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(Heart of ice…)

By: Faith Lucky

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The early morning sun pierced into the room and straight into Kaylan’s face.

She frowned with her eyes still closed and slowly dragged them open. She stared around feeling so tipsy.

She groaned and held her head with her hand as she tried sitting up. Her head was banging so much.

“Ouch. Huh…oh no…” She mumbled still looking around.

Everywhere looked so strange to her. She wanted to remember where she was and how she got there but was feeling too tipsy to think.

“Oh my gosh. I smell so bad! I need a bath!” Kaylan groused and flung her legs down from the bed. She saw a well folded neat towel on the cabinet and took it.

Without thinking thinking twice, she stripped herself naked and tied the towel around her naked body.

Staggering slightly, she found the bathroom and went in.

She turned off the shower and got under it, letting the water ran into her hair and down her body.

“Hmm. I fell good.” She mumbled, massaging her skull.

Few minutes later, she turned off the shower and stepped back, tying the towel back around her chest.

She walked out of the bathroom and once she opened the door, she saw Xander just in time as he walked into the room.

Kaylan gasped with her eyes wide opened. She was feeling tipsy few minutes ago but setting her eyes on Xander while wearing nothing but a single towel jolted her back to consciousness.

She stared down at herself and slowly wrapped her arms around her body as if guarding the towel lest it tries to loosen up.

Xander stared at her every move. His eyes lingered on her wet body longer than necessary.

He dragged his eyes away from her and continued walking towards his study room with a scroll in his hand.

“Good….goo….good morning…my Lord.” Kaylan stuttered, embarrassed.

What has she gotten herself into? How did she end up here??

She scratched her head, trying to remember how she got there. Slowly, the memories started slipping in. She gasped again and winced in pure embarrassment.

Xander stopped as she greeted him and turned to look at her. “Why are you standing there? Get dressed.”

“Huh? My Lord….how did I got here?” Kaylan asked.

“Get dressed.” Xander said again and walked into his study.

Once inside, he inhaled deeply, his back resting against the door.

What was wrong with him? He asked inside his mind.

He just couldn’t stand there talking to Kaylan with the way she was without getting distracted and it only annoyed him.

He hated being distracted.


Kaylan yawned and looked around, wondering what she could possibly wear.

She was feeling dizzy again and had to sit on the bed.

“Oh no. What do I wear? I have to get dressed before he comes out.” Kaylan mumbled and decided to wear her old clothes but they looked so dirty when she picked them up.

“Ugh…. I can’t wear this and I can’t possibly walk to my room in towel.” Kaylan mumbled.

Just then, Xander came back into the room and stopped in his tracks when he saw Kaylan wasn’t dressed yet.

“Why aren’t you dressed yet?”

“My clothes are dirty. I can’t put it on.”

Xander nodded towards a large closet. “Check in there and get dressed into one of the dresses.” He said, walking to his bed.

Kaylan moved immediately as soon as he got closer.

She moved to the wide closet, opened it and looked in. Her mouth hung open as she stared into the closet.

There were pretty dresses in it and she got confused on which to use.

She glanced briefly at Xander and was relieved he wasn’t watching her.

She quickly pulled out a dress and shyly walked back into the bathroom to dress into it.

She came out few minutes later and met a maid in the room, arranging the table for breakfast.

Xander was still sitting on the bed, his eyes focused on the scroll he was reading.

“My Lord…..I….. apologize for all the inconveniences that I might have caused. I will be on my way back to my room now and I will return this dress once I’m able to.”, Kaylan said and turned to go.

“Have breakfast before you leave. I’m not forcing you.” Xander added when Kaylan hesitated.

She ducked her head and mumbled something under her breath and started walking to the table
Sorry for the repeated chapters, I just wanted to refresh our memories.

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