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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



Nick walked around the mansion searching for Celine, ever since she got the invitation, she has gone to her bed room or he thought so.
Stacey had gone in search of her only to come back telling him that Celine is not in her room, they began the search together and Nick was just coming back from the garden when he met Stacey.
“Have found her, she is in her father room, I should have thought of that before saying she is missing”she said and Nick walked past her with out saying a thing heading to the room of Celine father.
“Celine only goes there if she wants to think, you should leave her alone”Stacey said trying to stop him
“I will deal with what ever she sends my way”Nick said as he walked the few paces to the room and then walked in with out knocking.
She was standing by the window and didn’t look back when he walked into the big room
“Leave! I want to be alone”She said not looking back
“You look awful”He said and she looked at him, she looked away quickly to wipe off the tears though he had seen it already.
“Don’t!”He said
“Don’t what ?”she asked as she glared at him angrily.
She had been thinking of him and had come to this room to try to forget him, she always find her self thinking of her dad and she needed her father memory to wipe off Nick but still it wouldn’t.
She love him and knowing he would never love her back hurts…when she had asked if he would Marry her,he had thought she was joking but she wasn’t and now here he was again bothering her.
“Don’t cry! It doesn’t suit you”he said
“Look have had enough of you telling me wat to do and I…..”She stopped when he pulled her into his arms hugging her tight
“You shouldn’t cry when am not around, do it when I am”he said softly and Celine found her self hugging him close for more comfort.
It was a while later that she pulled out of his arms starring out through the window.
“Feeling better?”he asked
“Yes”she replied as she turned stare at him
“Are you worried about the issue on ground?”he asked
“That and others”she replied
“You know ! Have never worried about a thing in my life because my father was always there to deal with it but when he died,I felt so alone and sometimes stupid, I could barely under stand how the company runs and that is why Bruce took over, if I had known that this sort of thing will happen,I would have stopped it and even though I knew nothing, I would have tried to learn some thing, I feel like have let my father down”she said
“No! You haven’t,you were in grief for him and also for the career you lost, you trusted Bruce and left the company in his hands, you aren’t stupid Celine, you are just too trusting and if your father was still alive, he would be proud of the woman you have become”he said patting her head gently.
“You sound like my father you know”She said smiling at him
“Are you trying to say that am an old man?”He asked and she laughed again
“You sure do look like one”she replied starring out through the window and Nick found him self watching her.
She looks beautiful when she is smiling and when she is sad….it some how made him sad and maybe that is because he……..
No! He wouldn’t think of that! He is not Inlove with her, he might be attracted to her but to be in love….that’s a no…he had been in love once and that had ended bad, he is not ready to tie his heart down to another woman and certainly not to Celine.
He turned to speak only to find her starring at him.
“What’s wrong?”She asked
“Nothing! I think I will head to my room now”he said and began to walk off and then stopped again to look at her
“Remember do not cry if am not around, some one night run off if they see your ugly face when you cry and we don’t want that or do we?”He asked and she gasped out wanting to retaliate with all sort of insults but then he walked out of the room ending what ever thing she was about to say.
Celine stood in front of the mirror, all dressed in a blue chiffon gown which brought out her slenderness and her figure.
She was still thinking about her decision to go when the door opened to reveal Nick in the door way
“Are you ready?” He asked
“Yes!”She replied as she turned to look at him
“Still haven’t changed your mind yet?”He asked Softly
“I haven’t and nothing will change my mind Nick, if you…….”
“I know…. I know …..I know , once you have made your decision, no one can change it, not even me, so all I can say is that it’s time for us to go”Nick said cutting Celine off.
“Are you coming with me?”she asked and he nodded in reply
“Look it’s not a must that you…….”
“Am going with you and that is that !”He said as he held her hand.
Celine found her self starring at him, dressed in a different suit, he look chic and sophisticated, like some one who had grown in wealth and that is odd, she had always thought that he was just a single man, working to make money but seeing him now… made her realise also that she hardly knows a thing about Nick.
“Shall we?”He said bringing her back to reality and she went with him willingly.
As they took off to Thomas new house for the party, Celine sat in silence thinking about the party ahead and Nick too was wondering what Thomas and Bruce was planning.
