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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



Celine Kept on screaming until Some one entered her room,turning on the lights.
She turned to see Nick looking at her worriedly.
“What’s wrong Celine?”He asked as he moved towards her
“he had heard me call Nick….he had heard me cry for help and yet he ignored me leaving me there to die”she said as she began to cry.
Knowing that it had to do with her accident, Nick sat on the bed holding her to him, while he let her cry Out her pain.
“He had come out Nick, he had gotten out of his car to check on me and when….when I called out for his help, he ignored me totally.”
“The doctor said that if I had at least been brought in earlier, some thing would have been done for me”She said as she clutched onto Nick.
“Shhhh……you don’t have to trouble your self over it Celine”He said as he held her tight in his arms
It was a while later that Celine finally stopped her tears and she looked at Nick shyly.
“I always end up staining your clothes with my tears”she said as she wiped of his shirt.
“I don’t mind Celine, all I care about is that you are okay”He said
“I am!”She replied as she stared at him
“It would be a lot better if you talk to me about your dream”he said as he pulled her to sleep on the bed with him tucked behind her.
“I remember running into the streets and the car hitting me and then I heard his voice, I don’t know if he was talking to himself or if he was talking to me but he was saying some thing that night, I don’t quite remember but what I know is that i he had taken the bag with him”She said
“He has the bag with him?” he asked
“Yes he has! He had taken the bag containing the book, I think it will be a hard task to find it, I didn’t see the face of the man that hit me that night and now that he has the book with it him, it will be hard to get it but though the bag it self has the Clifford name on it, my father had put it there because he liked the bag so much, I don’t know if that will help but I just had to tell you about it”Celine said
“And am sorry Nick,instead of making it simple for you, I just had to make the matter worse” she apologised.
“Don’t worry about it, just take a rest and forget that terrible night a year ago. I already have a lead, all I have to do now is to find the guy who hit you that night and this is some thing that I promise you, once I get that bastard,he will regret ever hitting you”he said and Celine nodded feeling assured by his words.
She also wanted to know who had hit her that night, he knew he could have also help her but had left her there to die.
“I will leave you to sleep now”He said, wanting to stand up but she pulled him back
“Don’t go?”she said softly
“Are you sure?”Nick asked he stared and she nodded her head in return.
He slept on the bed and cradled her little body with his and before she knew it she fell asleep like a log.
It was the brief knock on the door that woke her up from her sleep.
She opened her eyes to see Nick sleeping soundly.
She found her self smiling, it’s so good to know that Nick had slept in this room with her.
She sat up and kissed him softly on the mouth, he wouldn’t notice if she stole one or two kisses right? She thought as she kissed him again..
She was about standing up when he pulled her back, kissing her fully on the lips.
They were so caught up in the kiss that they didn’t notice that some one was still at the door
“It’s so good to wake up in the morning like this”He muttered as he smiled at her
“You cheat! You should have shown me that you have woken up already”She said
“I wanted to see what Celine Clifford will do when she wakes up in a man arms in the morning”He said
“And what do you think Mr Edmund?”She asked jokingly too
“Oh, I think she did well, very well indeed”He said pulling her to him again to give her a kiss
“Oh! I think have had enoughof standing out…. there”Stacey stated hurriedly but when she saw the two couple on bed together, she paused to give them both a look
“Why can’t you knock?”Celine said as she pulled away from Nick who had also stood up from the bed
“I did knock but it seems like you two are busy with your…..oh I shouldn’t be talking about you two, I came here exactly to tell you that the lawyer just called”She said
“What bad news does he want to tell now?”Celine asked
“I think you should speak to him your self ,he wouldn’t tell me a thing”Stacey said
“Fine then,I will call him myself”She said and Stacey began to leave only to turn back at them again
“Don’t you two do any thing funny, especially you Nick! I will be watching you two”She said and closed the door.
Nick and Celine stared at each other before laughing hard.
It was a while later that Celine called the lawyer and on the first ring, he picked the call
“What’s going on?”Celine asked
“Have you seen the news?”He asked
“No I haven’t, not yet”She said
“Well it’s best that I tell you before you watch it”He said
“Watch what? Is it about the company?”Celine asked now getting Nick worried him self
“Yes, Thomas have decided to change the name of the company”He said
“What! How dare he do that?”Celine yelled as she stood up
“He has the right to Celine, he is the majority share holder”
“I don’t care if he is a majority what ever, he doesn’t have the right to change the name of the company my father had worked hard for all this years”She bit out.
“What do you intend to do about it?”he asked
“I won’t let him do this,I swear I won’t!”She said cutting off the phone..
“Thomas?”Nick asked and she nodded
“The bastard has changed the company name! I won’t let that be for long”She said as she limped to her cupboard to take out fresh clothe
“Are you going to the company?”Nick asked
“I am and i also want you to be there, so go and get dressed”she said and left the room to change
It was an hour later that they got to the company..
Celine knew that her refusal in accepting Thomas proposal would lead him to doing some thing like this but she wouldn’t let him succeed and having Nick by her side will certainly make that possible she thought as she walked in with him by her side..
She got to Thomas office and didn’t bother to knock.
“Well hello my lovely partner”Thomas said as he gave her a smile, not angry if she had walked in unannounced.
“Well I wouldn’t say the same to you Thomas”She said feeling very angry.
Nick had decided to wait by the door so she can talk in private to Thomas but if he moved an inch towards her, Nick would be at her side to protect her.
“I knew you would have heard the news from that meddle some lawyer of yours right?”He asked
“Isn’t the name wonder full….. Empire group, doesn’t that makes more sense that Clifford industrial company?”He added when she made no move to give him a reply
“It doesn’t and I want you to change the company name back!”Celine yelled at him.
Thomas could feel his libido rising just by looking at Celine..
Why did he have to be attracted to her, he thought as he stood up,moving towards her wanting to get a smell of her.
“I don’t think that will happen”He replied
“Before I made this huge step,I did my research and I got a enough permit before I did it, it cost me a lot of money and I hate it when I think my money has been gone to waste”he said
“I don’t care about your damn money, just change the name!”She yelled at him
“I don’t think you have a say at all in this, after all you aren’t married yet and so you still do not have a right to the part of the 40 percent share your father left you “He said
“That will change soon!”Nick said suddenly coming in through the door way
“You even had to bring your knight with you” he said sacastically.
“Celine will get married to me and she will get her hands on her shares and once that happen, I will see it myself that you are removed from this company, that I can promise you”Nick said and the two men stood starring at each other.

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