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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“Finally the group project is over, why don’t we all go out to celebrate”Jessica a part in Celine group for the college project asked as they all walked out of the class
“That will be a good idea”Mark replied
Celine stared up to see him watching her, she turned to Jessica.
“I don’t think I can make it “Celine said as they all grumbled, wanting her to be there.
“Am sorry but apart from schooling, I also have to work, sorry but I will have to decline”She said and turned to leave.
She was just getting out of the gate when Mark walked towards her obstructing her path.
“What do you want?”
“You have been avoiding me for a week now and i think have been patient enough, don’t you have to apologise to me for what your boy friend did that day”Mark said
“You deserved what you received that day, so now get out of my way”Celine said as she tried to walk past him only for him to push her back
“You aren’t leaving until I finish talking to you”He said as he held onto her arm
“Let go of me Mark, I don’t feel like talking to you”She said trying to free her hand
“You bitch! You should have just accepted when I came back to you, I only wanted to have a side of you that was still good but as it turns out you had eyes for that lowly guard which leads me to my question? Where is that guard of yours? Why haven’t I seen you two together, don’t tell me he broke up with you…. Wow! I thought he was going to stay with you for good but as it turns out, he left you too, he turned out to be just like me”Mark said only to receive a slap on the face
“Insult me all you want but don’t you ever compare your self to Nick, he is much of a man than you “She said angrily.
“You bitch !!!”Mark said raising his hand to hit her.
Celine closed her eyes waiting for the hit only to feel her self free from Mark.
She opened her eyes to see Mark sprawled on the floor.
A man stood in front of her, he was all dressed in black, seems like he had been the one who gave mark what he deserved.
“Go into your car miss, I will take care of this fool”He said
“Just go”he said and quickly she limp towards her waiting car and as the chauffeur turned the car around, Celine sat starring at the man who still stood in front of Mark, ready to beat him if he did any thing stupid again.
She was still starring when the car stopped passed by another car.
There was no mistaking who was in the car, it was Nick and he wasn’t alone, he had some one in the car but her car had passed by before she could see that person.
It’s been a week since she had seen him, what was he even doing at her school and who was he with? She thought as the chauffeur kept on driving.
Just then her mind drifted off to Alicia. She is the only other person Nick knew at her school.
He had left her so he could be with Alicia, she was still hurting over the fact that he had left her a week ago but he was out there going around with Alicia.
Isn’t it time she forgets him, she thought as the car stopped in front of the mansion.
Stacey was waiting by the door and judging by the car which was parked by the door, he was already waiting for her.
“Welcome Celine,you were a little late today and…..what happen to your clothe?”Stacey asked on seeing the dirt.
“I had an encounter with Mark”She said
“Are you okay? That jerk!”Stacey said
“Am fine but I doubt if he would”She said with a smile on her face
“Do you realise that it’s been a week since you laughed that way ?”Stacey said and that wipe off the smile on Celine face.
“Don’t be the Celine you were before, keep on living even though Nick left “She said
“I don’t want to talk about Nick or about my life Stacey, where is Thomas, he must be waiting for me “Celine said
“Yes, he is at the sitting room waiting for you “Stacey said and with that confirmed, Celine went into the house.
Mean while,Nick returned to the body guard agency to see Peter in his office.
“Why are you here? Aren’t you suppose to be watching over Celine”He asked
“She went back home as it is and so for now, there is no harm and as you were at the college this after noon, you would have seen me beating the hell out of that fool”Nick said
“Yes I had seen that”
“Have done my duty as it is and so its time for us to talk about gambling den case”Peter said
“Are you Sure Celine went back home?”Nick asked
“Of course I am, she is back at her house and that reminds me, you still haven’t tell me your interest in this girl, why did you ask me to watch over her for the past seven days “
“You can question me on a lot of things but you can’t on this one”Nick said
“Don’t tell me she is your…..your lover,the one you hold to your heart?”Peter ask
“Mind your business”Nick replied.
“Fine then”Peter replied
“Have you gotten a lead on the gambling case “He asked
“No I haven’t, As it is all the evidence have manage to get haven’t been any good, am afraid we are back to square one”Nick said
“So what? Are we going to give up, you know I agreed to do this for boss Zack, I just couldn’t let his death be in vain, those monsters who killed him deserves to die too”Peter said
“Yes they do and though we are back to phase one, we won’t give up, though Zack had chosen to join the wrong people and had ended up killed by them, we won’t let his death be in vain, I know how much you love Zack and i love him too and so we won’t let his death be in vain”Nick said
“Am glad that you think that way and so What’s your next plan?”Peter asked
“I manage to get some info on a man called Collins, he will be the one to get me into the gambling den, once am in,the rest is easy”He said
“Have you seen this Collins guy before, how are you even going to meet him”He asked
“I haven’t but there is a saying that he has a scar on his face “Nick said, we will recognise him that way”Nick said and Peter nodded
“That will be all for today, Peter”Nick said
“What about watching that lady?”Peter asked
“Since she is home, she is safe”
“If you say so but then there is some thing that disturbs me though? A man has been visiting her frequently*
“A man? Who?’
“Well I don’t really know him but from the car he drives you can tell that he is rich, he has been going to see her every day for the past one week, each time she comes back from school, the car always come in after a few minutes, I don’t know for what but I……”
“Does this man In person rides a range rover”Nick asked and Peter nodded
“Thomas!”Nick said feeling angry.
“Why would see be seeing Thomas?”He muttered to himself
“Maybe to get to know him more, the rich follows the rich, it wouldn’t surprise if the two of them begin to date one another “Peter said and unknown to him that caused Nick so much anger and jealousy.
Because of what he found out, Nick thought it best to leave Celine, that was why he left her a year ago but what he didn’t fathom was that she would that start seeing Thomas immediately.
He hasn’t been able to get her out of his head Whereas she has been having thomas for company.
“I think the two of them will suit each other bet…….”
“Don’t you dare finish that word”Nick said and Peter stopped to stare at him
“What’s wrong?”
“It’s nothing just mind your business and leave, get out, find some thing else to do, don’t just annoy me till the end”Nick said as he stood to push Peter out of his office.
He sat on the chair thinking about Celine and Thomas together, what would she be doing with Thomas.
Nick was still thinking when he got a phone call from some one
He picked it up and the first thing he heard was some one breathing.
“Who is this?”he asked a couple of times and when no one talked he began to put the phone down only for him to hear his name being called
“Nick Edmund! You keep on meddling, digging into some thing that doesn’t concern you, you should stop, stop now if you don’t want to end up like Zack and Marshal Clifford, you are too young to be dead and have decided to warn you my self”
“Who is this? Who the hell are you?”Nick asked
“Some one who hates seeing the young ones dying, you have been warned, stay away from the gambling den case ,we have our eyes on you,like wise the people around you, Celine for example have some one watching her too, I think that they are even going after her tonight and from what they say, tonight might the end of Celjne Clifford, just decide to warn you but I doubt if she would survive”he said and cut the call.
“Hello! Hello! Hello”Nick yelled out but the line was dead already.
“Celine!”He called as he took his car keys and raced out of the agency.

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