{She is cold, he is secretive}

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“Welcome back home young master”The chauffeur greeted before taking the keys from a tired Nick.
He has been through with a business deal with some investors at China and days of attending a lot of conferences, he really had just to do all of it and he doesn’t even mind, after all it would some day be their inheritance.
He got into the house and found it strange that no one was around to welcome him.
The TV was on and it was at the sport Chanel, seems like Alicia is watching the sport competition again.
He wondered how she even did on her race, he thought as he begin to head up stairs.
“No father!”the voice yelled out from the study and Nick walked down the few stairs.
He thought every one had gone out but it seemed like they were still here.
“I can’t take it any more, I want Nick out of our life”What Thomas said next stopped Nick from walking further
“You definitely know that that is impossible,I treat that boy like …….”
“Like your son, you didn’t even say that you love him like your son and nothing is impossible, just as you brought him to the house, you can certainly take him back out side after all Nick is not your real son”Thomas said and Nick gasp silently.
“Thomas, I just can’t kick the boy out, he was an orphan when I took him. And have grown to……”
“To love his money, wasn’t that what you wanted in the first place, your friend died and you decided to take his child in so you can lay hands on the inheritance he left for his son , well you have done that father and I think it’s time that you drop the pretense and make it clear to Nick that you don’t need him any more”Thomas said
“I can’t do that, not when I ……”
“When you still need him around to help you build more of your empire? I know that father, I know a lot about you and I know that why you haven’t let Nick go is because he has been helping you make a lot of fortune, you see him as some god while you look less at me your real son” Thomas said
“Don’t ever think that way, To me you and Alicia will keep on being the first thing in my life, Nick is just some one that I have to keep so I can keep on making good fortune like have just told you “
“But am here father and I can certainly make good fortunes for you just like Nick does, he has spent enough time in our life and for years I had to carry the burden of acting like an older brother to a orphan. Am sick of it dad ,I can’t take more of it”Thomas said
Nick stood listening to their disscussion and hurting as every minute of it pass.
He never knew that he was an orphan, he had always believed Joshua Davenport was his father but today. ….today have finally made that clear to him and he will be damned if he didn’t give them a piece of him.
He walked the few paces that seprated them and barged into the room with out knocking, taking the two men by surprise.
“Nick!”Joshua called out in shock
“Thought you would never come back! Welcome home”Thomas said
They were trying to welcome him home nicely but they didn’t notice that he had been hearing their disscussion for a while now.
“Save me the pretence, I heard every thing you two were just saying”Nick said
“Oh really? Then am glad you did “Thomas said acidly and when Joshua tried to tell him to stop, he sent his father a leering look too.
“No more father, just let him know the truth, you are not a Davenport Nick, you are a bastard Father took in “Thomas said
“Your parents died and so he took you in only to get his hands on your inheritance and he did, thanks to you foolishly signing it to him, you turned out to be a good asset when you began to use your brain in the business world, to have been providing a lot of money for my father that is why he doesn’t want to let you go “he finished
“Stop it right now Thomas”Joshua yelled at him and that made him stop
“Why are you acting this way father, it doesn’t suit you”Thomas said only to receive a slap from Joshua.
“Nick do not listen to what he said. You……”
“Thanks to Thomas,I now know what I am and how you all see me”Nick said cutting Joshua off
“There is one thing I just want you to tell me,what is the name of my real parent?”Nick asked
“Edmund, Peter Edmund and Sarah Edmund”with that having been said, Nick left the study heading back to his car.
He got in and was about to start the car when some one got into the passenger seat.
“What do hell do you want?”Nick asked
“I want a ride”Thomas replied giving him a smile and knowing how Thomas is, he wouldn’t leave until he has accomplished what he came to do.
Nick started the car and it was all quiet while he drove until it got to the main Street.
“I want you to leave !”He said softly
“I intend on doing that!”Nick replied
“Always the good son! I hate it and I hated you for it, father never stops about the things you do and how you do it right,it makes me sick hearing it all the time”Thomas said
“Maybe if you had put enough work into what you do, your father would have appreciated you better”Nick said adding more salt to the injury.
