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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services




Nick stood knowing that this was all a set up by Thomas, he already knew that Nick would be coming to his house to get the bag which belonged to Celine father.
“You caught me”Nick said trying to turn the situation into a joke.
“I did right? Well sorry my dear little brother, you had come all the way just to get the bag, you should have just called and told me about it and I would have told you where the bag is”He replied too turning the situation into a joking issue.
“I didn’t want it to be a bother, I just wanted to come find it myself and also to see your face”Nick said
“Well now that you know it isn’t here and that you have seen my face you can leave”Thomas said
“Where did you take the bag to Thomas?”Nick asked
“Some where you will never think of”He replied giving him a smile
“I need that bag Thomas…..”Nick began only to be stopped by Thomas
“So you can prove to Celine that you are innocent. You can’t take every thing little brother. It’s true that you got Celine love but you will never get to make her believe that you are innocent, so quit with your rubbish and just live with the fact that Celine will never get to trust you like before, so just save face and get lost from here “Thomas said having an evil smile on his face
“You are right? Celine doesn’t trust me like before but that doesn’t mean that I will let her go just because there is a lack of trust between us, just as you have said, Celine loves me and she will keep on loving me no matter what you say or what you do to try to stop it”Nick said and turned to leave.
He was at the door when some thing he thought about made him stop in his tracks.
“What now? Do you still have some thing to say?” Thomas asked
“I do “Nick replied as he turned to stare Thomas.
“Start spilling it, I don’t have much time to waste” he said as he picked a document going through it.
“I never told you that I was here to take the bag to Celine and prove my innocence but some how you got to know about that and come to think of it, I never told you that I came searching for the bag, don’t you think some thing must be behind it ?”He asked
“Where are you getting to with this conversation ?”Thomas asked
“You have got some one at the mansion spying at what ever Celine and i are doing right ?”Nick said and Thomas was quite taken aback by his question because he was quiet for a very long time
“If this is how youconclude on things, I wonder how you got into the body guards agency, could it have been that Zack pitied an orphan and decided to help him by putting him some where he doesn’t fit at all?” Thomas asked
“Don’t you dare mention Zack name you Murderer”Nick said as he crossed the free paces that seprated them to pull Thomas by his shirt
“Take it easy,I wont say his name again”Thomas said quickly when he saw the angry look on Nick
Getting a grip of him self and of his anger, he let go of Thomas and turned to leave again
“Don’t think that you will be able to convince Celine this time. I sent her a gift and am sure that she would have received it by now and will end up hating you more for it”He said and that stopped Nick
“What the hell are you talking about this time?”Nick asked and he couldn’t get his answers because his phone began to ring again.
“Hello Stacey?” He said into the reciever
“You have to come back home right now”Stacey said
“Okay, once am done here, j will come back……”
“No Nick! Just come back this instant, come right away ” she said as she switched off the phone.
“Why dont you hurry back home” Thomas said to Nick when he still hesitate
“Judging from your look, I know it’s very important, so just get on with it, you shouldn’t be wasting your precious time with me “He added and knowing that Thomas was right, Nick turned to leave but when he got to the door way, he stopped to stare at him.
“This isn’t over, I give you my word that I will surely get you all, start watching your back from now on cause I will be watching you all the time”he said and he got a little satisfaction when the smile on his face disappeared. It some how showed that he was scared of him, Nick thought as he gave him a mocking salute before leaving the study and also before leaving the house.
It took a while before he left the heavy traffic and got safely to the Clifford mansion..
The house was the same as ever and the workers were all doing their chores like they do every day.
So why did Stacey call him, telling him that it was urgent, he walked into the house only to see Celine sitting at the chair by the window along with Stacey who stood beside her.
“Hello”Nick said as he walked into the house making them notice his presence.
Stacey glared at him and then walked towards him, slapping him on the face.
“You bastard!” Stacey yelled at him.
“What was that for?” Nick said feeling flabbergasted.
“You….you are such a monster, how could you? How could you do that to Celine?”Sharon yelled at him
“What?”he asked
“So now you need an explanation. You want to keep on feigning ignorance when you know what we are talking about”Stacey yelled at him
“For Christ sake Stacey! You better explain this to me, I have no idea what am being blamed for. So just make it clear once and for all!”He yelled at her too.
“Fine then! Jenny!”Stacey called and a maid came walking in.
Stacey went to wards Celine and took a bag from her, a bad which Nick recognised immediately.
“Tell us exactly where you found this?”Stacey said
“Right In Mr Nick room, I was cleaning when I saw it there and seeing the name engraved on it, I thought madam Celine had left it there or she had forgotten it and so I took it to her “Jenny the maid replied.
“That’s not true! That bag was not with me… was at Thomas place, I can swear to you on that Celine, Celine you have got to let me. …..”he couldn’t get to explain because Celine stood up pushing the things by the window on the floor.
Looking angry, she turned to Nick and gave him an hateful look.
“Get your things and get out of this house Nick, I never want to see you again “She said and began to head up stairs.
Not wanting things to end that way, he began to go after her only for Stacey to obstruct his path.
“Just stop it Nick! You have caused her enough harm as it is, so just leave her alone, get out of her life once and for all Nick, stop making her suffer, it’s time that you give her that. She has been suffering and have suffered enough as it is, so just let her be and leave just as she have request. This is also a request from me”Stacey said trying to make him comply.
“Am sorry Stacey but I won’t sit back and be blamed for some thing I have no idea of. This is all a conspiracy and I must make that clear to Celine”Nick said as he walked past Stacey.
He took the steps knowing Celine had taken the lift and would be heading to her room, he had to get to her before she gets to her room and lock her self in.
He took the steps quickly and fortunately for him, Celine was still limping to her room.Quickly he ran to her and blocked her path.
Celine who wasn’t expecting him to come after her stood starring at him.
“We have to talk! You shouldn’t believe what you…..”
“Nick!”Celine called softly and he stopped to stare at her.
“Just stop! I…..I don’t want to do this any more, I don’t want to listen to you Nick, neither do I want to hear more of your lies” she said to him
“These isn’t a lie Celine. I didn’t put that bag in there, am being framed “He said
“Framed you say? Well then I believe you, have heard your side of the story so please Nick leave, please leave my house and never show me your face again”She said and began to limp past him only for him to pull her back
“Why do you keep on believing people words over mine?”He asked now looking angry too
“I saw the proof this time Nick, I gave you a chance, a chance for you to prove that you are innocent but as it turns out you failed in proving that to me Nick. I can’t trust you, I can’t”She said as she pushed him away
“What if I get to prove my innocence? What will you do Celine?”He asked
“I doubt if you will succeed in doing that, since you are……”
“Just give me an answer Celine! If I get to prove my self innocent what will you do?”He asked yelling at her
“I don’t know. I don’t know if I will still be able to believe you even if you bring back the prove”She said softly
“Well I know what I will do Celine. Once I get to prove my innocence, I ……I will leave your life for good, I will leave just as you want but for now don’t send me away, I have to stay to get all the facts known and you won’t have to worry about me, I will stay away from you and also make sure I don’t cross your path and when I do bring you the prove, I will leave your life for good. Am done trying to get you to believe and trust me, you would rather trust other people than to trust me and that hurts more than you can think “He said and walked off leaving Celine standing there looking at him.

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