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(Heart of ice…)

By: Faith Lucky

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Kaylan sat on the chair, her eyes on the table. She was greatly embarrassed.

Xander dressed up in a plaid shirt and faded jean, walked towards the table and sat opposite Kaylan. He took up his spoon before looking at her.

Kaylan cleared her throat nervously, took up a spoon but couldn’t bring herself to dig into the delicious meal before her.

Xander was still staring at her even though he didn’t want to but he just couldn’t help it. She was beautiful, very pretty. He watched her moving her feet about and was tempted to laugh. He’s never seen someone so nervous and shy.

“Why aren’t you eating? You want something else?” He asked.

Kaylan stared at him for a while and shook her head. “No. Everything here is perfect. I… couldn’t ask for more.” She mumbled.

Xander chewed on his beef, still looking at her. “What you said last night…..”

Kaylan’s breath increased as she looked at Xander pleadingly and clamped her hands together in front of her.

“I’m sorry my king! It was a mistake. I… had too much to drink and didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t even know I was standing right in front of you or in this room. How did I even got here? How did I…?”

“Princess.” Xander called, his voice a little bit cold.

Kaylan’s mouth closed as she recoiled in her seat. “I’m sorry….my king. Forgive me.”

“I’ve been bad to you. As a husband to a wife….I shouldn’t have been too strict, cruel to you. I will consider all what you said. Eat and go back to your room.” Xander said.

Kaylan nodded and slowly began eating.


Jaden yawned for the umpteenth time, glaring at the wall clock every single minute. She didn’t know what was still keeping her friend. She was tempted to go to other building, to look for her but they would be getting into trouble. She didn’t want to run into Lord Xander.

Just when she was about dozing off again, the door opened and Kaylan walked in with a look of relieve on her face.

“Kaylan!” Jaden shouted, jumping off the bed. “Where have you been!”

Kaylan sighed and sat on her bed, relieved to be in the comfort of her room. “Lord Xander’s room.” She replied.

Jaden gasped. “Wow. Isn’t that great?”

Kaylan glared at her with disgust. “Great? No, it wasn’t! It was the opposite. I got all drunk and say horrible things to him. I’m still wondering how possible it is that I’m still alive after what I did to the almighty Lord Xander.”

Jaden rolled her no eyes. “You are not just any body to him. You are his wife.”

“You must be very hungry. I will go get you something to eat. Stay here. Have you had your bath?”

“No, I haven’t. Was waiting for you.”

“Just go take your bath. I will get the maids to bring get you something.”.

Jaden smiled. “Thank you Kaylan. Kaylan?” She called when Kaylan was about leaving.


“Don’t you think…..I should go back home? I’ve stated long enough.” Jaden mumbled.

“Do you really wanna leave me here all alone?” Kaylan asked sadly.

“Oh no. Of course not. I just thought it’s wise to tell my mom I will be staying longer than I told her.”

“Don’t worry about that. We shall send her a letter.”

“Really? Okay? That would be great.” Jaden replied with a smile.


Coming out of the kitchen, Kaylan ran into Akim.

“Hey. Why would a queen walk into the kitchen? You should just send a maid.” Akim said with a little bow.

Kaylan chuckled. “You think so?”

“What happened yesterday? Heard that you had a little get together with princess Sharon. I don’t think you should be too close to her.”

“Don’t worry about it. She just wants us to be friends. That’s all.”

“And got you to drink?” Akim asked and Kaylan looked at him.

“How did you know that?”

“That’s not important. What’s important is that you stop letting princess Sharon order you around.” Akim replied.

Kaylan smiled at him. “Thank you fo caring so much about me.”

“You are welcome my princess.”

“Okay. I will head back to my room now. I need to do some catching up with my friend.”

“Do you have any plans today? We could go on a horse riding trip. For fun.”

Kaylan gasped. “Really? Horse riding trip! That would be so lovely! When are we going?”

“In the midday.” Akim replied with a smile.

“Okay! I will be so much ready! My days here won’t be boring after all.” Kaylan sang as she left the kitchen hall.


Jaden was already eating when Kaylan bounced into the room. “Hey. You look like a 13 year old who just got herself a boyfriend.”

“It’s more than that, baby girl. We are going on a horse riding trip! Today!” Kaylan shouted.

“Wow. That’s great. But with who?”

“Akim of course. He’s the only one who could do this for us.”

Jaden rolled her eyes. “Don’t you think this is becoming too much? We just recently went to market with him and now this? What if Lord Xander asks of you? What if he starts reading meaning into this? I don’t want trouble.”

Kaylan laughed. “Oh come on. Lord Xander? Come on…..he doesn’t even see me as his girlfriend talk less his wife. I’m just here for fashion girl. Wait up. I will go get you something.” Kaylan said abd left the room.


After telling the maids to get Jaden sometimes to eat, she left left the kitchen and ran into Akim in the hallway.

“Look who we have here. What’s my princess doing in the kitchen?” Akim asked with a little bow.

Kaylan chuckled. “Oh come on. Being a princess doesn’t mean I can’t come into the kitchen and help out once in a while you know.”

“That reminds me. What happened last night? I heard you had a little get together with princess Sharon. I don’t think you should get too close to her, princess ”

Kaylan smiled. “It’s nothing. She just wants us to be friends. That’s all.”

“Be careful please. What are you doing later today?”

“Nothing really. Why?”

“Wanna go horse riding trip with me? In the midday. Just for fun.” Akim said with a shrug and Kaylan gasped happily.

“Really? Of course yes! I would really love to go!! It will be so much fun!!”

“Yeah. You bet.”

“Okay. I I’ll rush off to tell Jaden now! See ya!!” Kaylan said and bounced off.

Akim smiled and went into the kitchen.


Jaden was already eating now when Kaylan bounced into the room.

“We are going to on a horse riding trip!” She screamed in excitement.

“Really? Wow. That will be fun. Who’s taking us?” Jaden asked.

“With Akim of course. Who else?” Kaylan asked with an eye roll.

Jaden sighed. ” Don’t you think you are getting too close to Akim? I mean….. Lord Xander might start reading meaning into it. Don’t you think?”

Kaylan laughed. “Lord Xander? Oh come on. That cold guy doesn’t care about who I go out with, okay? I will go get ready now! It’s gonna be fun!” Kaylan jumped up in excitement as she hurried to her closet.

Jaden sighed and shook her head, wondering how best to convince her friend.

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