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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



Nick left the agency heading to George house with his body taped with the necessary tools he needs in getting to catch those who are in the gambling den.
He stopped right at the front door and got out of it, strange though, the body guards which he had stationed by his doors were no longer there, could he have left the city.
Wanting to find that out, he walked the few distance to the door and after knocking for a while, the butler came out.
“If you don’t have an appointment sir, I think it’s best that you leave “The Butler said about to close the door but Nick pushed it open and walk right in.
“You can’t barge in like that sir, I will call the police if you don’t leave right this instance”He said as he walk towards the phone.
Nick stood still for a while, looking at the whole house, every thing feels some how weird and the butler behind him look some how guilty of some thing,he thought as he turned on the shaking Butler.
“Where is your boss”Nick asked
“You don’t have to know that! Have already asked you to leave”He said starring at a door nervously
Feeling his nervousness, Nick followed his gaze and saw that he was starring at door, probably George study.
With out wasting his time on the butler, he head to the study only to see George on the floor, gasping for breath.
“Hey! George”Nick yelled as he knelt beside the dying man holding his hand.
“Call an ambulance!”Nick yelled at the butler but when there was no answer from the butler, Nick turned around to find him gone, where could he have gone to?
“Do…don’t call….for an ambulance….I……i will probably be dead before they even set out of the hospital”George said softly
“You can’t die! You still have to tell me who the hell is running that gambling den, you still have to…..”
“I…I also don’t know much about who runs the Den, we all don’t know who owns it”George said coughing out blood
“What are you talking about? Are you still going to hide the truth even when they have done this to you!”Nick yelled at him
“I wouldn’t lie now, I have nothing to gain Nick …’s a den and we all gather there to talk and make money but not once have we seen the one who owns it…..we only know that they call him boss”George said
“Boss……what’s the identity,is he a male?”Nick asked
“We don’t know that either, we only know that they address him as boss and we also don’t know if he is a male or a female…”He said still coughing out blood.
“I think you should stop talking, you have to save your strength”Nick said
“Am dying Nick….just as they have gotten rid of Zack, they have done the same to me….you should stop trying to investigate or you might just be next “He said softly
“I don’t care if am their next target, I will see to it that they are all arrested, even the one who calls him self boss”Nick replied
“Zack doesnt want this for you… sho….should try to live your life away from the den”
“Even if I do that, they will keep on coming after me because I have Celine with me and they are after Celine, they want her dead”Nick said
“That’s because she had the book with her”
“A book which had been taken from her l, she never got to hold it for long because she met with an accident that day!”Nick said
“Do you think the gambling den would be after her life if she had only held the book….we might be gamblers but we also have some thing better to do with our time. The boss wouldn’t be after Celine life if she had just held the book on its own”
“What are you trying to say?”Nick asked
“She saw what was written in it, she saw the names and that’s why they are after her life”George said
That’s crazy! If Celine had seen the name in the book then why did she keep quiet, why didn’t she tell him some thing.
“The only thing you can do right now is to leave the country with Celine and start a new life, it’s the only way I can think of except you want to die just like am doing right now”He said softly and Nick stopped thinking about his own problem for a while to stare at the dying man in his arms.
There is no helping George, he will die in a short while and he has to know one more thing before that happens
“Tell me if Thomas is amongst the gambling den members! Tell me if he is in on this with you….tell me what the land is for….tell me”Nick yelled at George who was already taking in his last breath
“Tho……mas” that was the last thing he said when he finally gave up the ghost.
Feeling deflated, Nick stood up and called for an ambulance, telling them that there was a corpse waiting for them.
He got into his car thinking about what George said to him.
Celine had seen the names, if she had seen it and had forgotten when the accident occurred, he will make sure that she remembers but if she had seen the book and decided not to talk then she is protecting some one.
He will need to confirm those answers him self, he has to see her and she won’t suceed in getting him off her back so easily.
Celine layed on her bed, too exhausted to cry, she has been doing that ever since Nick left the house.
She still can’t believe that the man she love so much is the same one who ruined her life a year ago.
Fate has been cruel, it had made her love the man she hates more than any thing in this world.
Right now she is very confused, doesn’t even know if what she is feeling right now is love or hate.
“Hey.Are you still thinking about Nick, you should stop bothering your self with that” Stacey said as she brought in tea for Celine.
“Get up and drink this”She said helping Celine up and putting the cup in her hand.
Celine held the cup of camomile tea in her hand and that made her Remember Nick.
“He always made this for me to calm down my nerves”she said as she remembered him
“Then I shouldn’t have made this for you, it’s reminding you of him, give it to me, I will prepare coffee instead” Alicia said
“Leave it! I will drink it, you made it for me and so I should drink it”Celine said softly as she took a sip.
A soft knock and a maid walked in starring at the two women on the bed
“Mr Thomas is down stairs, he said he wants to talk you miss Celine” The maid said softly
“What does he want to talk about?”Celine said to her self, she didn’t feel like talking to any one much less Thomas.
“Why don’t you go down stairs and talk to him, who knows he might cheer you up a bit”Stacey said as she held onto Celine hand.
A while later, the lift doors opened and Celine limped out of the rest room to see Thomas sitting on one of the empty seats, he had his back to her but when he heard her foot steps he turned and Celine gasped when she saw the bruise on his face
“Hello Celine”Thomas said softly
“What happen to you?”Celine asked as she moved towards him wanting to know why how he was injured in this manner.
“It’s nothing!”Thomas said softly
“But some thing must have happen to result to this”Celine said again
“Well this is Nick anger towards me, well it’s some kind of punishment from him for me telling you the truth “He said
“You mean Nick did this to you?”Celine asked and he nodded.
“As soon as I was checked by the doctors, I left the house in a rush to see you because of Nick threat”He said
“Threat ?” Celine asked
“Well before he left the office, he made it clear to me that he will hurt me in the most possible way.”Thomas said
“That doesn’t have any thing to do with me ” Celine said
“It has a lot do with you see he knows that I love you and he will do his best to hurt you knowing that will hurt me too”Thomas said
“Nick would never do that!”Celine said as she limped away from him
“Then you don’t know him at all, you still don’t know who the real Nick Edmund is “He said softly.

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