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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services


“Tempting right? Then just go to the school hall and you will know what you are wishing you know.
“Just leave me alone, am not interested in knowing any thing”Celine yelled into her cell phone making the passer by stare at her.
“You are wasting a good opportunity,you will get to know the real Nick, he is nothing but a liar and also he did something a year ago,. Some thing a man shouldn’t have done, if you really want to know what it is, then you should come to school hall, some one there will enlighten you more”he said and then the line went dead.
For a while Celine stood at the front gate wondering what to do l, should she just go In and confront who ever is there or should she just trust Nick Instead.
He would never lie to her? She already asked him and he confirmed that he wasn’t hiding a thing from her and so she would have to just believe him instead, she thought as she began to walk off only for her to see Alicia waiting for her by the end of the street.
“I knew you would choose to believe Nick instead and so I decided to wait here for you, just in case”She said softly
“So you are the one behind this right?” Celine asked
“Of course”she replied giving Celine a smile
“Just what will you gain by doing this Alicia, what will you gain?”Celine asked getting pissed as it is
“Nick”She replied back
“You really are a fool then, if you still rely to get Nick for your self all the time, then I think you need some one to wake you up from your dirty dream”Celine said
“I certainly don’t need some one, in fact you are the one who need me to wake you up from your sweet little know have been wondering what this ring means? Nick had given it to you right? Did he propose?”Alicia asked softly and Celine gave her a smile, starring at the ring lovingly
“He has asked me to marry him, this ring signifies the love we have got each other”Celine said and Alicia smile faded
“What? You wanted to know what the ring meant right! So why the sudden attitude?”Celine asked enjoying Alicia discomfort.
Alicia looked a way for a while and then returned her gaze to Celine again, this time she gave Celine a smile.
“I think we should end our discussion for now, why don’t you get into the car, I still have to show you why Nick is not to be trusted”
“I already told you that I have no intention of…….”
“You won’t regret knowing the truth Celine, infact you will be thanking me as it is “she said and Celine stared at her for a while.
It’s best that she goes with her, if Nick us hiding some thing from her like Alicia have said, then it’s only right that she knows what it is , she thought as she limped towards the open car.
Alicia got in beside her and the driver drove off, they were both quiet while the driver drive.
Both thinking and also contemplating, Celine wondered what sort of thing Nick could have done.
The car stopped before she could tell Alicia just tell her the truth.
Celine stared out to see that the car was parked in busy streets.
“Why are we here?”Celine asked as she stared at Alicia
“Get out of the car, walk straight down until you get to the crossing lane, some one will be waiting there for you”Alicia said
“Look am in no mood for your pranks Alicia, just…..”
“Go and you will certainly get the answers you are dying to know,you want to know the truth, I can see it in you, so go and get your questions answered.”she said and after sitting there for a while, Celine got out of the car.
The car drove off as soon as she stepped on the pavement..
There were few people walking about and so Celine could feel safe about who she was going to meet.
She did as Alicia instructed and began to walk towards the zebra crossing.
Some how she felt strange, a sense of Deja vu.
Like she has once been here, she thought as she stared around the street, she made it to the where zebra crossing was and she saw a man standing there with his back facing her.
Could he be the man Alicia was talking about? She thought.
She was about to move towards him when he turned to stare at her, when she saw who it was, she got angry.
“I should have trusted my instinct, I shouldn’t have trusted you and that sister of yours”She said.
“It’s been a while since we have seen each other”he said and Celine had to remember the last time she had seen him.
It had been the time he had given her a kiss? She thought as she shuddered just remembering that moment.
She turned to leave only for him to pull her back .
“I thought you came here to fill your curiousity?”He asked
“I must have been a fool to have doubt Nick, I should have just realise that you……”
“You remember this place don’t you ?”he asked as he pulled her to stare at the busy street.
“This is a street, have passed through it a lot of times, why wouldn’t I remember it?”She said softly
“You really don’t remember then?”he said softly
“What does my remembering have to do with our meeting?”she asked as she pulled away to stare at him.
“I will tell you a story then, may be that might jerk up your memory”He said softly
“Until when will you….”
“Just a year ago, a girl was found to have been running down this street, she had left home in a rush, being chased by some men who wanted her dead”
“She didn’t want to die and so she ran, she ran for her life, taking the emergency door at her house and making it to this particular street”he said and Celine found her self thinking about what he said a while ago.
Some how she saw her self running down the street while those men chased her.
“She was in a rush and scared out of wits and so she ran into the street not watching where she was headed to and a car drove straight at her, hitting her.right on this street that girl lost her leg and her career. If you finally know who the girl in this story, you have certainly Remembered”Thomas said as he stared at her.
Unknown to Celine tears were already pouring from her eyes, she stood there seeing her self laying on the floor while the car that hit her still parked there with out help or any thing.
“It…it’s ….me”She said softly
“Yes, this story certainly belongs to you Celine, from what I learnt you lost some of your memories and it also tells why you didn’t remember the street at first”he said softly
“If you knew what happened that Night, then you must also know who had hit me!”Celine said as she glared at Thomas with tears still pouring from her face.
“You already know it Celine!’He whispered back
“Don’t…. don’t te…tell me that it’s…it’s….”she stammered as she kept starring at Thomas
“Yes it’s him….Nick had been the one driving the car that hit you that night”He said confirming Celine fears.
“No! No! No!”Celine yelled out getting the attention of some of the passer by.
“That’s a lie! Nick would never…..he would never…..”
“He did! He was the one driving that car that night”he said
“It’s a lie! How do you even know that? You are only lying to me to get me to hate Nick and that will never happen”she said as she began to limp past him but he pulled her back
“It’s not a lie! It isn’t a lie Celine,I can tell you that he was driving that night because I was there with him”Thomas said
“You ran out of no where and got hit by the car, Nick and I were having a heated argument, I remembered that I told him to stop driving like crazy, I told him to calm down and I even told him that we should help but he didn’t listen to me that night”
“He chose to leave you there to die Celine but I didn’t, I called for an ambulance and also got to know who you were, the doctor I had spoke to later on made it clear to me that it was too late for you, then you were still Unconscious, I didn’t know how to approach you to apologise and so I left”
“I was surprised to return to see that Nick was around you, he became your guard just to atone for his sins, he is a deciever Celine, you just have to know who Nick is really is “Thomas finished and still crying, Celine crouched on the floor crying hard.
She has been waiting for this day, hoping it will come so she can tell the man who ruined her life what she thinks of him but knowing who he is now, she dreads the day ahead.

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