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12th Dîsciplê Episode 15

12th Dîsciplê Episode 15
(His Royal Majesty)

By: Faith Lucky

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Danica’s Pov:
I ran far away from the house and stopped when i couldn’t run anymore. I was beginning to pant.
I placed my hands on my knees and wept profusely.
I felt bittered, devastated and confused. What do I even do, huh? I couldn’t think of facing grandma or going back to the house.
No; no way. I couldn’t face her. I just needed to be alone.
I whimpered as I started walking away, trying as much as possible to clean the tears that rolled freely down my cheeks.
I thought of going to Nana’s house. But. Her house was very far from mine. And it was late to go through the woods. Maybe i should just board a cab since I had some cash with me.
I needed a place to sit.
On my way to the road, I continued sniffling. I was blinded by my tears as I stared down at the floor and suddenly, all I felt were flashes in my face.
I stopped walking and lifted my hands to shield my face from the bright lights that inconvenienced me.
That was when i realized it was a car that had been coming from a sharp bend, but I was too muddled to notice it. But thankfully, the driver was fast enough to screech to a halt, right in front of me.
I brought my hands down from my face and watched as the door opened to a young pretty woman rushing out.
She was dressed in a black suit and looked really pretty.
“Hey! Are you alright? Were you hurt?” She asked as she rushed to me and held my hand.
I stared at her, speechless, suddenly having a cold feeling.
She also paused as soon as she held my hand and stared into my face.
Few seconds, we were silent.
“Were you….were you hurt? Why weren’t you careful, huh?” She asked calmly, still looking into my face.
I admired her small pink lips.
“Why are you crying?” She asked again and that was when I realized I hadn’t said a word.
“I’m….I’m fine, ma’am. Sorry for not being careful” I sniffed and took my eyes from her face.
She was still holding my hand and I slowly withdrew it from hers.
“Are you headed somewhere? I could…give you a ride” she offered and I sniffed again
She was a stranger and normally, I’d have said no to her. But surprisingly, I found myself agreeing without reluctance.
Perhaps, its because I needed some company or didn’t want to spend on cab.
“Thanks”, I muttered and she took me to her car.
She opened the front door for me and I walked in and she went round to the driver’s seat.
“So,where are you headed?” She asked as she turned on the ignition.
“Xpress street” I fuddled with my fingers and said.
Somehow, I still had that sensation to cry. .
She nodded and started moving the car and for a short while, we were silent.
That was when the richness of the car dawned on me.
Gosh! It was a jeep and looked so classic.
The car was so cold due to the Ac and I watched as the woman moved the sterling which brought out beautiful lights. This was actually my first time entering a private car.
“So, why were you crying? Is there a problem?” She finally broke the silence, her eyes focused on the road.
I stared down at my fingers, feeling sad again.
“Its….it’s nothing ma’am. Just having a little issue with my grandma” I sniffed and glanced at her.
‘Is that the reason you’re running from home?” She asked and I nodded slowly.
Then, she smiled and mumbled:
“You know, I have a daughter, your age” she continued and looked at her, picking interest.
“Her name is Bitna. Whenever she’s angry, she’d lock herself up in her room and refuse talking to anyone. Most times, she wouldn’t talk to me for days. You teenagers tend to make nasty decisions when you’re angry, huh?” She chucked.
Bitna. It suddenly made me remember the girl at the banquet.
“Well, whatever the issue is, I’d suggest you sort things out with her, okay?” She cooed.
“She’s still your mother and probably knows the best for you. Just try to listen to her, okay?”
“But what if…she’s forcing you to do the wrong thing? Or forcing you to go against your happiness?” I asked, surprised at how I seek advice from her.
“Maybe you try to convince her, then. Try to win over”.
I sighed and shook my head. Grandma couldn’t be convinced.
“Don’t worry, dear. It might seem tough now but, everything will be fine” she placed her hand on mine and said and as I looked up at her,somehow, her words seemed to do a lot to me.
They calmed me down.
“Thank you ma’am” I smiled and she took her hand back to the sterling.
Shortly, we got to my destination and she pulled over.
“This is it, right?” She asked as she stopped the car.
“Yes, ma’am. Thanks a lot. Thanks for the ride” I replied and opened the door.
“You didn’t tell me your name” she said, just when I was about stepping out.
“It’s Danica” I answered, already outside.
“Okay, Danica. It was nice meeting you. Bye”.
“Bye ma’am. Goodnight”.
She smiled warmly at me as I shut the door and watched her leave.
I stood, staring at the moving car for a while and a faint smile lingered on my lips.
