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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



Nick head back to his room feeling very angry that no matter what he did or what he said, Celine would never believe his word.
He was about to get to his room when he got a call from Alicia.
Ever since the last time he saw her, he hasn’t seen her since then. She calling him now certainly surprised him.
He picked the call on the fifth ring. “What do you want?”he said into the reciever still feeling angry.
“Can we meet?”Alicia said
“Am kind of busy right……”
“It won’t take long, I promise. Just please come see me, I will send you the address Nick and i will be waiting for you “She said cutting the call before he could refuse to see her.
Nick sighed and put on a more casual clothe heading out of the house.
Celine was no where to be seen but when he got outside he saw Stacey speaking on the phone and on seeing his arrival, Stacey quickly switched off her phone.
“You must be leaving right?”She asked trying to hide the fact that she was doing something fishy
“An still coming back to the house , if you think that i am leaving for good well that is not going to happen because Celine and i made a deal, a deal which still lets me stay here, so put up with me for a while and I will be gone soon enough”Nick said and walked past Stacey heading to car and going to address Alicia has sent to him.
He got to park which had a few people there and he saw Alicia standing by the little pond, feeding the fishes there.
“You came”She said giving him a smile as he walked towards her.
“I had no choice after all”He said as he stood beside her.
“You had a choice Nick and you could have choose not to come but you came and that is some thing am very happy about “She said giving him a smile
“Tell me why you asked to see me”he said
“I heard”
“Heard what?”He asked
“That Celine knows the truth and that she hates you and doesn’t want to see you for it “Alicia said
“Really? “Nick asked surprised that Alicia had heard about what happened.
“She is not worth it, you shouldn’t try to plead with her, you should……just let her go”Alicia said starring at the pond with fishes
“I believe that when you make a mistake you should try to correct it and that is what am doing with Celine”He replied
“Can’t you see that she is not worth it !”Alicia yelled now starring at him
“She is worth it Alicia, she is the victim here and so she has all the right to be angry and what’s left for me is to get her to forgive me and that is what I will do”He said
“What has she done to you Nick! Why are you like this? Did she bewitch you or some thing?”Alicia asked
“If being Inlove is called being bewitched, then yes have been betwitched by her.”He said
“No! That’s what you think Nick but you arent in love with Celine, it’s just some sort of infactuation, an infactuation you will soon get out of, please Nick open your eyes, Celine is not the one for you”She said holding his arms
“And who is? You ?”Nick asked as he pushed her hand away
“Yes! Me! I am the one for you, we have been destined for each other, Celine is just some sort of distraction. it’s me you love and I feel the same way for you”she said as she held his hand again
“It was you ?”Nick accused
“You took the bag to the Clifford mansion and hid it in my room so Celine will find it and I will be blamed?”He asked
“No….I….it’s ……”
“Do not lie to me Alicia, I know what you are capable of”He said holding her by her arm and shaking her twice.
“You say you love me, yet you keep on doing things that makes me hates you”He yelled at her
“I had to do it Nick! I had to get her to hate you. If she pushes you out of her life then you will notice me once and come to me who have been your true love always” Alicia said
“You really are some thing Alicia, come with me, you will tell Celine the truth and clear my name, you had taken the bag in Thomas office right? Then it’s up to you now to tell Celine the truth and to get my name cleared “He said pulling Alicia.
“No!”Alicia said pulling her hand out of his
“I won’t do that! She needs to keep on hating you so you will wake up and see that she doesn’t deserve you. Open your eyes Nick! I am here, dont go after a girl like her”Alicia said as she hugged him tight.
“Let go Alicia!”He said trying to pull her hand off but she held him tight
“I love you Nick, love me instead, love me and let Celine go ” she begged as she cried in his arms.
Nick stood still for a while and Alicia thought that she finally got to him.
She was surprised when Nick pulled her away from him.
“You want to know some thing, I already gave up on Celine but having your confession right now, I realise that I made the wrong mistake”He said starring at Alicia
“Now more than ever, I have to be with Celine, I love her and she loves me too and let me tell you now that no matter what you and Thomas are cooking up, it wouldn’t work, it never will”He said and turned to leave only for him to get a call.
He picked up with out knowing who the caller was.
“Nick! Have got some news for you” Peter said into the reciever
“I can’t talk to you right now Peter, I have……”
“It’s about Thomas! You haven’t seen the new right?”Peter said
“What news?”Nick asked
“Your brother has been caught with his illegal business and now he is being investigated, the police officers are at his company and also at his home right now”Peter said
“Where are you?”Nick asked
“At Thomas mansion,Trying to look for some thing that will link him to the gambling den business”Peter said
“Am on my way”He said clicking off the phone.
He didn’t even spare Alicia a glance as he head back to his car.
He drove down to Thomas house and saw Peter out side waiting for him.
“Any news!”he asked
“None yet, the police are still searching, trying to get things that will incriminate him”Peter said
“Where is he?”Nick asked
“No where to be found, seems like he vanished “Peter said
“Bastard! He must have known. Well we better get to work, while the police look for things that will incriminate him, why don’t we search for the ledger”Nick said
“I will take up stairs while you take down stairs”Nick added as they both walked into the room filled with police officers.
There hardly any officers by the front door and so he used the chance to search the roll him self.
The first two room didn’t show a sign of some one using it and so he got into the third room which is definitely the one Thomas uses.
He began his search and it was to no avail because he didn’t find any thing concrete.
He was still searching when the door opened and Peter walked into the room.
“Found any thing yet?”Peter asked
“Nothing. What about you?” Nick asked
“Nothing too, the police officers are rounding up, we have to leave “Peter said
“Not until I get some thing “Nick said as he searched the whole place again and yet he didn’t find any thing.
He began to leave when he noticed a painting at the end of the room, moving towards it, he put the painting down only to see a safe box there.
“That sly bastard!”Peter said
“What we have to do now is to open this darn thing”Nick said
“What could the password be?”Peter asked starring at Nick.
For a while, Nick tried some things he knew but the some thing wouldn’t budge.
He was about giving up when Peter moved towards the safe and tried some thing and it opened up
“I knew it would be it!”Peter said
“What did you type into it?”Nick asked
“Celine. It’s simple, you told me that the guy is obsessed with Celine and since you tried the things you knew it might use I decided to give this a try and it turns out that am correct”Nick said
“Judging from this he is still obsessed over Celine”Nick said as he moved to the safe to get the things inside the safe out.
They were going through some things when a ledger fell off the file.
“Is it what I think it is?” Peter asked
“It is”Nick replied and immediately he opened the file going through the names of every one in the book.
“Look for the boss. Is his identity there ?” Peter asked as they opened the ledger looking for more info.
Unfortunately for them, They didn’t find the boss identity but they had the names of every other person involved in the gaming den.
They were preparing to leave when Nick remembered some thing.
He took the ledger from Peter and stared at it for a long time.
“This can’t be?”He said
“What’s wrong?”Peter asked beside him
“I know who the boss is and he is closer to us more than we can think of”Nick said still starring at the ledger in his hand.
“Celine! ” He called out when he realised that she is much more danger than them all.

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