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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“I thought I told you to let her go!”Nick said to mark who still had his arms around Celine.
“I think your time is over Mr! Let’s say I left her because I was stupid in the past but I won’t lose her again, so why don’t you just leave us alone”Mark said pulling Celine more closer
Nick stared at Celi tone and seeing mark arms wrapped around Celine made him more angry.
“Mark please stop this! Let me go”Celine said trying to pull out of his arms but his hold tighten.
“Don’t act shy now that he is here, you loved being in my arms a while ago”Mark said
Nick walked towards them and stared at Celine who was starring back at him.
“Forgive me Celine but this fool has to be taught a lesson”Nick said and before mark could say a thing, Nick gave him a punch that got him falling on the floor.
“Leave Celine! I plan on beating this fool to a pulp and i doubt if you would be able to watch this, so just leave”Nick said walking towards Mark who was still reeling from the punch
Knowing what Mark is capable of Celine moved towards Nick, pulling him back
“No! Please don’t! He is not worth it”She said
“He messed with you Celine and that is some thing I won’t tolerate”Nick said as he tried to walk past her but she hugged him tight.
“Please don’t! I beg you”She said softly and Nick softened by her request.
“Get out of here before I change my mind and hurt you badly “Nick said as he held onto Celine who was now trembling in his arms.
“there he is, get him out of here”Stacey said as she brought in two male servant.
“don’t touch me, I will leave by myself”Mark said as he left the room with Stacey and the guards going after him
“Are you okay?”Nick asked still holding onto Celine.
She pulled away to stare at him and then she nodded softly
“Am fine”She replied
“Why did you stop me from beating him, do you still have feelings for him ?”Nick asked as she walked a few paces to separate them.
Just the smell of him is driving her crazy and to think that he just asked her a question like that makes her angry.
If only he knew how hard it has been for her to make this decision, the decision of staying away from him.
When she woke up in the early morning,she made a decision.
She knew he was seeing Alicia, he might say there is nothing going on between them but she knew that some thing was.
A man wouldn’t stare at a woman like that, he had never stared at her the way he did with Alicia .
She made a mistake by falling for him, to him she would always be the girl he is hired to protect and what man would want an handicap like her.
So she decided that a way to stop this feeling of hers she has to stop depending on him and she also has to keep him at bay and that was working fine until now.
“What do you mean by that?” She asked starring at him, he walked the few paces that seprated them and he stood in front of her.
“I just asked,are you still in love with Mark? Is that why you stopped me, is that why you have been pushing me away all day”he asked
“I won’t give you a reply to this!” She said and began to limp off only for him to pull her back to him
“Answer me Celine!”He yelled at her
“Yes! Is that what you want to hear…I avoided you this morning because am still in love with Mark, I stopped you from beating him because I still love… that what you want too hear, then listen carefully Nick! I love Mark….I still do”She yelled this out at the top of her lungs that when she finished, she was breathing very hard.
He starred at her for a while, his silence was making her feel weird.
“Let go……”she stopped when she saw him smiling suddenly
“Liar!”He said and before she could stop him, he kissed her on the lips.
Celine stood shocked for a while starring at him and when she tried to pull away he pulled her back to him, deepening the kiss.
Did he know what he was doing to her? She thought as she found her self succumbing to the kiss
She kissed him just as he kissed her and it was really really good.
He pulled away suddenly starring at her and him self
“Am sorry!’He said as he pulled away from her.
“Sorry?”she muttered
“Yes, I didn’t mean to kiss you, I was just…..i….”
“You don’t need to say any thing”Celine said feeling very embarrassed
She turned to leave only to be pulled back him.
“What now Nick! Save me the humiliation of crying In front of you and just leave me alone”she said as she held back the tears.
“I….I didn’t mean to sound like a jerk earlier Celine, I ….am handling It bad right?”Nick said looking very confused
“Yes you are and just as have said, it’s best that you leave me alone”She said trying to pull away, wanting to head to her room but then he pulled her back hugging her close.
“Am sorry I missed you Celine, I never wanted it to be this way with us, it’s not that am trying to say that you are not desirable to me, you are Celine, I don’t know why but I find myself drawn to you, have lived a monk life for a year now and then suddenly you appeared, bringing out this feelings in me”He said as he cradled her head tightly.
“What am trying to say here is that I find you very very attractive but I can’t be in a relationship, am not just ready….not ready to start a relationship after what happened to me in the……it doesn’t matter now, don’t cry Celine….it breaks my heart to see you cry “He said
Celine felt a bit thrilled when she heard that he found her attractive but when he said he didn’t want to be in a relationship, it made her more sad, making her pour out her tears.
It took a while before she stopped crying and she pulled out of his arms starring at him
“I know what you are trying to say Nick and I feel the same way too, let’s forget this ever happen”She said and turned to leave the room and this time he didn’t stop her.
Celine was still wiping out the remnant of tears on her face when she saw Stacey standing in front of her with her father lawyer starring at the both of them.
“Celine there is a problem”He said and knowing what her father lawyer meant by problem,she knew it was some thing serious.
“Let’s go to my father study and talk about it “She said putting on her business facade.
As soon as they were both in the room, the lawyer began softly
“It’s about the company!”He said
“What’s it about the company ? “Celine asked
“Bruce brought in a third party”
“What do you mean by a third party?”Celine asked already knowing where he was headed.
“He brought some one else in, selling the shares of the company to him and he also sold his shares to him too “
“How many percent does this man owns?”Celine asked
“60 percent, he had acquired 30 percent from the company and then Bruce 30 percent, yours is still in its 40 but this has change every thing, this acquiring will make the new party the majority share holder” he said and under Neath the table Celine clenched her clothe tightly
“This is was what dad was afraid, he never wanted any one to be a partner apart from Bruce whom he trusted so much but Bruce had betrayed him …….this won’t go with out me doing a thing”She said as she stood up angrily
“What do you intend to do Celine?”the lawyer asked but she wasn’t listening any more because she was already limping out of the room.

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