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(Heart of ice…)

By: Faith Lucky

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Anya stood in front of her window, angry years streaming down her eyes. She was touching her flat stomach. She still couldn’t believe her precious baby was gone.

“Sharon. Enjoy it while it last. I will make sure you pay for what you’ve done to me. For killing my baby.” Anya with so much anger in her voice. Her hands were tightened into a fist. She wanted to kill, strangle and destroy the lady that killed her innocent baby. She was searching for a way to do that and sooner or later, she will find one.


Jaden stood with her arms crossed in front of her as she watched her friend, getting ready for the horse riding. She couldn’t possibly come up with any idea on how to stop her from going out for the trip.

“Hey! Stop glaring at me like that and get ready. Akim will soon be ready to pick us up. Aren’t you going?” Kaylan asked over her shoulder as she continued ransacking through her closet.

Jaden rolled her eyes. “Okay. Okay…..fine. I will go get ready.”


Akim came out of his room only to run into Sharon who was just arriving the palace. “Here again.”

Sharon smiled, looking at him. “Yeah. I’m here for the lessons.”

“Really? That sounds like a lie. I’m sure you are here for my arrogant cousin.”

“You are all dressed up for a tour. Where are you headed?” Sharon asked.

“Horse riding with Kaylan and Jaden.” Akim replied.

Sharon smiled again. “That sounds interesting. You like her…. don’t you? Oh, don’t deny it. I’ve seen the way you look at her.”

“I’m just being concerned. She’s family. Her supposed husband doesn’t care about her.”

Sharing looked at him and shrugged. “Yeah. Do everything possible to take her away. She’s blocking my path.”

“I know what you did. Why did you got her drunk?” Akim asked, folding his arms.

“Just for some fun.” Sharon replied with a smile and walked off.

Akim turned to look at her and shook his head. He’s never seen someone so obsessed. He walked away, straight to Kaylan’s room.

He’s here already. We need to go.”, Kaylan said in a hurry as a knock came on the door.

Jaden dragged her feet on the ground as she walked towards the door. She opened it and saw Akim standing outside.

For a full minute, she stared at him. Unblinking. Unshakably. She tightened her hand on the doorknob and seized her breath.

“Jaden? Are you okay?” Akim asked after watching her for a while.

Jaden smirked. “What do you care?” She asked rudely and moved away from the door.

Akim stared for a moment, wondering why she attacked him that way.

He waved it off with a shrug and stepped into the room. He smiled on seeing Kaylan and how beautiful she looked.

“Wow. Princess Kaylan… look beautiful. Lovely.” Akim said, staring all over her.

Kaylan laughed heartily and twirled around in front of him. “Really? I know, right?”

Jaden stood, looking at them. She thought Kaylan was getting too close to Akim but actually, she didn’t know if that was the only thing that was somehow painful.

Kaylan suddenly turned to look at her and found her staring. “Jaden? You’ve been silent. Are you okay?”

Jaden suddenly repositioned, and nodded. “Yeah. Fine.”

“Okay girls. Let’s get going. We don’t want the snow to catch up with us.” Akim said, taking Kaylan’s hand.

“Come on Jaden. Cheer up!” Kaylan grumbled as they all left the room.

“Whatever.” Jaden mumbled with an eye roll.


Xander sat on his single throne chair, outside the veranda, looking out around the palace surroundings.

He had everything he has always wanted. Fame. Power. Money. Respect. The people’s fear and loyalty.

He had them all but yet, he still felt completely empty.


He’s asked that question countless times and now, he had the bitter answer. The bitter truth.

That one thing he couldn’t have ….a child to call his own.

A woman to love and cherish.

It made him feel completely empty.

He sighed, reached out and took hold of the goblet beside him. He sipped from the drink in it, stared down at the dark content.

Axel came out from the door behind, bowed as he stood before him. “My Lord. Some delegates….”

Xander shook his head, put up a finger. “I don’t wanna see anyone right now. Tell them I’m not available.”

Axel was quiet for a while. He bowed and left afterwards.

He heard a beautiful laughter from a distance and when he looked up, he saw Kaylan and Akim coming out of the adjacent building. He stared on, his eyes focused on them.

Akim was holding Kaylan’s hand. Again.

His fingers tightened around his goblet, unable to define the feeling he got from seeing them together again.

He sensed they were going towards the stable where the horses were kept.

Xander looked over his shoulder, called out Axel’s name in his cold and bold voice.

Axel appeared immediately and stood behind him, awaiting his order.

“Bring Kaylan to me.”

“Yes my Lord.” Axel replied and quickly left to carry out the Master’s order.


“Oh my gosh. This horse is beautiful!” Kaylan mussed loudly as she pointed to a white horse, chewing on a carrot.

Akim laughed. “That is Lord Xander’s favorite horse. I don’t want any trouble. You know how your husband is.”

Kaylan rolled her eyes. “Thank God you said my husband. Let’s go with it. He might not be around to see us.”

“I guess you are wrong.” Jaden mumbled as she saw Axel approaching.

Kaylan rolled her eyes. Axel coming to them only meant one thing; Lord Xander was around.

“My princess. My Lord seeks your presence.” Axel said, bowing.

“What? Right now?” Kaylan asked.

“Oh my God. He saw us.” Jaden mumbled.

“Okay. Fine. I’m right behind you. You can go. I’m coming right behind you.”, Kaylan said to Akim who turned and started heading back.

“You can go. We will wait for you here.” Akim said.

“Huh? No. I think you should come with me. Please.” Kaylan pleaded.

“Okay but we will just wait behind.”


Kaylan heart beat a loudly as she came out into the veranda and saw Xander sitting so quietly. She didn’t know what to do and decided to stand instead, her eyes on the floor.

Xander turned, looked at her. As always, she was beautiful. Captivating.

Even though he didn’t want to, he forced himself to look away.

“Where are you going?” He asked, his voice was surprisingly soft and Kaylan blinked.

“I’m just gonna hang out with Akim. We are going for horse riding.” Kaylan replied, still staring at the ground.

“Look at me.” Xander said. It sounded like an order and Kaylan slowly lifted her eyes.

She stared at his face and saw the rising anger in them.

“You were gonna leave without telling me?” Xander asked, holding her gaze.

Kaylan’s lips parted but no words came out. She was somehow surprised. He now cares about her whereabouts??

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