“You bloody…….”
“Bastard! I know what I am but I think am a bastard who is more favoured than the legitimate child”Nick said again
He would have give a reply if his phone hadn’t been ringing.
He picked it up and gave Nick a smile “guess who is calling?”Thomas said
“I don’t give a damn about……”he stopped when he showed him the caller ID on his phone
“Your girl friend doesn’t find you attractive enough, I kind of told her that you are nothing but a bastard and Bam!!! She accepted to be my lover “
“Liar, Jenny wouldn’t do that?”
“Wanna bet?”he asked as he put the call on speaker mode.
“When are you coming love?”Jenny voice drifted to Nick ears
“Soon, I just need to take care of some thing, is there a need for me to come now?”She asked
“Yes there is”Jenny said laughing lightly
“What’s the reason ?”Thomas asked starring at Nick
“A lot, firstly I want you right now because am feeling lonely and bored”
“Why not just call Nick?”Thomas taunted
“Nick! Nick is as boring as a duck, you arent boring when it comes to certain things, you know what I mean right?”
“I don’t? Can you explain a bit”Thomas asked.
“For example, when we are in bed, you do things that take me to high places, places where Nick can never take me to, you touch me ……”
“I think that it’s enough! I get what you mean now”Thomas said cutting her off, making a joke of this situation just to spite Nick .
“Poor Nick, he doesn’t know that you think this way about him”Thomas said
“I hope he doesn’t get to know, as much as I would like to dump him now, I still have a use for him as it is”She said
“Well I think he will be the one doing the dumping now because he heard every thing you just told me”
“What?”Jenny yelled out
“He is in the car with me and you’ve just commit a mistake by talking about every thing on the phone, I no longer have a use for you now and I doubt Nick has a use for you too”
“Wait Thomas, let me talk to Nick….”
“Bye bye slut”Thomas said and cut the call, Nick kept on driving while holding his anger in.
He felt like killing the man sitted beside him but he isn’t that way , he wouldn’t stain his hand with Thomas blood.
“What do you think! If I was able to steal your girl from you, I can certainly steal a lot of things from you”He said having a smile on his face
“The reason why your father never loved you like you wanted, never treated you as the first son, never gave you the respect you deserve is because you are nothing but a fool and you will keep on being a fool ” Nick said
Thomas was quiet for a while and Nick knew that he had hit a spot and that made him feel Good.
“You want know what too Nick, apart from being a fool just as you have called me, am also crazy,so why don’t the fool and the good son die tonight, what do you think?”He asked and before Nick could say a word, he began to struggle the wheel from Nick.
“Stop it Thomas! “Nick said as he tried to take control of the wheel.
“Not until we both die”Thomas said and he continued the struggle for the wheel.
They hadn’t notice some one running into the street and it wasn’t until they had rammed into the person that they finally stopped.
Due to impact of the car, Nick had hit his head on the wheel and it took a while for him to come back down to earth.
He turned to see Thomas already getting out of the car.
“Where are you…..”
“Shhhh…..You just hit some one and I think he or she is dead”he said as got out of the car
Nick tried to do the same but the Thomas warning stopped him.
“But I have to…..”
“Shut up!”Thomas yelled as he stared at whoever was on the street .
“She is dead already”he said and on hearing that,Nick felt cold and shivered a bit.
Through the glass, he saw Thomas picking up some thing and then he was back in the car.
“Hurry up and let’s leave”He said
“But we can’t leave her corpse out there, we have to…..”
“If we should do a thing now, we will end up in jail, so just follow my lead Nick, drive off”Thomas said and Nick did as he asked of him.
He shouldn’t have paid attention to Thomas that night, he should have got out of the car and should have taken the person to the hospital.
“The doctor said if I had at least been brought earlier, some thing would have been done”
Remembering Celine words made him so sad and gutily.
That night they had runined Celine life and that night some thing in him died.


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