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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services


Celine stood in front of the mansion waiting for the driver to bring the car so she can leave for the appointment she had with her doctor.
They had told her that she forgot some things on the day of her accident, temporary amnesia, since it was temporary, she thought the amnesia would only last for some couple of months but then it turned out that it had lasted for a year well until yesterday.
The car stopped in front of her and she was about getting in when Nick ran out of the house, calling her name.
She stopped to stare at him putting on his shoe, he looked a bit disheveled, Stacey had caught him off guard, she thought as she smiled a bit.
“I heard you were going out? Why didn’t you send for me?”He asked
He had had a late sleep last night because he was watching over Celine and when there was certainly no danger lurking, he went back to his room to get some rest only to be woken by Stacey that Celine was leaving and she had no intention of taking him along.
“It’s just a doctor appointment, I can take care of myself”She said not looking him in the eye, strange though, Celine has always been a straight forward person.
“I will come with you”Nick said as he began to head to the driver seat
“I don’t want you to come, I don’t need you to accompany me Nick”She said now starring at him.
“But I went with you yesterday and…..”
“That was yesterday, I don’t need your services today “
“You have no say in that Celine, you are on danger and it’s my job to always watch over you”Nick said getting angry by her attitude
“Fine then, if you want to come with me, then do but take the other car”She said as she got into the car.
Knowing how Celine can be at time, he went to get the other car and follow them.
Celine was already limping into the room when she opened the building when he got there, he got out and went after her.
She saw him arrive but she pretended not to see him, this is getting worse, he thought.
Why is she suddenly being this way towards him.
“Miss Celine,if you would come with me, doctor Martin is in his office”a nurse said as she approached them
Celine began to follow them and Nick did the same but Celine stopped starring at him.
“Wait here for me,I will be back soon “She said evading his eyes and then she walked the short distance that separated them.
It’s been a while already and Celine hasn’t been out, what could be happening? He thought as he walked to the nurse desk to enquiry and it was then he noticed a man holding a tray heading to the room Celine was.
He looked a bit suspicious,Nick thought as he kept on starring at the man who looked around before entering the room.
Celine! He thought as he quickly ran the few pace that separated him from the room.
He barged in and went straight at the man who was hovering over Celine and immediately punch him in the face.
“Nick what’s wrong with you!”Celine yelled at him
“Call the police Celine, he wants to harm you” Nick said
“What do you mean by harm me?”Celine said
“listen to me and call the police quickly and Al…….”
“He is my doctor Nick! “Celine yelled at him and he stared at her and the man lying on the floor
” He is my doctor, I can’t believe you did that!”Celine yelled as she went to the man now lying on the floor to pull him up
“But he just went in now and I…..”
“I only stepped out to take some thing, I actually saw you outside but you were too busy on your call to notice me leaving the room”The doctor said
“Am sorry Martin, am really sorry”Celine said as she helped him stand up
“Am sorry, I didn’t know…..”
“Come with me”Celine said pulling Nick out of the room.
“Look I didn’t really know that he was……”
“That is why I told you to stay at the mansion, if only you had listened to me,this would not have happened”Celine said starring at him angrily
He was only trying to protect her, how dare her yell at him.
“I won’t tolerate you shouting at me, I was oy acting on my instinct “
“Well your darn instinct failed you time around and so please Nick, just leave! “Celine yelled at him
“What’s with you! Why are you suddenly acting this way with me? “Nick yelled at her too
“Leave Nick”She said and turned to leave but he pulled her back
“Oh no! You have been all distant since morning and I would like to know why?”He said
“I don’t want to talk about this!”Celine said trying to pull free but he held her tight.
“Oh damn you to hell! Why won’t you just leave when am asking you to, go to Alicia and leave me alone”Celine said losing her temper
“So this is about Alicia?”He asked and she pushed him away heading out of the hospital and into the waiting car.
Nick got into his own car and went after the car.
She was angry, angry about him seeing Alicia, she had made that quite clear with what she said a while ago.
It’s time he made it clear to her what relationship he had with Alicia.
As soon as they got back to the mansion, she got out of the car limping to the house wanting to escape Nick but he caught up with her and pulled her to him
“I don’t want to talk to you Nick”She said starring at him
“But I want to talk to you and you will have to listen!”
“None of my employees have ever talked to me like this, don’t make me…….”
“Having a lovers stiff?” Mark asked from the door way and they both turned to see him starring at them.
“Why the hell are you here?” Nick yelled starring at Mark
“Oh Celine you are back”Stacey said starring at the both of them and then at Mark.
“I let him in because he said that you…..”
“You haven’t forgotten about the project right? You see the professor had put Celine and I together in a project and so I came to do it with her “
“Couldn’t you do that at the college, why bother her here, get out!”Nick said moving towards Mark but Celine got in his way.
“Stop it, he came to do a project with me and that’s all”Celine said
“And there is no need to act possessive and angry, we are only faking it”Celine added and for a while he was quiet starring at her.
How would she feel when she knew that he wasn’t faking it, he thought to him self
“Sorry we barge in to your home like this Celine” Jessica said as she walked out of the house.
“Are you also a part of Celine group?”Nick asked
“Of course, we are six as it is, what were you thinking Nick! Did you think I came here to be alone with your girl friend”Mark asked having a smile on his face.
“Why don’t we all go in and start with the project”Celine said to them and together they all went in to the mansion.
“What a bastard!”Stacey muttered as she and Nick stood at the door way starring at Mark who tried to get Celine attention instead of concentrating on the project on ground.
“If he is a bastard, why did you let him in?”Nick replied still feeling angry.
Seeing Celine and Mark together made him very angry.
“He said Celine had asked him to come because they had a group project together and so I had no choice than to just let him come in and besides,the others were with him”Stacey replied
Nick stood there watching Celine and the rest, they were laughing to some thing mark said well apart from her who still looked troubled, he knew she was still thinking about Alicia and he had to talk to her about that.
“I will go get the book”Celine said as she stood up
“I will come with you”Mark said as he quickly followed Celine
“Have had it with that bastard!”Nick muttered to Stacey who was surprised by his sudden out burst.
“I didn’t ask you come with me!”Celine said as she held went through the book case, searching for the business book her father uses in the past
“But I want to, you have no idea how much I want to be alone with you”Mark said as he moved towards Celine
“I already have a boyfriend Mark and so I …..”
“A boyfriend you just had a fight with, I hope the fight last then I get to have to you to myself”mark said as he grab Celine waist
“Let me go Mark, let me go or else I will scream”
“I want to see you try”He said and bent to kiss her but she pushed at him, fighting him off.
“I hate it when you act like a two faced virgin, just give into me Celine, come back to me and I will love you, more than that bastard have ever done “he said
“Get your hands off her or I swear,I will break every little bone in your body “Nick said suddenly and they both turned to stare at Nick who was starring at them angrily.

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