Suddenly, I realized felt something – something I hadn’t felt in years.
I couldn’t explain it, but my time with the woman….it was something I enjoyed and craved for. I totally forgot I’d been crying a while ago.
When I couldn’t see her car anymore, I turned around and headed for Nana’s house. I just hope her mother allows me spend the night there.
Nathan’s Pov:
I needed some air.
I walked out to the pool side and stood alone, facing the waters as they stilled in the moonlight.
I brought out the cigarette and lighter I had collected from the guard, lit it and stuck it into my mouth.
Recalling the previous incidence made me really tensed and each time I was tensed, I preferred smoking to calm me down. Else, I don’t smoke.
As I puffed smoke from my cigarette into the air, father’s words resounded in my head:
“I want you to search for the 12th disciple. Anyone who finds her and brings her to me first, will be my heir”
Seriously? That’s ridiculous.
Why does he have to give such task before choosing an heir? And how do we even find her in the first place?
Its been 18 years already since she went missing. How are we sure she’s still alive? What does she look like? Where exactly could she be?
Damn it!
I huffed and smoked angrily.
But on the other hand, keeping the throne aside, that was the only thing that could save father.
I suddenly heard some footsteps and turned to see a familiar face walking towards me – a young pretty lady.
She smiled as she got to where I was.
‘My prince” she bowed.
Bitna’s Pov:
I realized my waiting was not in vain the moment I spotted the prince by the swimming. Prince Nathan!
I felt my cheeks become hot as I started walking towards him.
Yes,I knew it!! I knew my patience was going to pay.
I smiled happily as I walked towards him and to my own favor, he was alone. Like…all the best.
He probably sensed my presence cause he turned towards my direction and looked at me. Oops! He was so f**king handsome! Just like a god.
But he was smoking at the moment.
“My prince” I bowed when I stood in front of him.
“Um…Good evening my prince. Sorry, if I’m disturbing” I further said when he didn’t make any comment.
“Yes? Do you need something?” He asked, his voice a little hard.
“Um…not really. I just. .I just wanted to ask after your sister – princess Mabel. She’s my friend and…I was thinking I could see her before leaving” I said politely and he sighed.
“You can’t see Mabel tonight. She’s busy” he replied gruffly, staring into the waters again.
Urgh!! Why’s he acting so grumpy, huh? How do I get his rapt attention?
Then, an idea popped into my head. Oh God! Will it work?
“Uh…thank you, my prince. I’ll be on my way now” I said, but he didn’t even look at me or say a word.
Slowly, I turned around and started walking away, but without taking up to three steps already, I held my tummy and fell on my knees.
“Ahh!!” I groaned as my knees hit the floor.
I felt the prince run up to me from behind.
“Hey; are you alright?” He asked.
Although, he didn’t touch me, I could tell he was concerned.
“My….my tummy. It hurts” I winced and jerked it even more.
Oh, please…! Just touch me.
He watched me silently and didn’t touch me like I expected.
“Maybe…I should call the guards to help” he said and immediately, my eyes widened
What the heck.? Guards?
“Uh…don’t worry my prince. I shouldn’t…I shouldn’t stress you” I bit my lower lip and struggled to stand up.
But when I was done standing, I acted like I wanted to fall again and he gripped me
Yes!!? He held me!!
“Hey, careful” he said as he held my shoulder, preventing me from falling.
Oh my gee!! He was really holding me.
I turned to look at him, and our faces were so close.
Goodness!! His eyes.
“I’m….I’m sorry, my prince. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I guess I’ll just go home now” I said and he pulled away from me immediately.
“Yeah, you should” he sighed and took me some steps away.
Hmph. So, the rumours were true, then. He didn’t like the company of girls. But he just touched me..!
“Um….my name is Bitna. And…we’re actually in the same grade in school” I told him just before he turned to face the pool.
“You attend Royal High?” He asked and I nodded.
Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if he hasn’t noticed me because he hardly attends classes.
Suddenly, he looked at me with a look of recognition.
“Hold on…you’re the lady that won best student of the session, huh?” He asked.
‘Yes, yes. Its me” I replied quickly, my eyes beaming.
Oh my gee!! Now, he remembers me for something good..!!
“Cool” he said under his breath and turned back to the pool.
For a few seconds, he was silent as I just smiled at him.
“You should leave. Its pretty late already” he mumbled and started walking away, without looking at me.
I stared at him as he left, helplessly smiling sheepishly.
Oh my gee!!
The prince talked to me!!
And he touched me….!!
My waiting was never in vain

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