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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



As soon as he drove into the Clifford mansion. Nick got the car in a rush, leaving Peter to follow suit.
He ran in yelling out Celine name but no one answered. He went to her room only to find it empty.
He did the same with Sta newcey room and it turned out to be the same.
“Nick!” Peter calling out his name got him heading back down stairs.
He got there only to see Peter holding a maid who was between life and death.
“What happen?”Nick asked as he knelt beside them
“She crawled out of the kitchen looking bloody”Peter said as he held the maid in his arms.
“Madam Celine”the maid called which got her Nick attention
“What happen to Celine?”Nick asked
“They took her…..some men barged into the house while we were in the kitchen,I tried to stop them but one of them stabbed me and madam Celine was taken by them” the maid said
“Do you know who they are?”Nick asked
“They are…..they….are…..”
“This won’t do Nick, we need to get her to the hospital”Peter said
“Yes! Take her to the hospital, do you know if there are other casualties “He asked
“According to the maid, the others left the house , they had been asked to get some thing ready for Celine at a restaurant and that was when those men came in. Do you think its Thomas doing?”Peter asked
“I have no doubt about it, while you get her to the hospital, I will call the police “Nick said to Peter who was already carrying the maid out side.
The cold water woke Celine up, she opened her eyes to find her self in a ware house.
How did she get here? The last thing she remembered was she in the kitchen with Stacey and a young maid and then those men had walked in, stabbing the maid and hitting Stacey, getting her Unconscious and she…..she had been drugged.
She tried to move only to see that she has been tied to a chair.
“You are up!”A voice she recognise said from behind and she turned only to see Thomas walking into the room holding a tray of food with him
“From what my men told me, you were cooking when they took you and so knowing that you wouldn’t have eaten, I decided to bring some thing to you to eat”He said
“You were the one behind my kidnapping ?”Celine said heavily
“Who else would have been behind it and you hurt my feelings when you describe it that way, I didn’t abduct you Celine, I only took you, I took what’s mine”he said
“Am not yours okay! Untie me now and tell me where Stacey is!”Celine yelled at him
“what makes you think I will untie you Celine?”he asked as he gently caressed her cheek.
Celine shranked away from him, hating his touch.
“You should get accustomed to my touch, it will only be me that you will be seeing for the rest of your life”he said starring at her lustfully
“And you think Nick will allow that ? Am sure that he is looking for me right now”Celine bragged knowing that it’s a lie.
From the things she had said to him, she was sure that he wouldn’t even care if she went missing.
Thomas laughed out loud jerking her back to the present moment.he obviously didn’t buy her lie, she thought as she stared at the bastard.
“Are you sure? From the way you two parted, I don’t think he will be coming back for you. After all you chose to believe those fake evidence than to believe the guy whom you claim you love”Thomas said
“What do you mean by fake evidence?”Celine asked
“Well It all kind of has to do with me, you see every thing Nick have told you is the truth. On the night of the accident, he was the one driving but I made him lose control hitting you”
“I got out of the car and thinking you were dead, I returned to the car to give him the news “he added
“You knew I wasn’t dead, I called out to you that night but you chose to ignore me”Celine yelled at him
“Okay! You are right, I chose to ignore you and I had my reasons. You were getting in the way, you were the best while Alicia,My sister had to settle for being runner up, I watched her cry each time you won and wanting to do some thing for her, I decided to ignore you that night”
“But what I never thought of was that I would later fall for you, at first I only wanted to play around but you were already into Nick and I must admit that I wanted to take you from him at first just to spite him but then I fell for you Celine, I fell for your charm” he said as he moved towards her.
“Get away from me you bastard!”Celine yelled at him, trying to free her self from his hold.
“Why? Do you still think Nick is coming to save you, you better stop that thought. You chose to believe my word rather than to believe his and that was my trump card in separating the both of you. He isn’t going to come, so start getting used to me Celine cause I promise that I will be the only one you see for the rest of your life “He said as he knelt in front of her again, pulling her to him.
Feeling disgusted by his nearness and knowing what he had in mind, Celine tried to move away but he was too strong for her.
He managed to pull her to him and then he kissed her lips.
It was the most disgusting kiss ever and Celine had no choice than to him kiss her.
“Sweet! Have always wondered how that lips of yours would be and it turns out to be sweet”He said as he walked away from her.
“Get use to my kisses, very soon you will be addicted to them”Thomas said as he got to the door.
“What about Stacey? What have you done to her?”Celine asked
“She got a little fussy and so I had to shut her up for a while, if you will be a good girl to me, I might just bring her to see you for a while, I would have like to feed you my self but I have a feeling that you will just spit in into my face and that is some thing I certainly don’t want, one of my men will do the feeding and you better Co operate, he is scary some times”Thomas said and left the room. Clicking the bolt.
“Why aren’t you doing some thing yet, it’s been hours since my child has been missing”Stephanie yelled at the police officers who just sit still waiting for 24 hours to be up
“We need to be sure if she is really kidnapped or not for all we know, she might have staged this her self”The police officer replied
“What rubbish are you saying? Why would a normal person stage some thing this hideous”Bruce yelled at the officers.
“You better do some thing.if any thing happens to Celine, I will make sure your lives are ruined”Bruce added as he went to Stephanie who was crying.
On the other hand, Nick stood in the kitchen trying to figure out some thing, trying to get a little clue.
He was still thinking about it when he got a text from Thomas him self.
“Come to this address and make sure no one knows about it, I have the Clifford mansion watched and I know that the police are there. So if you don’t want some thing bad to happen to Celine, come to this address”
On reading the text,Nick put down his phone and not wanting to alert any one, he went out through the kitchen door.
He was right, Thomas has taken Celine . Just thinking about Celine in his custody makes him very furious.
When he got to the ware house, he parked the car at a distance and then he took out his gun heading into the ware house.
Dodging the guards who were around the surrounding.
He entered the ware house only to see a man pulling out Celine and taking her to a room.
Nick waited for the man to leave and then he went to that room.
Celine sat on the floor, wondering what will happen to her.
She closed her eyes for awhile and on hearing the door open again, she moved to a corner. Scared of seeing Thomas and having to go through that ordeal again.
“Celine!”On hearing Nick voice, she opened her eyes to see him crouched in front of her.
“Nick”she called and moved into his arms, crying into his shirt
“I thought you wouldn’t come”She said sniffing
“But here i am. We don’t have the time to waste, we need to leave”he said as he untied the rope from her.
They stood up to leave but Celine pulled him back
“We can’t leave yet, Stacey is still here”Celine said
“Stacey will find her way, let’s just leave”he said to Celine
“But I can’t leave with out her, you came to help me and so you must help her too”
“We don’t have time to waste Celine, let’s just ……” Nick couldn’t complete his sentence because the door opened and Thomas walked in.
“Surprise”he said giving them a smile.

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