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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“Miss Clifford, I will ask you to stop bringing your guard when ever you are coming to see me in the future”Thomas said still starring at Nick who stood his ground too
“I doubt that will be possible and will you please Mr Daven port stop addressing my fiance as a guard, I will like it if you Address him as Nick,cause he does have a name”Celine said and that made Thomas stare at her
“What if I don’t feel like it! You are my business partner whether you want to admit or not, we two are the partner here not a mere guard like him”Thomas began hotly
“I think you are……”
“Why don’t you leave us alone Celine”Nick said stopping her mid way.
“But…..”she stopped again when. Nick turned towards her, holding her by her shoulder.
“You have to trust me on this one, Leave Thomas and I alone, just trust me okay”He said kissing her fore head
“Fine then, I will be waiting out side for you”Celine said and gave Thomas one last look before heading out of the office.
As soon as she was gone ,Nick closed the door after her and he turned to see his brother seated on the desk, laughing at him
“Thomas,not even Mr Daven port, well I doubt you can address me with that name, after all you dropped it and began to live as a Edmund” Thomas said
“You are right,I dropped that name not because of the reason you have stated but because of some thing different entirely but that doesn’t matter, that isn’t why have asked Celine to leave us alone,so we can talk”He said
“Why have you asked her to leave us alone,am curious to know”Thomas said
” Just for two things exactly, firstly stay away from Celine and I, this is not a warning but a threat from me and secondly leave this company. I know how you have dealt with father company in the past and… ..”
“Father? Did you just call him father! Some one you disowned your self a year ago, how can the word father ever come out of your mouth right now?” Thomas asked now angry.
“No matter what happened a year ago, I still think of him as my father” Nick said
“Liar! You bloody liar, if you had thought of him as your father, you wouldn’t have left when we needed you a year ago” Thomas said
” You didn’t need me a year ago and am sure that you don’t need me now, you only came here to stir up trouble and if you are doing it Because of me, I suggest you just…..”
“Hold on a minute, don’t get things wrong! Am not doing this because of you, you aren’t that important “He said as he went back to his seat
“Then why are you doing it?”Nick asked
“It’s confidential”Thomas said as he picked up his pen writing some thing down on his diary.
“Well if it is confidential, I won’t ask you for it again, all I want is that you stay away from Celine and then find a way to leave the company “He said
“I think that will be impossible, little bro. You see I kind of fancy Celine, she is very beautiful, fierce and different from other girls have met, she is the type that a man like me have for a partner” Thomas said
“You are stepping the wrong way Thomas”Nick said softly
“Why? Is it because you have set your eyes on her too?” He asked
“You very well know that am not after Celine for her money or any other thing, we both….. “
“Like each other….well she made that clear at the party the other day but then it still doesn’t mean a think, girls tend to change their mind”
“Stop keeping your hopes up, Celine won’t ever change her mind, that I can assure you”Nick said and turned to leave
“You really think so?”Thomas question stopped Nick.
When ever Thomas speak this way, he seems to have some thing up his sleeves, he thought as he turned to face him
“What do you mean by that?”Nick asked
“Let’s just say that I doubt if you and Celine will be together for long, I doubt that very much “he said as he stood up and went towards the window.
“Look here Thomas….I “Nick stopped when he saw a black bag by the drawer on the left side of the room.
The bag was poking out its head and there was no denying the name written on it.
Nick moved towards it to give it further inspection and he was surprised at the name he saw written on it.
“it will be hard to get it but though the bag it self has the Clifford name on it, my father had put it there because he liked the bag so much”
Celine words rang into his head when he the Clifford name bodily written on the bag.
He stared at Thomas and then at the bag again, Thomas hadn’t noticed him there, starring at the bag .
What’s it doing here or could it just be a…..he stopped when he remembered the accident a year ago.
It can’t be….it certainly can’t be….he thought as he moved away the drawer.
He was about asking Thomas about it when the door opened and Celine poked her head in
“I think we should leave now, you must have finish your talk with him right?”Celine asked as she walked further into the room.
“Why don’t we both have a cup of coffee some time, who knows if you get to persuade me well enough, I might even leave to you”Thomas said and Celine gave him a haughty look before starring at Nick
“I don’t think we will be having that coffee ever because as you can see, my fiance and i will be doing a lot of things together, all I want from you is to leave my father company”Celine added and still holding Nick hand in hers, she pulled him out of the office.
“You should have seen his face when I called you my fiance”
“He doesn’t look like a man who accept rejection easily”
“I think that we should get help on this issue, I hate knowing that Thomas has changed every thing that has to do with the company”
“So am thinking that we should all just…..Nick! Nick are you listening to me?” Celine asked and that brought Nick back down to earth..
“Yes….of course am listening”He said quickly and that got Celine to look at him a bit worried
He has always been attentive towards her,all the time and ever since he had left Thomas office,he has been quiet.
“Hey! Am really listening to you “He said as he held her temple, so she was starring at him.
“If he doesn’t accept rejection easily, then we will have to make him accept it and you shouldn’t worry, when we do get married, we will change the company name back and I also like the look on his face when you called me your fiance and most importantly I like it that you had called me your fiance”He said and added a kiss to it
“What are you doing? We are in the car and driver is watching”Celine admonished and Nick smiled as he pulled her close to him.
“Who cares? We will be married in a few days” he said and as pulled her to him to give her more kisses.
The car finally stopped at the mansion and after assuring Celine that Thomas will get to leave the company, he head back to Thomas office.
Though he didn’t tell Celine that that was where he was headed to, he had to lie to her this time because he was going to Thomas for a different reason entirely .
He had to know if his assumption was right? He had to know if the bag in Thomas office really belongs to Celine father.
He got to the office only to be told by Thomas secretary that he already left the office.
With a lot of persistence, he got to know where Thomas had gone to , a private club for the rich and wealthy.
As soon as Nick got there he was prevented from going in ,if you are a part of the club you must have a card to prove it and that is some thing he didn’t have.
He told one of the guards to relay a message to Thomas and the guard came back out side relaying a message back that Thomas doesn’t know who is bearing Nick Edmund.
Thomas didnt want to talk to him and he will be damned if he would let him succeed, he knew just the right place to wait for him.

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