They got out of the car and walked in arm in arm.
They were taken to the front seat by her father Personal assistant.
A seat which consists of her mother, Bruce, Thomas and Alicia.
“Welcome”Thomas greeted starring at Nick and Celine linked arm
“I thought you wouldn’t show up “He said this starring at Celine.
“But we did and how can I miss coming to a party, it’s been long since have been to one”she said this starring at her mother and Bruce.
“Look if you are going to cause a scene here then ……”
“I don’t intend to, I only cause a scene at party which I hate and at parties which have been forced to,be rest assured Brice, I don’t intent to stain your name here”she said giving him a huge smile.
“With that said, you should take a seat”Thomas said and Nick pulled out the chair for Celine and when she was seated, he began to pull out a chair but Thomas raised his hand stopping him
“This table isn’t for employees, join the table over there “Thomas said.
He was doing this to piss Nick off and he knew he was succeeding but Nick wouldn’t let him win by causing a scene
“I want my….. “
“Its okay Celine! I will just stay at the other table,if you need any thing just call”He said gently touching her cheek before walking off .
Celine felt braver with Nick beside her and now that Nick was gone she felt insecure.
She turned to see Alicia looking at Nick hungrily.
Not noticing that she was being watched by Celine, Alicia turned to her brother.
“Why did you do that to Nick ?”
“He wants me to pretend not to know him and so I must do as he have requested, now keep on eating, we are being watched by Celine”Thomas muttered at her and Alicia turned to stare at Celine.
She hated her in the past and now more than ever she hates her more and that’s because she taking all of Nick attention.
Seeing her walk in with his arms in hers got her so mad,she hates seeing other girls with Nick and that’s because she wants him for her self..
In the past she had been fine when she knew him as her brother but every thing changed when they knew the truth a year ago.
The feelings she had kept long buried resurfaced and now more than ever she wants him, she wants Nick for her self, she thought still starring at Celine.
“How have you been Celine?”Her mother voice made her look away from Alicia who had been glaring at her
“Don’t you think it’s too late to ask that?”Celine replied
“Why can’t you be civil to me for once, am just asking about your ……”
“If you truly wanted to know, you would have called a long time ago ….look am having a tough time as it is, don’t add to it “Celine said and turned to see Thomas starring at her..
He has been starring at her ever since she walked into the room and that had got her feeling shivery.
She must admit that she came to this party to get him to tell her what he meant in his letter and she will make sure she gets it.
Still holding his gaze, she stood up, limping towards Thomas
“Would you like to dance?”she asked ignoring every one and just starring at him alone.
“Though as you all can see that am an handicap and you would probably be thinking that I might do it right but I can and I will show you only if you accept to dance with me”she added waiting for him to give her a reply.
He smiled softly , a smile which made his harsh face more softer and handsome
“Well,I would like you to show me”he said getting up and taking her out stretched hand.
Together they walked to the danced floor and though it was hard at first, she began to move softly in his arms and she wouldn’t deny that he helped her a bit in the movement, some thing she was grateful for.
“So am I to think that you asked me to dance because you want to or is to get me away so we could talk?”He asked
“I would only ask a man for a dance to talk to him”She said and he smiled
“Then hurry before the song end”He said
“What do you mean in that letter of yours?”
“What exactly?”he asked innocently
“You said you might be able to help rectify this situation”she said
“Ahhhhh… you brought me here to ask for my help?”He asked
“Don’t flatter your self, I just want to know how you intend on rectifying it, you know what you and Bruce are……”
“Shhh…..this is a party….let’s save the business talk for later and savour this moment”he said
“But I……”
“Your guard keeps on looking at us? Should I see him as threat?”He asked softly as he turned her in his arms so she was now looking at Nick who sat watching her.
“Are you two in a relationship?”Thomas asked
“No we aren’t, Nick is just my guard and he has made it his job to protect me” she said
“Oh ……so what you are saying is that the only affection he has towards you is that of protection”He asked
“Yes”she replied still starring at Nick
“Well if you say it that way, I will just have to believe, just be careful of him, I think he is some one hiding a lot and lot of secrets”Thomas said and she stared at him
“What do you mean by that? Do you know Nick?”she asked suddenly.

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