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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“I think this is all for today!”Thomas said as he packed up the rest of the papers.
“It is!”Celine replied as she helped him pack up the papers.
“I will be here tomorrow too, I hope nothing will keep you delayed as you were today”He said
“You don’t have to bring it tomorrow, you can just give it to one of the employees to Bring it to me”Celine said as she stared at him
“What! You dont want me to come tomorrow?”Thomas asked
“I just think that it’s inconvenient for you to be bringing it back home for me, you can just get one of the…….”
“It’s not a bother for me, at least that way I can get to see your face”Thomas said softly and Stacey who had been about to take away their cup of coffee stopped what she was doing to stare at Celine.
Celine looked away from Stacey and stared at Thomas.
There were some part of business she had to look into and so instead of going to the company, Thomas had decided to bring it over to the Clifford mansion.
He has been doing that for a week now and she finds it strange that he keeps on coming when he can give it to one of the employees to bring it but with what he just said , she now know why.
“See my face?”She asked
“Can’t you see it, don’t you even wonder why I come here all the time?”He asked
“I do wonder and……”
“It’s because I like you Celine, I like you”He said and Stacey coughed out loud making them stare at her.
“Will I get to speak to you in private or will your chaperone keep on eavesdropping on us ?” He asked starring at Stacey
“Stacey Is not my chaperone and please Stacey can you leave us alone”Celine said and with one last look at Thomas she left the sitting room in a rush.
“Aren’t you going to say a thing to what I just said to you?”He asked
“What do you want me to say! That I like you too, you know that is impossible and……”
“It’s impossible because you still like Nick,it’s been a week since he left you, can’t you just forget him already”
“I dont Remember telling you that Nick left and I don’t want us talking about Nick, if you will act this way, I would kindly ask you to refrain from coming here with the document, let some one else do that!” Celine said as she stood up to leave but Thomas pulled her back into his arms
“What are you doing? Let me go!”Celine said as she tried to pull away from him
He didn’t let her go but instead he bent and gave her a kiss on the lips.
Celine tried to push him away but he held her tight.
He finally pulled away when he was done kissing her and Celine pushed him away , slapping him at the same time.
“Don’t you ever do that again!”She yelled at him
“Have always knew your lips would taste this way, I wonder how the rest of you will taste”he said softly starring at her body
Celine felt scared and disgusted, she wanted him out of her house
“Leave! I said get out! I don’t want to see you again!”She yelled at him
“What’s going on?”Stacey asked as she walked towards them
“Just leave, leave my house right now Thomas”she yelled at him
“Yearning and pinning for Nick to come back wouldn’t be good for you, you need a man in your life Celine and I will be that man, Nick is not some one you should not love, he has a very dark past, you once asked me if I knew Nick and i told you no back then, that was a lie, I do know Nick and let me tell you that he is not some one trust worthy”he said
“Hey! She asked you to leave, so just get out before I call the police!”Stacey said
“I will leave Celine but I won’t leave your life,that I can assure you”He said as he walked off.
Celine who was still shocked by Thomas behaviour, sat down on the chair shivering gently.
“Are you okay Celine?”Stacey asked
“Yes! Yes I am okay”she replied
“Are you sure?” Stacey asked again
“Yes, all I need is a good rest,that’s all “She said as she stood up from the chair
“I will be fine Stacey and I don’t want any one disturbing me please”She said as she left the sitting room heading to the stairs.
As soon as she got to her room she went to get water to risen her mouth and then went to bed to rest .
“He is some one you should not love, he has a dark Past, he is not trust worthy “.
She closed her eyes as she remembered what Thomas said to her.
Could all that be true, she thought as she found that she needed to rest.
A while later she dozed off and it was a sudden sound down stairs that woke her up.
It was pretty late in the evening, had She been sleeping that long? She thought as she heard that sound again.
She got out of bed heading to the lift but the thing wouldn’t just open up, she thought as she went to take the stairs instead.
Nick got to the Clifford mansion quite late, while driving his car, it had stopped right in the middle of the way, he had to call the toll company to get it to a mechanic company.
As soon as that was settled, he got a taxi and landed him self into a long traffic, the traffic was taking hours and so he got out of the car, payed the driver and began to run to Celine house.
It took him almost an hour to run to there and when he got to the house, it was getting dark.
He ran into the mansion only to see Stacey laying on floor Unconscious while blood gushed out from some where.
She was laying with her face on the floor and so he couldn’t tell where she was injured.
He bent trying to turn her over only to see a man coming down the stairs.
On seeing Nick he tried to run away but Nick went after him, catching him and pinning him on the floor.
“Let go of me!”He yelled at Nick who held him down giving him two punches on the face..
The man lay on the floor while blood gushed out of his mouth.
“Tell me! Who sent you?”He asked
“Let me go”the man said again and Nick hit him hard on the face
“Who the hell sent you?”He yelled at him
“Do you think I will tell you?”He asked giving Nick a smile.
Still feeling angry by his attitude,Nick kept on hitting him until he was almost lifeless on the floor.
“Hit me,kill me but I will never tell you who sent me and I will never tell you how to save your precious Celine”he managed to say
“Celine! What did you do to her?”Nick asked as he pulled the man.
“She will soon die”He said laughing harshly and Nick hit him again which made him lose his consciousness.
Nick moved away from the Unconscious man and began to head to the lift only to stop when he saw Celine coming down the stairs.
She screamed when she saw Stacey laying on the floor, she still haven’t seen him yet and he still hadnt alert her yet.
She began to go down the stairs fast only for her to trip on some thing which made her lose her balance making her fall and to roll down the stairs.
Nick watched as she rolled down the stairs until she got to the last one.
She was Unconscious by the time she rolled to the floor.
He ran towards her, holding her In his arms and yelling out her name.
She opened her eyes to stare at him “Celine! My love it’s me, stay with me okay”He said and she gave him a smile on return
“Nick! “She called moving her hand to touch him but she never got to touch him because she closed her eyes, losing consciousnes.
“Celine! Celine!”Nick yelled out as he cradled her body in his arms.
“What’s……oh my God! Miss Celine? Miss Stacey “Two maid who walked into the mansion yelled out when they the scene.
“Call the doctor! Hurry and do that quickly! ” Nick yelled at the two women who quickly went out to his bidding.
“Hang on Celine! I beg you to hang on for me”he sakd softly still cradling Celine in his arms.

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