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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services


Celine sat on the pavement crying while Thomas stood over her watching her cry.
She couldn’t believe it, she couldn’t believe that the man she love more than any thing in the world caused her to be an handicap and also succeeded in ruining her career.
“Do you believe what am saying?”Thomas said as he knelt in front of her trying to calm her because people were starring at them.
“But …he couldn’t….he wouldn’t have been cruel to do it”Celine said in between tears
“Nick is more than cruel, he is capable of doing any thing, you just met him recently and so you wouldn’t know him like I do “he said
“I….won’t ….I won’t believe it. I won’t believe you until I hear it from Nick personally”she said
“You have to believe me, he will only lie to you”Thomas said but she was already moving away from him
He pulled her back roughly and when she struggled with him, he Shaked her roughly.
“Stop believing him, he is a liar Celine, if you still don’t believe me then I will show you proof”he said
“You were holding a bag which had the Clifford surname on it, Nick has it in his possession”Thomas said
“On that night, he got out of the car to check on you, I was worried and when I wanted to come out too, he told me to shut up”Thomas said and Celine remembered that some one had gotten out of the car that night, she had heard the shut up word.
She had even called him to help her but then he had left her to die….that person had been Nick….Nick had left her there to die.
“He then told me that you were dead and got into the car driving off, I noticed he had a bag clutched in his hand and when I asked him who its for, he made it clear to me that it belonged to you”He said
“I tried! I really tried to help you that Night but Nick was like you were dead and that it would be best if they didn’t link us to you, this isn’t a lie Celine, it’s the truth and the bag will be a proof to what am saying, I heard that you two are now living in the mansion together, search his room and you will surely find the bag I told you”He said and Celine who was still crying listened to what he said.
A car stopped in front of them and he walked with her to the car and deposited her there.
“Take her back to the Clifford mansion and Celine, if you need a shoulder to cry on, I will be there for you,he isn’t worth it”Thomas said before shutting the door.
All through the ride back home, Celine kept on crying and when the car finally stopped in front of the mansion, she managed to stop her cries.
She walked in looking like a ghost and on seeing this Stacey ran towards her, worried.
“What happen? Have you been crying?”Stacey asked
“Is Nick at home?”she asked
“No, he went out a while ago, I thought he went to pick you at college”Stacey said as she followed Celine into Nick room.
Celine began scattering every of his neat arrangement, hoping that she would not find the bag but she it was a lie.
She was shocked to find the bag in his ward robe.
“What are you looking for Celine?”Stacey who still hovered by the door asked
Celine kept starring at the bag which had the Clifford name on it.
It had been the bag her father had given her that night,Nick has it with him and so he is….he is….
“No!”she yelled as she clutched the bag in her hand while she crouched on the floor crying.
On seeing this Stacey ran to her and held her tight.
“Just what is going on?”Stacey asked as Celine kept crying in her arms.
Nick stood by the entrance, waiting for Celine to show up,he had been late in picking her up and that was because of the investigation he has been making on the gambling den.
He stared at his watch waiting for Celine to walk out of the college but still nothing, he tried her number again but still nothing, he was about to go in when he call his name.
He turned to see Alicia getting out of the car waving at him.
He hasn’t been in contact with her for a week now and he has been avoiding her call and also her wishes to see him, he is trying to avoid her because of the way she feels for him.
“It’s so good to see you”she said as she gave him a hug.
“I can’t actually say the same”Nick said softly
“Common! Are you still thinking about my feelings for you. Don’t. a week with out seeing you have made it clear to me that you only love Celine and I under stand, in fact am currently going on a date with one of my class mate, so you don’t have to worry”she said laughing and Nick relaxed a little
“Am a grown woman and I know how to control my emotions, so don’t worry, I am back to being the sister you love” she said and Nick couldn’t resist touching her head, he always did that any time she did some thing cute and right now that is how he saw.
A car horning brought him back to the reason why he was here.
“Have you perhaps seen Celine ?”he asked
“Celine? I think I saw her leaving, she had been waiting right here for you but I think you stood her up”Alicia said smiling.
“She must be angry, if only I had called her”He said as he began heading to his car.
“We should hang out some time, just call me okay?”He said and drove off. He didn’t see Alicia fake smile dying on her face.
Nick got back to the house only to see Stacey sitting at the living room.
He had a smile when he approached her but that smile disappeared when he saw the angry way she was starring at him.
“How are you Stacey?”he said as he walk only for her not to reply
“What about….”
“Celine is in your room, waiting for you”She added as she stood up to give him a glare before heading to the kitchen.
Nick sighed knowing why Stacey is angry, he stood Celine up and made her take a taxi home, that alone can get you on Stacey bad side.
Celine, he thought as he walked in only to see Celine by his desk, her head was on the desk, was she sleeping or waiting for him? , he thought as he began to walk In.
She caught him off guard by raising her head to stare at him.
She wasnt sleeping? He thought as he gave her a smile which she didn’t return.
“Am sorry I didn’t make it to your school early I …are you crying?”He asked on seeing her puffy face, quickly he went to her and knelt beside her
“My love are you okay? Don’t tell me you are really up set because I didn’t show up to….”Nick stopped when he saw her holding the bag, a bag which he had seen at Thomas office just months ago.
No one had to tell him why Celine had been crying, if she have the bag with her then definitely, she knows the truth.
“Why? Why Nick?”Celine asked softly
“Celine I……”he stopped
“You what?”Celine asked and when there was still no response she pulled off his ring and stood up wanting to leave but he held her back.
“It isn’t as you are thinking, give me a chance to explain Celine”he said
“A chance! I gave that to you a week ago, I told you not to lie to me but yet you looked me in the eye and lied to me, I must have been a fool right?”She asked in between sobs.
“You were never a fool to me, I hid the truth because I knew you would act this way, I knew you would hate me”He said
“You shouldn’t be saying this to me Nick! You should be telling me that it’s all a lie, that you were not the one who was driving the car that night? You weren’t the one right?”she asked as she held onto his shirt waiting for him to say some thing but his silence said it all.
Celine let go of him, screaming out in pain, hurt that it was the truth, Nick was the one who hit her a year ago.
“Are you okay Celine”he said moving towards her but she stopped him by putting out her hands.
“Don’t come close, please don’t come close to me”she said as she tried to leave only for him to pull her back
“I knew this day would come but I never thought it to be this Soon, saying sorry would not get me your forgiveness but all I can say is that my love was real, I love you Celine, I still do”he said and that got her crying much more.
“Lies!”she said as she pulled away to stare at him.
“If you really loved me you wouldn’t have lied. You know I thought about it, why would he approach me? Why would he make me fall for him ? I finally got my answers after thinking a lot”
“You felt guilty, you were feeling guilty, after all an handicap like me would never be attractive to any one, so why not just have me instead, after all you made me this way”She said still crying
“Never! I didn’t think of you that way, infact I didn’t realise that it was you when I first saw you, Celine I…….really do love you”He said sadly.

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