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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“I do not know him? Am some one who can read another and I can tell that he is no good”Thomas said
“If you won’t speak well about my guard, then I suggest that you stop because I won’t tolerate it if you…..”
“If I what? Don’t tell me that you like him ?”Thomas asked this feeling a bit strange
He knew she liked Nick, after all he had caught her starring at the table where he was seated, she was all taking when he was by her side but when he left, she looked with drawn which leaves him to the conclusion that she liked Nick, some thing he found to be annoying, how does Nick attracts the most beautiful female,he thought as he stared at the angry beauty still in his arms
“Of course I don’t….stop making silly assumption”She denied
She took so long to answer which certainly means that she likes him, what a lucky bastard Nick was.
“Then am glad that you don’t or will seeing him in another lady arms make you feel different?” He asked and Celine found her self starring at Nick who was now dancing with Alicia, smiling at some thing she said.
“Those two hit it off perfectly ,don’t you think?”Thomas asked and Celine forced her self to look at Thomas who now have a smile on his face, she had brought him to the dancefloor to question him about his motives but she hasn’t gotten any where with it, she wished the music will end already.
“What relationship do you have with Alicia?”Celine dared to ask him
“That’s a secret”He said giving her a smile
“I think have had enough of the……. What are you doing?”Celine stared at Thomas who pulled her close to him
“Stopping you from stopping the dance”he said
“I would like to go back to my seat now”Celine said only to be pulled more closer to his body, with her head resting on his chest while his chin rested on her head, they looked like two couple who couldn’t seem to get out of each other arms which got Celine more embarrassed.
When the song finally ended, she excused her self and went to the ladies room to get rid of Thomas scent on her.
She didn’t know why, she didn’t like Thomas, even though he has been nothing but polite to her, she dislike the say he smile, the way he talks, the way he even do things, he is quite hand some, who was she kidding! Thomas is the epitome of hand some Ness but he will never be like Nick.
She smiled when she thought of him, that smile was still on her face when Alicia walked into the room.
“What would make Celine Clifford smile like that?”Alicia said sacastically as she went to stand beside Celine
Knowing she was trying to cause a fight, Celine dried her hand and turned to leave.
“It could only be Nick! Right?”She asked and that stopped Celine.
“What are you getting at Alicia?”Celine asked as she turned to face the other girl
“I know for a fact that you and Nick aren’t really in a relationship, he told me so himself, you are only doing it to make Mark jealous, I still can’t see why you would want to get back a guy who dumped you when he found out about you being an handicap, Not that I would blame him, no guy would ever want to be with a woman who limps “
“That goes for Nick too, he is only tolerating you because you are his boss daughter,get off your high horse Celine Clifford, no guy will be willing to look at you twice, before they might have but now they wouldn’t even give you a glimpse”
” Are you done?”Celine said starring at Alicia who was breathing harshly
“Then I will start with mine……what’s your relationship with Nick, judging from your out burst, I can’t stop believing that you two are friends”Celine said
” I won’t give you an answer to that, all I know is that Nick and I have gone a long way back, we are very very close with each other and nothing like Celine Clifford will ruin that closeness”Alicia said
“Thanks for telling me, I now know what your relationship is with my guard and as you have said we are faking it but until he tells me that he doesn’t want to do it again, then I will stop but now, I will enjoy my time with him”Celine said as she left the rest room.
She could feel the tears threatning to spill, she didn’t want to cry, she felt hurt that Nick would go around telling Alicia the truth about their relationship.
Alicia have made it clear what her relationship is with Nick and that is they are both lovers.
It hurts just to think of that… hurts just to…..she stopped when she collided into some one.
She looked up to find Thomas standing in front of her.
“Oh its you!”She said softly as she moved away but he was quick to notice the tears on her face
“You shouldn’t be worried about what Alicia said”he said
Not only had he caught her crying but he had also over heard the conversation between Alicia and her.
“It’s none of your business, just leave me alone”she said as she turned to leave only for Thomas to pull her back and hug her.
“What are you…….”
“You need a shoulder to lean on and right now my shoulder is free”he said pulling her close to him and Celine found her self crying into his arms.
Nick who had been looking for Celine stopped when he saw her In front of the rest room hugging Thomas and crying in his arms.
Seeing her in Thomas arms made him so angry,he told her to always cry when he was around and the first thing she does is to cry in the arms of Thomas.
He made a move towards them only for Thomas to flick a hand out at him, giving him a warning to stay away.
Celine who hadn’t seen him pulled away from
Thomas, wiping off the tears on her face .
“Am sorry that have been a nuisance, just look at your clothe, I will get some thing to wipe it…….”
“No! You need to get your self cleaned, come to my study”Thomas said pulling Celine off, she couldn’t get to decline his offer because he pulled her off.
Nick stood fuming and he was about to go after them when Alicia pulled him back
“What? Are you going to go after them?”She asked
“What’s Thomas up to this time, he must have told you some thing”
“And if he had do you think I will tell you?”She asked
“Fine then keep it to your self, I will just have to find out”Nick said as he began to leave it for Alicia to pull him back again
“Don’t go after her Nick, she is not worth it”Alicia said but he pulled his hand off and went after Celine and Thomas, giving his silence as answer to Alicia.
He got to the study to see the door a bit open and Celine along with Thomas stood a bit close to each other, checking out some thing.
“So what you are saying is that I should leave the company in your hands and in exchange you will take care of it and then you will get Bruce out of the way for me”Celine asked still shocked by Thomas sudden proposition
“Yes! Am willing to do it all, only if you let me”Thomas said
“Why! Why would you help me?”Celine asked
“You see have gotten to an age where i can see that if I don’t take a step I would be lonely for good, now more than ever I realised that I need a companion”
“What are you trying to say?”Celine asked as he walked towards her taking her hand in his
“Am trying to say that I want you to be my wife and In exchange I will help you with the company, what do you think?”Thomas asked starring at the puzzled Nick.
Nick who was listening by the door way, stared at Celine too waiting for an answer and judging by the look on her face, she was going to say yes to him, Nick thought starring at Celine, waiting for her to say some thing, he knew he didn’t want to hear her answer but some how he forced him self to listen to it and also hoping at the same time that she would say no.

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