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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“Have you seen Nick?”Celine asked as she walked out of the lift.
It’s been five hours since he left the house to God’s know where? She has no idea where he could have gone to because he never told her where he was going.
Now more than ever she regret not persisting to know where he went to.
The rain was pouring heavily out side and it’s been five hours already, where could he have gone to.
“I haven’t! I thought he went out, isn’t he back?”Stacey asked in return
“He isn’t”she replied calling him again but still no reply.
“Hope nothing bad has happen, I heard the rain wouldn’t stop until tomorrow morning “Stacey said adding more fear in Celine.
“Don’t say that! Nick will come back”Celine said as she took an umbrella,heading out side.
Each time it rained, she gets scared. Her father had died on the night that the rain had been talking, she had got into an accident during a rainy day.
Each time the rain fell,it got her feeling scared and also remembering the events of the past.
Nick would be fine, Nick would come back home to her, she thought.
She stood under the umbrella by the house waiting for his car to show up but still nothing.
“Celine you should come in, you might catch a cold”Stacey said as she walked towards her with her own umbrella.
“I can’t! Nick isn’t back yet,I need to look for him”Celine said
“Nick would be back but you should come in first”Stacey said pulling Celine In.
Celine was going back with her when the sound of a car driving in stopped Celine.
She stopped and turned to see Nick getting out of the car.
Immediately she pulled her hand and ran into Nick arms, not bothering to use the umbrella.
“Where have you been? I was worried”Celine cried happily in his arms.
“You will catch a cold?”Nick replied as he tried to pull out of her arms but she pulled him back
“I don’t care, as long as I have you,I don’t care if I have a cold”she said holding tight and feeling relieved that he was with her again.
“You two love birds! Take this umbrella and get into the house!”Stacey yelled at them and Nick carried Celine in his arms into the house.
A while later the two of them sat at the sitting room, getting warmed by the fire Stacey had started up before going to bed.
“Why didnt you answer my call, I was so worried”Celine said as she pushed back a strand of his hair
“I didn’t notice it”Nick lied.
He had seen her call but he didn’t pick, he wanted to get to know the truth first and when he knew what the truth was,he felt like dirt, he couldn’t pick her call knowing what had happened.
“You didn’t notice! You need to be punish, did you know what you put me through”Celine said pouting her lips and that made him smile.
“How do you plan on punishing me?”He asked
“Well let me think! By showering you with a lot of kisses”Celine said as she pulled him close, kissing him gently on the lips.
It was just a little kiss, a kiss which began to grow hot .
Celine find her self kissing Nick deeply while he careessed her body.
He layed her on the carpeted floor and began kissing her neck while gently unbuttoning her night shirt.
He managed to pull her shirt apart and then he stopped kissing her to stare at her body.
“You are beautiful, very beautiful” he said as he stared at her b***st .
He bent to kiss her lips and Celine who was enjoying all of Nick love making pulled him close, asking for more.
He kept carressing her body and caught with the passion Nick was creating in her.
She find her self muttering out a “I love you “
Nick who had heard her stopped kissing her b***st to stare at her.
The last thing she said was like a jolt which brought him back down to earth.
He couldn’t believe that he was actually doing this with her not after what she had gone through!
Celine opened her eyes to see Nick up on his feet, buttoning back the shirt that she had opened up
“Button your self up”He said suddenly as he Celine found her self buttoning it .
What had gone wrong? Why is he suddenly distant towards her, she thought as she kept on starring at him
” Nick what’s wrong?”She asked
“Nothing is wrong, just go to bed early”He said and turned to leave but Celine was by his side, holding his hand,preventing him from leaving
“What’s wrong Nick, why are you suddenly acting this way?”Celine asked
“Nothing is wrong? Just go to your room and have a good rest, I will be around if you need me”he said and head to his room with out looking back at her.
Celine woke up still thinking about what happened last night.
It had been going well, she knew that because Nick showed her how much he wanted her last night but then it all change when some thing happened.
Had she said some thing, wasn’t she good enough in bed? Was he disappointed because she……..
“I love you “
Celine had no recollection of her saying that word, through out the whole night, she had been wondering what she said or did that stopped him last night and she finally got to remember.
How could she have been a fool to have voice out some thing like that.
She loved him and didn’t plan to tell him like that but then she had been carried away by passion and that scared Nick off.
It is one thing to like some one and another to love him.
What would he be thinking now?she thought as she pulled on her robe,heading down stairs to talk to Nick and make things clear to him.
She was heading to his room when he called her name
She turned to see him already dressed for the day but she didn’t plan to go out today, she thought.
“Am not going out today, you don’t have dress formally”She said
He stood there just starring at her,making her feel nervous about what happened last night.
Thinking about last night, she better tell him to forget what he heard.
“And about last night you don’t have to think about it or what I said,I didn’t……”
“Stop!”He said softly and she stared at him
“Stop what?”
“Don’t ruin what we had last night”He said still starring at her
“And there is a reason for me dressed this way “he said
“Reason?”Celine asked
“Yes. Am dressed this way because I have decided to….to quit”He said and Celine stared at him in surprise.
“Quit! but why ?”Celine asked
“I got a call last night from Zack lawyer,he made me understand that Zack had left the agency and every other asset he had in my name, I have to take full reins of the agency and j can’t do that while being here with you and so have decided to quit”he said
“So….you are leaving ?”Celine asked feeling sad
“I have to, I owe Zack and I need to pay him back, I will get you a new guard and……”
“I don’t want a new guard,I can manage on my own”she said stiffly
“Celine don’t let refuse a guard because you are angry at …….”
“Angry!do you think that am angry ?”She asked Nick who stood with out saying a thing.
“Am not angry okay… sad…..sad because you choose to leave, to run away as always than to face it”
“Face what?”he asked flustered by her attack.
“Just forget it, you can leave,I won’t stop you and I certainly don’t need another guard, I can take care of my self”she said holding back the tears that threatned to fall
“Celine don’t be stubborn, am only doing this for your sake, you are in danger and you need…..”
“I don’t need any one! I would rather be alone than to be left all alone”She yelled at him cutting off his words
“What’s going on? I can hear your voice all the way from……why are you with your bag Nick?”Stacey asked
“Since you will be leaving with out with out your several pay, Stacey will forward it to you, you can leave now”Celine said
“Wait! What are you saying Celine?”Stacey said as she walked towards them
“Nick is leaving and please as soon as he steps out of this mansion, do not let him in”Celine said again
“Wait you aren’t thinking straight Celine and Nick, you just can’t leave, We need you, Celine need you, have you even thought of that?”Stacey said to him but Nick pulled away from her
“I need to leave, I have to”he said and began to walk off
“Nick don’t go? Please stay?”Stacey begged
“Let him go Stacey, do not beg!”Celine yelled at her
“I know that you don’t mean that! You want him to stay more than any thing”Stacey said to Celine who looked away from them
“Take care Stacey and please take care of Celine”he said and left the house not even bothering to look back.
This is it… This is really it….once again she has lost some thing she love. Celine thought as the tears poured.

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