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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



Celine stood in front of the college waiting for Nick.
“I have Nick now and I love him very much” what she said earlier came back to haunt her.
Why did she say it? If any one else had been watching them,they would have thought that she was saying the truth…..or was she really saying the truth.
She better not, this is not a time for her to fall in love., she had to study and then get back her father company from her step father and besides Nick isn’t some one who will fall for her, he only sees her as some one he had to protect and there was Alicia in the picture.
The way he looks at her isn’t the way a man will look at his friend.
Why did she have to fall for Nick, why did she always fall for the complicated guys? She thought as she stood at the entrance waiting for Nick to show up, where did he even go to?.
She was contemplating where he could have gone to when a car stopped in front of her.
A man who was in his mid thirties walked towards her,having a smile on his face.
Did he find her attractive even with her being an handicap, she thought as he finished scrutinising her
“Can you tell me how to get to the art department?”He asked and some how Celine found his voice to be familiar, weird isnt it? She thought as she kept starring at the stranger who was now standing in front of her.
“If you keep on walking straight, you will see it,it isn’t that far from here?”Celine replied
“Okay then! Thank you”He said and walked past her.
She stiffened when she got a whiff of his smell, it was the same smell, the man that….that….with out thinking further she went after him and stopped him by putting a hand on his arm.
“What’s wrong miss?”the stranger asked as he saw Celine pale face.
“Are you ill? I can take you to the hospital”The stranger said and quickly she let go of him.
“No…. For a while I thought you were some one I knew”she said as she began to limp back.
“Thomas!”Alicia called taking the attention of the stranger.
Celine turned to stare at the Alicia who ran towards Thomas hugging him tight
What would Nick think once he sees them together, she thought as she stood starring at them, she didn’t realise she had been starring when Thomas stared at her.
He had a weird look on his face and he even gave her a smile while he was still holding onto Alicia.
“Celine!”Nick called and quickly she turned to stare at him
He got to her side before she fell on the floor and he held her tight in his arms.
By now the scene made by Celine and Nick had gotten Alicia and Thomas attention.
“What’s wrong Celine?”Nick asked as he held Celine in his arms.
“Please……take me home!”She whispered softly and immediately Nick carried her in his arms and it was then he noticed Thomas and Alicia watching them.
He walked off with out acknowledging, putting Celine in the car he drove back to the mansion.
“What was that about?”Thomas asked Alicia who stood beside him starring at the car which had drove off already.
“That’s Nick new job!”Alicia replied starring at her older brother.
” I know he is a guard but then is that lady the one he is looking after?”Thomas asked
“Yes! That’s Celine….Celine Clifford, my rival or perhaps should I say my previous rival, she is now handicap, should I say that it’s a blessing in disguise ?”Alicia said
“Celine Clifford you say”Thomas Asked
“Yes! You must remember her right? I always nag to you about her in the past”
“Yes you did! It’s really a good thing that she had that accident right?”Thomas said as he gave Alicia a smile which she returned.
“Did you get to reacquaint your self with Nick?”Alicia asked
“Let’s save that for Some other day, now I want to spend some time with my beautiful sis”Thomas said as he walked with her to his car, no one not even Alicia noticed the smile lurking on his face.
“Come back here! Come back here!”Two men said as they kept on running after Celine.
She ran as her legs could carry her, she was still running when she got to the busy street.
She ran into the road not watching where she was going and a car drove straight at her .
The last thing she heard was a man voice, a man who walked out of the car starring down at her, a man whom she couldn’t see his face.
“Help….help me please! Help” Celine cried out and Nick who was on the siting on the chair beside her began to shake her until she opened her eyes.
“Celine!”He said starring down at her worriedly
“Nick!”She called and hugged him tight.
He held her too, he had been so worried when he saw her looking pale at the college and when she was brought home, she became more ill, he had been sitting by her bed side since she took Ill the day before and her yell had woken up.
“It’s okay you are with me now!”Nick said as he tried soothing her and her shivering stopped.
“It must have been a bad night mare”He said a while later when she was fully calm
“Yes”she muttered softly
“What was it about?”Nick asked
“The day of my accident”She said softly
“Care to tell me about it?”He asked
“No,I want to get some sleep Nick, can I be alone for a while?”She said as she moved out of his arms.
Nick had like that she was in his arms but when she pulled away it some how made it feel empty and knowing that her attitude is suddenly being cold, he felt a little angry as he stood up.
“Get some sleep, you need it” he muttered as he left the room.
“Is she awake?”Stacey asked as she stared at Nick who was closing the door
“Yes she is but she wants to be alone”Nick said
“Why? I have to see her, to know if she is really fine”Stacey said
“You will just have to trust my word Stacey and besides there is some thing I still want to ask you”Nick said as he pulled her away from Celine door.
“What’s that?”
“It’s about Celine accident? Do you know how it occurred?”Nick asked and Stacey gave a long sigh.
“You see am only asking because she was dreaming about it and……”
“Dreaming? Did you just say that Celine was dreaming about it?” Stacey asked making Nick feel more confused
“Yes she was? Is there some thing wrong if she dream about it?”Nick asked
“No…..not all…..well it’s just that Celine lost her memory”
“Yes, she doesn’t know about it but the doctor told us on the night of her accident that she lost some part of her memory and that proved right when she told us that she only Remembered the part of her running for her life, she doesnt Remember what happen after or before that night.”Stacey said
“And so if you said that she was dreaming about it then certainly her memories are coming back right?”Stacey asked
“Am not really sure of that but tell me, can’t you remember some thing odd that happened that night, maybe a clue,it could help lead us to the man who is after Celine life”Nick said hoping she knew some thing.
“Well I do remember some thing and its about her shoe?”Stacey said starring at him
“About her shoe? Tell me more Stacey”Nick said .
Bruce sat in his office going through some files when his secretary knock twice on the door before walking in.
“Sorry to bother you sir but you have a guest”She said looking a bit apprehensive
“Am not meeting any one Shasha, just cancel every one of my appointment”Bruce said
“Am lucky i didn’t make an appointment then”Thomas said as he walk into the room
“Even if you didn’t make an appointment, I still do not want to see any one, leave now”Bruce said
” Why don’t you listen to a proposition I have for you, you would certainly love it”Thomas said
“I have no interest ……”
“Not even when it pertains to company”Thomas said and Bruce stopped what he was doing to stare at him
“Now that have gotten your attention, let’s talk about the proposition I have for you”Thomas said.

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