared for us, you only thought of your self, that is why you left, you never even thought of me. ” Alicia said now crying
“I did, I do think of you Alicia, you are the only one I have been thinking of ever since I left. I don’t want to go back Alicia, support me on this, I have made a life here and you came here too to study and also for the competition, we can be close here”
“I don’t want that, I want you back with us Nick”She said again
“My answer will remain the same Alicia, I will not leave and now that I have to protect…..”
“To protect who? Why don’t you just finish it….you became a guard and knowing how I feel about Celine, you decided to be her guard”Alicia said crying again
“What do you mean by the way you feel About Celine? “
“Don’t act like you didn’t know!”
“What are you talking about? Do you know Celine before?”
“Of course, she was my competetor, My rival, she always won, while I took the second place. I felt so sad and I hated my self for always losing to her”Alicia said, a hint of anger sounded in her voice.
“I never knew, Alicia,! I swear”Nick said taking hold of her shaking hand
“How could you! You were always working, travelling from one place to another, you never even showed up for once in my competition, you never saw how I was suffering because of Celine”Alicia said again.
“Alicia… sorry”Nick said trying to console her.
“It was a blessing when she had that accident Nick…..I was able to run freely and I won each race, I would have been really happy if you had been there but you had left, not bothering to tell us where you were for a year and then i saw you again at the charity event that day and it turns out that you were her guard, Celine Clifford guard….isn’t life some thing”Alicia said.
Nick didn’t know how to console Alicia. A year ago he had been working hard, traveling from places building the empire they were going to inherit some day, he never knew that Alicia was suffering because she could not beat Celine and now that she was on the lead,it turns out that Nick is working for her.
“You can keep on doing your thing and I won’t ask you to go back home again but there is some thing you must know,he is here Nick, he came looking for you, I didnt tell him that I have met with you again but he came and he is looking for you”Alicia said.
Nick didn’t have to ask who was looking for him because he already knew who it was.
“Thanks for the info, let’s meet up some other time, now I have a job to do “Nick said and giving her a little peck on the cheek, he left the restaurant.

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